The 8 Most Romantic Cities on Earth

Looking to add a little romance into your travels? There are some pretty romantic destinations out there and Dave and I have gone around the world rating the romance factor. (at least in our minds) We feel that we are definitely qualified to rank the most romantic cities on earth

The World's Most Romantic Cities

As a full time travel couple, we've managed to experience some of the most sizzling destinations on earth. A glamping experience in the Outback ranks among the tops, and relaxing in our own soaker tub as we look over the Aegean Sea of Santorini is definitely romantic but today is not about the most romantic experiences, it's about the most romantic cities in the world.

So without further adieu, here's our choices for the 8 most romantic cities on earth.

Paris, France

romantic cities paris

Romance in Paris

It may seem cliché but we don't care. Paris is number one of all the romantic cities in our eyes. There is nothing like strolling along the River Seine as the Eiffel Tower sparkles late at night.

Sharing escargot with a fine bottle of French wine over candlelight is perfectly wonderful and enjoying a quiet moment on the Canal is as stereotypically romantic as it gets. Paris is made for Amour.

Venice, Italy

venice italy

Smooching on our private boat tour of Venice

Many people say “get out of Venice.” We disagree. If you are traveling to Venice by cruise ship or tour bus, we can understand why you feel that way, but if you stay in the city for a few days and explore, you will find it absolutely enchanting. When the hoards of tourists leave, the city goes quiet and getting lost in the maze of alleyways and back streets is pure romance.

A private water taxi tour is the perfect way to explore and feel that you are creating your own storybook romance or Hollywood movie scene. The setting is bewitching. Take a boat over to San Giorgio Maggiore to gaze upon the city from the clock tower, you cannot help but fall in love.

Hangzou, China

hangzhou china

The honeymoon capital of China.

Located on the very picturesque West Lake, Hangzou is the honeymoon capital of China. Known for it’s touching love storyThe Legend of the White Snake,” lovers and newlyweds flock to its shores to capture some of Hangzou’s romance and magic. The tragic tale is romantic enough, but the setting makes it truly magical. Marco Polo declared that “In heaven, there is paradise: on earth there is Hangzhou.”

Mountains surround the lake filled with islands, pagodas, parks and pathways. It's as relaxing as one can get in urban China and stopping for a huge bowl of frozen yogurt is the ultimate date. 

Udaipur, India

romantic cities india

Lake Palace Hotel Udaipur – now that's romantic

Udaipur is known as one of the most romantic cities in India. Its idyllic setting makes it truly marvelous. Situated on Lake Pichola with the famous Lake Palace standing proud in the centre of it all, Udaipur makes for a fairytale setting. With palaces and temples, mosques and ghats, it is a city fit for royalty.

We dined on balconies overlooking the lake and lounged on cushions sipping tea and enjoying the bustling daily life outside. With a hotel situated directly on the water, you couldn't ask for a more romantic setting.

Gold Coast, Australia

romantic cities australia

Romantic walks along the Gold Coast

Why we love it? Long strolls on the beach of course. Sure it's busy, but we visited in the off season. The weather was spectacular, there was nobody around and with breathtaking views from our luxury hotel room at Pepper Broadview, we enjoyed many a romantic evening relaxing on the balcony.

Take a bicycle ride through the area and explore the million dollar homes located on the water. You can even book a romantic dinner for two on a private gondola giving you a little Venice down under.

San Francisco, USA

san francisco

Stealing a kiss at the Heart of San Francisco

How can you not include a city that has hearts springing up everywhere? The heart of San Francisco was an art installation started in 2004 and artists bid to design their own unique heart each year. San Francisco is such a beautiful walking city. There's waterfront dining and people watching at Union Square.

A romantic walk near the Golden Gate bridge or bike ride down near Marine Drive and the Golden Gate Bridge. If hiking and biking is your idea of romance, this is the city for you. San Francisco is for being outside and enjoying the waterfront and high seas. As a metropolis it has all the fine dining, night clubs and lounges you could hope for.

Quebec City, Canada

romantic cities quebec

Old Quebec City, picture perfect

It's North America's most European city and if you want an old-fashioned romantic getaway this is the place to go. Quebec City is a place to get lost in the old city. Take a horse carriage ride or walk along the St. Lawrence River. Quebec City just may be the only city that gets better in the winter.

Go ice skating in the old city outdoor arena, take part in the Quebec Winter Carnival. Quebec City is one of those cities that makes you feel as if you want to do something Grand. It is here that you must cuddle up with your loved one in a big old grand hotel, eat decadent French food and enjoy drinks at Le Concorde while overlooking the city skyline. Yep, Quebec is pure romance.

Cape Town, South Africa

romantic cities south africa

Beautiful Cape Town

When we first laid eyes on Cape Town we both gasped and said, this is the most beautiful city on earth. We had been in the city for about 3 days before we noticed. It had been raining like cats and dogs but it finally lifted and we took a walk down to the V&A Waterfront for the very first time.

As we stood on a bridge, we looked back at the city with the enormous Table Mountain looming overhead. It was so magnificent and massive. It framed the picturesque city mixed with colonial buildings and modern high rises situated on the water. There are so many beautiful pockets where you can wine and dine with spectacular views.

It's all about water here and you can dine by the sea in places like Camps Bay, Cape Town's most scenic ocean front route. Just driving around Cape Town is romantic. Chapman's Peak is one of the most scenic drives in the world. Rent a car, and drive the coast with your honey by your side. Now that's romantic.

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