The 45 Best Gifts for Travelers this Year

Looking for the perfect gift for the traveler in your life? After trying countless products over more than a decade of travel, we've narrowed down the best gifts for travelers that you can buy.

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The Best Gifts For Travelers This Year


45 best gifts for travel

People usually have the best intentions when getting gifts for travelers, something they think they can use, but it just ends up taking up space in their backpack and never seeing the light of day. Don't worry, we've done the work for you.

Best Gifts for Travelers

Here are some ideas to suit your budget. We've got you covered with ideas from practical and affordable to indulgent and splurge worthy. We have also organized them into different sections to make browsing easier.



DJI Mavic Pro or DJI Phantom IV Drone

best gifts for travelers phantom drone

Want to turn your travel videos and photographs into something epic? Pick up DJI's new drone for your next trip abroad. We've been using the DJI Phantom III Pro and have loved the overhead grand images we've added to our travel photos. We are moving to the DJI Mavic Pro though to save on space. This drone is 1/6th the size of a regular drone but still has the power of the full size drones. What we love about this is it folds up to the size of a water bottle, taking up little space in your carry-on luggage.

You can pre-order the DJI Mavic on Amazon. It's not available until Jan 2017 but we've got ours on backorder too!

Or you can buy the DJI Phantom IV right now!

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Go Pro Hero 5

go pro hero 5 best gifts for travel

Go Pro is still our favourite adventure camera out there. We use the GoPro for everything from snowboarding to scuba diving. It's perfect for anything you need to shoot hands free by using GoPro accessories like the car mounts, helmet mounts or wrist mounts. We've taken our GoPro on every water adventure you can think of from scuba and snorkelling to jet boats, kayaks, and whitewater rafting.

Buy the GoPro on Amazon

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Sony RX100 V 

sony camera best gifts for travelers

Dave loves this as a final addition to his two DSLR Sony Bodies. With a Carl Zeiss lense and 20.2 megapixels, you’ll have professional-quality photos for a fraction of the price of other professional cameras. I love it. It’s small, lightweight and easy to use.

Buy the Sony on Amazon

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Macbook Pro


We have always been Mac people. For photography and video you just can't beat them in our opinion. The new MacBook Pro is a whole lot of power wrapped in a thin, light package. Perfect for the traveler on the go.

Get your MacBook Pro here

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iPhone 6+ or iPhone 7+

best travel gifts

The iPhone 6+ is the perfect travel phone. It is big enough to watch movies and TV shows during long flights so you don't have to pack an iPad, and it's small enough to fit in your bag. It's larger than other phones, but we love the big screen to see photos and apps with ease. We will also be checking out the iPhone 7+ this year.

Get your iPhone on Amazon

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Travel Gadgets


1 TB Lacie Rugged Thunderbolt Drive

external hard drive best travel gifts

Even if you are not a professional photographer or videographer, it's still important to back up your photos. You don't want to lose your memories. The Lacie drive is lightweight, small and durable. You can easily backup photos and videos on your trip as you go. If you are looking for something more robust check out the Lacie Rugged 4TB Raid Drive.

Check out the Laci Thunderbolt on Amazon

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Portable Power Bank

best gifts for travelers power banks

I don't know about you, but phones and cameras never seem to hold a charge all day long. Instead of stressing about running out of battery power, bring a portable charger with you. We love this one because it has four charges in it and can charge two devices at a time. That built in flashlight has come in handy many times too.

Buy this portable power bank as a gift for the traveler in your life.

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World Adapter

world adapter best gifts for travelers

I just got this adapter at a conference and love it more than any other. It's compact and converts plugs for any country in the world at the slide of a switch. Don't carry a ton of separate adapters, one is all you need.

Check out the REI World Adapter on Amazon

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Belkin Mini Surge Protector

belkin mini surge protector best travel gift ideas

If you read our blog often, you'll know that I recommend the Belkin as one of the best gifts for travelers every year. I can't help it, I love it! The Belkin surge protector not only protects your electronics from power surges, it charges several things at once with 3 outlets and 2 USB ports.

Order your mini surge protector today on Amazon

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Portable Speakers

bose portable travel speakers

Nothing puts us at ease more than a bit of music when we're hanging in our hotel room. Go for the best with Bose, offering full sound in a compact package.

You can buy Bose travel speakers on Amazon

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iPad Air 2

Gift ideas for Dad #1: The iPad Air 2

Gift ideas for Him #1: The iPad Air 2

Who watched the movie “This is 40?” Dave got the biggest kick out of Paul Rudd always being in the bathroom playing on his iPad. Games, sports, news, guys love their gadgets. Load it up with apps like MLB Baseball or track his fitness progress all while keeping the weight down to a minimum. Perfect for the guy on the go. Warning: You man may become addicted to it and when you come home, he may be too busy checking the score to have a proper conversation.
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Gifts For Home

Travel Gifts for Home

Scratch Map Deluxe

scratch map deluxe gift

Remember the days when you put a pin on a world map to mark where you've been? Well now there's something even better. The Scratch Map has a gold foil layer that you can scratch off as you go. Create your own wall art by showing off your travels.

Buy it on Amazon for $32.00

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Magnetic Globe

cork globe

If you want to show off your travels in 3D, The magnetic globe is the coolest idea, your travel friends can pin all the places they've been onto this handy globe. The globe comes with 30 magnetic pins but you can buy more from MapMagnet on Amazon.

The globe sells for $79.95 on Amazon

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Old World Maps Travel Coasters

ceramic world map coasters gifts for travelers

Whenever I'm home, I love to be reminded of my travels abroad. This coaster set is elegant and shows your friends and family just how much you love exploring the world.

Check out more information here.

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Planet Earth DVD Box Set

planet earth dvd box set best travel gift ideas

If there is one series that showcases the beauty and majesty of this world, it is Planet Earth. this 5 DVD box set takes you around the world with breathtaking images. You just may spy a few places you've been to on your travels!

Pick it up on Amazon Prime or buy the box set. 

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Throw Pillow

gifts for travelers throw pillow

Snuggle up to the world as you hang out at home on the couch. I love throw pillows and nothing says world travelers more than a pillow covered in a map of the world.

Buy it on Amazon for just 8.99

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Bags and Organizers

Travel Bags and Organizers


convertible backpack and roller carryon gifts for travel

I had been looking for a good carryon that wasn't too large, but could fit all my electronics. However, I also wanted a carryon that could roll when I was in the airport but easily convert to a backpack should I need to go hands free. I finally found what I was looking for with the High Sierra wheeled backpack with removable daypack. It's three bags in one and fits easily in the overhead compartment. It's actually smaller than any carryon I've used yet!

You can order it at High Sierra.CA

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packing cubes white

Packing cubes are great for organizing your luggage contents. I stuff clothes, electronics and medication in my cubes. Nothing roams free in my bag. Everything is packed away in colour coded cubes. I even zip my dirty laundry inside a packing cube to keep it from smelling up the rest of my clothes.

Buy Eagle Creek and Other Packing Cubes on Amazon Starting at $19

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Eagle Creek Load Warrior


best gifts for travelers eagle creek load warrior

We now like to put our carryon bags on our backs (since they are the heaviest as they have all our cameras and electronics in them) and we pull our clothes behind us. Our duffel bags are light and easy to navigate and most of all they are durable. They are also easy to organize. By using packing cubes, toiletry bags and the shirt folding envelopes, they all fit into our rolling duffel perfectly just like pieces to a puzzle.

The Eagle Creek Load Warrior is Available on Amazon

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Memory Card Holder

If you are anything like us, you have a lot of different memory cards. We don’t like to erase anything until our photos and videos are backed up. Having loose memory cards in our luggage isn’t an option. They get lost easily, so instead, we keep them organized with a memory card holder. This Power 2000 Aluminum Memory Card holder goes well with our Apple products and holds SD and MMC Memory cards snug as a bug.

Memory card holders are only $6.95 each on Amazon

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Pacsafe Travel Organizer

pacsafe travel organizer black best gifts for travel

I carry all our travel documents and credit cards when traveling. It’s a lot to worry about, but lately, my mind is resting a bit. I am loving my new travel organizer. It easily holds all my credit cards as well as passports and money. This organizer transforms into a clutch for nights out too. I don’t want to always carry my tote, so it turns into a nice little organizer.

Check it out here

Are these gifts for travelers not what you're looking for? Try 8 Great Travel Organizers for better packing

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Smart Envelope

packing envelope for dress shirts

As we mature, our wardrobe has matured with us. Dave has never packed so well since he got his smart envelope. His shirts come out almost perfectly pressed instead of a crumpled mess when flying. After we unpack, we just give them a spritz with wrinkle wiz garment spray and he’s good to go with a pressed and ironed shirt that's great for a night out, conference or keynote speaking engagement.

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Best Travel Gifts for Her

Travel Gifts for Her

Yoga Subscription


Thanks to Laurel Robbins of Monkeys and Mountains, I was introduced to It's online yoga. For 9.99 a month you have access to all kinds of different yoga classes and instructions. It's perfect for people who spend a lot of time in hotel rooms and can't get a regular workout,

Check it out here

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Silk Wrap

gifts for her silk pashmina scarf blue

I can't travel without a silk scarf. It keeps me warm on the plane when the air conditioning is cranked too high, it dresses up my evening outfit, and it keeps me modest when walking into a temple overseas. A silk pashmina wrap is the perfect addition to your travel accessories.

This Silk Wrap is available on

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Foldable Panama Hat

white panama hat best gifts for travelers

These fold up easily to pack away in your luggage. They're stylish for both men and women, they keep the sun off your head and keep your head cool. It's a good thing to have in a hot climate. I bought my Panama Hat in Panama and fell in love with it but you can buy yours on Amazon

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sarong great gift for travelers

A sarong is the most versatile piece of travel clothing any woman can have. It can be used as a cover at the pool, a towel, a beach blanket, and even a skirt. I've used it to cover up when going into temples and I've even used a muted coloured sarong as a head scarf in Muslim countries.

Check out this assortment of Sarongs.

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World map Pendant

best gifts for travel world necklace

What woman doesn't love jewelry? Show the one you love how much you appreciate her love for travel with a world globe necklace.

This 10K yellow gold world map goes for $202 on Amazon

Enjoying our best gifts for travelers? Discover more at the Best Gifts for Her, the travel lover in your life

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Speakeasy Hidden Pocket Scarves


This scarf is perfect for anyone who wants to look fashionable, be comfortable and carry travel items that no-one will even know you are carrying. It has a special hidden pocket that can be used for your passport, phone, small guide book, glasses, lip balm or any other item you want to secretly stash! No one will ever know you have a secret pocket hidden in your scarf, making it the perfect place to keep your items safe!

Check out the whole line of scarves here

Enjoying our best gifts for travelers? Discover more at the Best Gifts for Her, the travel lover in your life

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Best Travel Gifts for Him

Travel Gifts for Him

Beats Studio Wireless Headphones

Gift ideas for Dad #4: Beats Studio Headohones

Gift ideas for him: Beats Studio Headphones

The world is become a noisier pace by the minute and airplanes can be the worst. From screaming babies to loud talkers, long flights can be frustrating. Put on these Beats Studio Wireless headphones and they drown out all the sound. With padded ear phones that cancel noise, the travel man in your life can watch his favourite flick in peace and quiet and if he decides to nap, the headphones will keep him from being disturbed.
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Leather Toiletry Kit

black men's leather toiletry kid

A man needs to be organized and this dopp kit is a classy way to store all his toiletries in one place. It’s leather base keeps things dry and easy to clean.

Check out this kit on

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Beard Trimmer


Best Gifts for travelers beard trimmer

If your guy has a beard or moustache this is the perfect gift for him. It is designed for both corded and cordless use and has a vacuum so that you don't get all that unwanted hair all over the place. The blades never need sharpening and it looks pretty cool too.

Buy your beard trimmer here

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Handspresso Wild Hybrid:

Gift Ideas for Dad #9: Handspesso

Gift Ideas for Dad #9: Handspresso

For the outdoor lover who likes a bit of style,  show him that he doesn't have to completely rough it in Mother Nature. The Handspresso makes a perfect cup of Joe, just like the coffee shop. Surprise him with a foamy frothy cup on your next family camping trip.
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Arcteryx Beta LT Hybrid Jacket

Gift Ideas for Dad #5: Arcteryx Beta LT Hybrid Jacket

Got a man that is always up at the crack of dawn and out the door for a run. Dave loves his Arcteryx jacket. It's breathable, lightweight and waterproof. It's the perfect outerlayer jacket for the travel lover. Dave has had this jacket for 4 years now and wouldn't trade it for the world.
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Adventure Travel Gifts

Adventure Travel Gifts

Travel Towel

microfibre towel gift for adventure travel

Even if you are staying in a 5 star resort, you are often asked to bring a towel with you when going on an adventure excursion. Instead of packing the clunky hotel towel, use this microfibre travel towel. It's good for long multi-day treks or just a day at the beach. Quick dry and odor resistant make it a plus to have in your baggage.

Get your Adventure Towel here

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Camp Stove

best gifts for travelers msr camp stove

If you are going into the backcountry or just doing an overland road trip, the MSR WhisperLite Camp Stove works the best. It runs on multiple fuels so you don't have to worry about finding white gas in remote locations. It's lightweight, making it the perfect gift for travelers who like to go off the beaten path.

It sells at $74.95 on Amazon

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Lifeproof Waterproof Case

black lifeproof iPhone case gifts for men travelers

This rugged case is perfect for the active man. If your guy is adventurous, the Lifeproof case is waterproof, freeze resistant and shock proof. It can handle anything.

The Lifeproof black case is sturdy and masculine just like my guy

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Tilly Hat

best gifts for travelers beige tilly hat

The Tilly Hat is the quintessential travel hat. The wide brim protects your neck and face, and there's plenty of ventilation to keep your head cool. It's easy to clean too.

Tilly hats come in 3 colours and range in price from $81 – $85

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FitBit Surge Superwatch

Gift Ideas for Dad #2: FitBit Surge Superwatch

Gift Ideas for Dad #2: FitBit Surge Superwatch

Is your man a fitness nut or is he completely out of shape and wants to get back to his glory days? Either way, the FitBit Surge is the perfect companion for his daily workouts on the road as well as at home. This “superwatch” has everything. From GPS tracking and continuous heart rate monitoring to the SmartTrack Multisport feature where you can track runs, rides or other workouts. It truly is a watch of the future. My dad is addicted to counting his steps and Dave has jumped on the bandwagon. Forget about the 10,000 steps per day rule, dad will be shooting for 20 thousand each day.
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gifts for travel black diamond headlamp

A headlamp is truly something everyone should carry when traveling. You'll find that you are open to new opportunities and even if you aren't adventurous, you may go on a trek, need it on a train or bus or power may go out. We like the Black Diamond because of it's strong light but also multi settings with triple power LEDs.

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Dry Bag

dry bags adventure travel gift ideas

You never know when you might need a dry bag. You could be in a destination that gets hit by a monsoon or just a bad bout of rain. You many find you're going on a water adventure or you might end up in a water festival in Thailand or India. Having a lightweight drybag is always good to have on hand for those moments you want to protect your electronics and valuables.

Check out these Dry Bags

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Switch B7XX Polorized Sunglasses:

best gifts for travelers switch sunsglasses

I think these are a great gift idea for adventure travel lovers. These are our favourite sunglasses. Switch sunglasses have magnetic lenses that pop out easily. For the adventurous dad these are perfect. He can order several lenses for different lighting conditions. There’s lenses for on the water, on the mountain bike trail, in low light and for pure sunshine baby. Get your Switch Sunglasses here

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Gifts for Wellness

Gifts for Wellness

Eye Mask

gifts for travel blue 3 d eye mask

This is the first eye mask that even my husband Dave loves. It’s padded and comfortable and it blocks out the light. The wide strap doesn’t tangle in your hair and it looks great so you feel stylish as you sleep.

This Eye Mask is available on Amazon

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Facial Mist

dermalogica facial mist travel gift

Airplanes make your skin dry. They are not the best environment for health, that's for sure. So drink plenty of water, use your eye mask to sleep and then spritz with Dermalogica's Hydramist. As a former makeup artist for TV, this product was my go to favourite. It is perfect for sensitive skin with pure ingredients.

You can get this Facial mist here.

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Travel Slippers


best gifts for travelers travel slippers

I know that nobody likes to look at people’s bare feet when travelling. I was guilty of this in my backpacking days. I used to always travel in flipflops. Now, I care about the people around me and slip into my ballet flats on the flight. They are comfortable and stylish and I’ve even worn them out of the airport too.

Get your Travel Slippers here

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Compression Socks

Best gifts for travelers compression socks

Compression socks help with circulation and leg exhaustion. Compression socks have come a long way. I tried them once a few years ago and they felt like they were squeezing my legs, my latest pair are so cushiony and cozy. The merino wool keeps odours away and they feel comfortable on a flight.

Get your Compression Socks here

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Collapsable Water Bottle

collapsable water bottle blue travel gift ideas

I don't always need to have a water bottle handy, but I do like having one in my luggage should I go out on a hike or have a long day of sightseeing. This water bottle collapses down to the size of a pancake, taking up less space in my luggage.
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Gifts for Travelers Who Love Books

Gifts for Travelers Who Love Books

National Geographic  The Covers

national geographic covers

Nothing sparks wanderlust more than looking through National Geographic. It's the covers that always captured my attention and this book rounds up the most iconic photographs from the magazine's history.

Buy it here

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National Geographic Atlas of the World

atlas national geographic

Sure you could just Google it, but isn't having a book filled with maps and information sitting on your coffee table more exciting than opening up your laptop.

Who better to show you the world than National Geographic?

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Lonely Planet's Best in Travel

lonely planet best in travel gift ideas

What's hot for 2017? Lonely Planet puts out their best picks for travel each year. I'll give you a hint what's number 1, the canoe on the cover represents travel in my home country.
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Travel Journal

brown leather journal with compass binding

People may have their noses in their smartphones, but nothing connects you more to the moment than taking out a pen and paper and writing about your experience. I love a flexible elegant journal and this one caught my eye. I'm not a fan of the stiff moleskin journals, give me a fancy journal any day like this MaleDen journal on Amazon.  
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Travel Colouring Book

travel colouring book gifts for christmas

Our friends Katie and Geoff came up with an amazing idea for adult colouring books from around the world. Colouring is pure therapy and it will get you in the mood to explore the places inside. Each illustration comes from a real life photograph taken by Katy and Geoff on their non stop adventures around the world. Buy it today on Amazon for less than $10.

Do you have suggestions some great gifts for travelers? We'd love to hear, leave them in the comments below. 

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