22 Best Luggage Brands Of 2024 For Every Budget

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Whether you jet off every other weekend or take one holiday a year, having the right luggage is vital to a good trip. You want luggage suited to your travel style, good quality, and durable. After all, who wants a luggage bag that will break before you even leave the airport? Or a wheeled suitcase on an Amazon jungle trek? Your luggage bag is important travel gear.

Top Luggage Brands for Every Budget

Outside of the realms of common sense, though, comparing luggage brands is still an exhausting process. There are so many factors that you need to take into consideration, and this guide will highlight the most important ones that you should look at. Let’s dive straight into it. These are the best luggage brands for every traveler and every budget.

Featured Carryon


Our new favorite carry-on is this Sleek Luggage – Trendy Carry-On Suitcase by Mixi Luggage available at Encalife. What we love about this suitcase is the easy access to its compartments from its topside opening.

This front opening design makes it easy to open when going through customs and to store in the hotel room. We have found that the clam cases that are popular today, aren’t the most practical for carry-on luggage as you have to open everything up to access inside. Instead, this carry-on zips open from the top where you can access your computer and travel items with ease.

It has the best laptop compartment we’ve encountered with a carry-on to date. There is plenty of room for cables and other electronics and when you open the front cover, you instantly have access to the interior.

The aluminum frame makes it durable. The wide handle makes it easy to navigate and the smooth rolling spinner wheels make it easy to handle when going through crowds.

It is lightweight so there is little worry about baggage fees and it is very stylish. The case is compact but because of the top open design, there seems to be more room inside for travel gear and clothing.

1. Best lightweight luggage brand: Level 8

best luggage brands level 8

Level 8 pioneered ‘traveling efficiently’ and lightweight bags are a huge part of efficient travel. After all, dragging a back-breaking luggage bag down a busy airport hall will never be an efficient way to travel. We had the chance to give this luggage a try and we not only found it to be light, we also have never looked so good in the airport. It’s very fashionable.

Because of Level 8’s intelligent designs, most of the brand’s products are already lighter than competitor products. Level 8 luggage bags are sleek, unfussy, and reliable. You’ll find bags created from extremely durable materials and of all different shapes and sizes.

best luggage brands carryon level 8

Of course, for extra lightweight bags, Level 8 also offers products specifically designed to be as light as possible. The Pro Carry-On with Laptop Pocket is a prime example of specialized, lightweight luggage by Level 8. The bag is made with aerospace-grade material to maximize protection yet minimize unnecessary weight.

Level 8 is one of the best luggage brands for lightweight products, whether you want less weight to carry or just extra packing room.

2. Best luggage brand for frequent flyers: TravelPro

best luggage brands travel pro soft sided luggage

TravelPro is known to be a favorite amongst airlines and airline staff (And Dave and Deb too!). If TravelPro is good enough for flight attendants and pilots, you can bet it is good enough for your average frequent flyer. We love this soft sided luggage and how smooth the wheels roll on TravelPro luggage, my brother loved rolling it so much, he wants to buy one!

TravelPro was masterminded by a pilot named Bob Plath in 1987. As a frequent flyer himself, Bob recognized a huge gap in the luggage market – spinner wheels. Bob’s design caught on, and now you rarely (if ever) see a large suitcase without spinner wheels. Not only was the idea revolutionary, but it also demonstrated TravelPro’s unique understanding of its target audience. TravelPro luggage is designed by frequent flyers, for frequent flyers.

Like Samsonite, TravelPro luggage ticks a lot of boxes. It is a great all-rounder known for excellent product quality and durability. TravelPro also offers a lifetime warranty, so if you want to purchase your next long-term travel sidekick, this is the right luggage brand.

3. Best budget luggage Brand: AmazonBasics

best luggage brands amazon basics soft sided luggage

There is no denying that luggage brands can be expensive, and not everyone wants to splash out hundreds of dollars on luggage. Those wanting budget soft sided suitcases should choose AmazonBasics. AmazonBasics has created a good quality, low-cost balance that revolutionized the luggage game. You can pick up cheap suitcases, carry-on bags, and heavy-duty backpacks.

The variety of luggage options is excellent for those on a budget, as you can purchase reasonably priced bags no matter your travel style or upcoming holiday type. If you want a hardside checked bag to withstand a long-haul flight, AmazonBasics will have an affordable selection of options. If you want an easy-access, lightweight carry-on bag, AmazonBasics will also have a mixture of budget options available. There is no sense of sacrifice necessary.

Amazon is also known for its good customer service and speedy delivery system – a definite bonus when purchasing products from a low-cost luggage brand.

4. Most durable luggage brand: Tumi

best luggage brands tumi soft sided luggage

Tumi is one of the most frequently mentioned luxury brands when shopping for luggage. Has it got somewhat of a label status and following? Yes. However, Tumi luggage is also our top recommendation for durable suitcases and travel bags.

Tumi luggage is built from the best materials on the market. A special material that Tumi uses is Tegris, which is 100% Polypropylene and renowned for its high impact resistance – meaning fewer dents and a highly protective layer for all your valuables. Tumi is unique in using Tegris and is the only brand to use the material as it holds an exclusive material license. Think of it as Tumi’s secret ingredient.

Tumi sells both hard side and softside luggage. Hardside luggage is typically made from aluminum and Tegris, with heavy-duty wheels. Softside luggage is usually made from abrasion-proof ballistic nylon. This heavy-duty fabric is perfect for long-lasting products.

Overall, Tumi luggage is extremely durable and an excellent investment. The brand is our top recommendation for anyone prioritizing durability in their search for a new luggage bag.

5. Best luxury luggage brand: Bric’s

best luggage brands tumi

Everybody loves a little luxury in life, and Bric’s luggage is a luxury brand worth your dime. The Italian brand oozes class and style and produces durable and reliable products.

Bric’s has shown an ongoing dedication to quality and keeping production local. The luggage company was founded in 1952 and is still family-owned and run. All the products are still created in Italy, at family-owned factories in Como.

If you love the luxury look, choose one of Bric’s fine leather luggage bags. Leather is Bric’s trademark feature and is even used on its hard side suitcases, where Bric’s includes leather trim. Bric’s specifically uses Italian Tuscan leather, which gives the bags an extra prized cultural quality.

For luxurious luggage, Bric’s is one of the best luggage brands you can choose. We especially love the use of local trademark products.

6. Best hard-side luggage brands: Samsonite

best luggage brands samsonite

When looking for the best luggage brands for hard-side luggage, you want a solid all rounder with many product options. Samsonite ticks a lot of boxes and is a great choice when shopping for hard-side luggage. Samsonite has been a long favourite brand of ours.

Durable? Yes. High-quality? Yes. Samsonite had a wide range of luggage types, all of which would be a great purchase. Samsonite is a bit like a sweet shop for potential luggage buyers. However, the American brand is really popular for its hard-side luggage.

Samsonite hard-side luggage is made from 100% polypropylene and is ideal for protecting your valuables against knocks. The material is both durable and easy to shape – meaning you can choose from many designs and styles. We especially liked the diverse designs, colors, and personalization options. Even the spinner wheels come in different styles and sizes.

Samsonite is one of the best luggage brands if you want hard-side luggage but don’t know where to start. You’ll have plenty of high-quality choices, like the Samsonite Omni PC.

7. Best carry-on luggage brand: Monos

best luggage brands monos

Monos is a firm favorite and easily one of the best luggage brands in the industry. The brand has a range of luggage choices, from garment bags to hard-side suitcases. However, we particularly recommend the Monos carry-on range.

We love how well thought out the carry-on designs are at Monos. Monos has various carry-on sizes, depending on your packing style, preferences, and airline regulations. The Canadian-based brand focuses on simplicity, functionality, and durability – perfect factors for the ultimate carry-on bag.

Carry-On is one of Monos’ best options. The case is hard-shelled and water-resistant. It also features vegan leather details in a fashionable but ethical statement. Four-wheeled carry-ons like this are very easy to maneuver and balance much easier than a two-wheel suitcase. Not only is this great news for navigating airports, but it also means less risk of the case taking a topple and damaging your valuables.

Of course, when choosing a carry-on size, make sure to consider which airlines you typically fly with and their individual sizing regulations. But Monos carry-on luggage is designed to comply with most airline flight regulations, so picking the right purchase should be nice and easy.

8. Best sustainable luggage brand: Paravel

best luggage brands sustainable
Sustainable carryon

Want to make a sustainable purchase? Then Paravel is one of the best luggage brands to support. It might sound too good to be true to use recycled plastic water bottles to create beautiful, high-quality softsided bags and cases. But that is exactly what Paravel does.

As of 2022, Paravel has upcycled over five million plastic water bottles from the ocean and has created millions of luggage products with recycled materials. Nylon, polycarbonate, vegan leather, and even upcycled cotton all go into carefully designed, sustainable products. This Aviator Carry-On case has a lining made from fifteen plastic water bottles, which is pretty cool if you ask us.

Paravel has even perfected a carbon-neutral packaging and shipping system, so you can receive your order with a clear conscience. Paravel’s message is inspiring: explore the world while minimizing your impact on it.

9. Best checked luggage brand: Antler

best luggage brands antler clifton cabin

Sometimes checking your bags is the better way to travel. If you are staying abroad for months at a time, you’ll probably have a lot of valuables to bring with you. 

Antler is our recommendation for checked bags. The brand has an ideal range of options in different sizes and styles. It also passes all the essential quality checks with flying colors, so you can relax knowing you have a reliable case for your travels.

Our favorite quality about Antler check-in bags is that they are color-fast. This means that if your case gets scratched, the color underneath is the same as the rest of the case. When you are handing your case over to other people, you inevitably risk it being scratched when roughly handled. With the color-fast feature, you guarantee a more long-lasting aesthetic and minimize the appearance of wear and tear.

Even in the medium-sized hold bags, Antler still ensures plenty of packing space. The Clifton Medium has an impressive packing capacity of 75 liters. What more could you ask for?

10. Most secure luggage brands: Delsey

best luggage brands delsey

Perhaps it is to be expected that a company that initially sold camera cases would take luggage security seriously. Delsey started selling leather camera cases in 1946 and luggage in 1970.

Delsey luggage features a TSA-approved lock on every bag. Some bags have a particularly sneaky feature that includes a coded lock with a hidden open button should you forget your combination. Delsey also has a patented anti-theft zip, which is three times more difficult for would-be thieves to break into than a standard zip.

For a secure luggage brand, Delsey is our top recommendation. The Parisian luggage brand also has some trendy designs – so keep your eyes peeled for any upcoming Delsey bargains.

11. Best wheeled luggage brand: Hartmann

best luggage brands hartmann

The best wheeled luggage brand is quite a claim. For Hartmann, though, we think this bold claim is well-deserved.

The brand has recently reinvented its wheel design to maximize maneuverability and provide travelers with a bag that ‘glides’. The new design has a much harder steel bar bearing, creating a higher quality steering mechanism. Some of the bags have multidirectional wheels with 360-degree rotation, which is an additional quality you may wish to consider.

The 7R Master Spinner is a bag you should definitely look at. This bag is part of Hartmann’s new 2022 collection and has multidirectional wheels and an updated wheel system.

12. Best outdoor luggage brands: The North Face

best luggage brands north face

The North Face is probably known more for its outdoor adventure products than as a luggage brand. But the qualities of waterproof, windproof jackets are definitely transferable to bags. Who wouldn’t want waterproof luggage? And what better way to protect the necessities you bring with you outdoors? When going on an adventure, The North Face is our go-to.

The North Face has sporty-looking luggage that is suitable for the outdoors but is still fashion-conscious. Heading on a city break in a rainy destination? A waterproof and outdoor-friendly bag is a good idea; it doesn’t need to clash with your outfit. The North Face specializes in urban fashion, and its products have a cool but functional quality.

This Base Camp Duffel is a bold statement bag for anyone that likes the athletic street style. It has a 75-liter capacity, easy access to zipped pockets, and it is water repellant. Worth a try, we think.

13. Best luggage brand for storage: BEIS

best luggage brands beis

Packing space is important. Everyone knows it or at least realizes it when it comes to packing for a trip. By choosing a BEIS bag, you can get ahead of the game.

When it comes to storage, BEIS rules supreme. The brand prioritizes functionality, which means every bag has good packing capacity and thoughtful adaptations to make organization just that little bit easier.

You won’t be stuck for space with any BEIS luggage options. However, consider the Large Check-in Roller if you want extra room for storage. With a maximum storage capacity of 112 liters, this check-in bag is a great choice. The bag has compression flaps and extensions to adjust the sizing as necessary. And, for over-packers, the built-in weight limit indicator will tell you immediately if you’ve gone overboard.

Fancy some accessories? BEIS sells smaller specialized bags, like a water bottle sling and cosmetic case. The brand also sells organizational accessories like packing cubes – guaranteed to make storage just that bit simpler.

14. Best luggage brand for business travelers: Horizn

best luggage brands horizn

Business travel is demanding, rewarding, exciting, and innovative all at once. You could be flying off to help with training for an international company, meeting potential clients to score a huge deal, or perhaps attending a conference. The point is, whatever you are doing, you are in full ‘go’ mode.

Horizn is designed for modern travelers, and its luggage products are full of innovative features. Our favorite is the charging port, which allows you to charge your mobile on the move. In the days of Slack and Zoom calls, keeping electronics charged is a necessity in the business world and something business travelers will appreciate. The charging feature works via a removable power bank which is cabin approved, unlike charging ports in many other bags.

Horizn luggage is sleek and professional looking. You can also purchase luggage sets and personalized bags so that you can quickly identify your bag at the luggage carousel.

15. Best luggage brand for customer service: Louis Vuitton

best luggage brands louis vuitton
Louis Vuitton luggage suitcase set. Berlin, Germany

Louis Vuitton is a massive name in the designer world. In fact, for many, Louis Vuitton bags are a household name.

It goes without saying that quality and status come at a high price when buying Louis Vuitton luggage. You can expect to pay upwards of $2,000 for a carry-on case like the Horizon 55 Monogram Canvas. However, Louis Vuitton does not provide a lifetime warranty for luggage, so you may wonder what customer post-purchase support is like.

In a word, it is brilliant. Louis Vuitton customers receive access to an expert care service. Through this service, you can send your item for expert repairs at fixed rates per area of damage. The brand has a customer service helpline that is open seven days a week. Plus, you can message customer advisors on Facebook, Apple, or Whatsapp if you don’t want to send a good old-fashioned email.

Louis Vuitton luggage is a lifelong purchase, and the brand’s customer service reflects that. We recommend Louis Vuitton as a good option if you want excellent post-purchase care.

16. Best luggage brand families: Trunki

best luggage brands trunki

Okay, Trunki luggage products aren’t going to fit all your family’s items for a full holiday. However, the brand’s little ride-on suitcases are perfect for families traveling with young children.

The suitcases provide just the right storage capacity for a child’s clothes and holiday items and come in fun, small sizes that are easy for children to handle independently. Of course, the winning feature is that parents can pull the ride-on suitcases while the children sit on them. This is a great way to relieve airport stress and make those long corridor walks more fun for children.

Trunki has many different designs, including a tiger and the option to design your own case. You could let your child get involved in the creative process or personalize it on their behalf as a surprise.

17. Best luggage brand for adventure travel: Eagle Creek

best luggage brands eagle creek soft sided luggage

Eagle Creek luggage has a name established for itself in the adventure travel industry. The brand was founded in the San Jacinto Mountains, and it’s well-connected to the needs and requirements of its target market. While Eagle Creek went out of business it was acquired and lives on. We still use a lot of Eagle Creek luggage from a carryon roller to its packing cubes.

Eagle Creek specializes in duffel bags and backpacks that are durable enough to withstand extreme conditions and wear and tear. However, Eagle Creek also has wheeled suitcases for those looking for a more classic purchase. Each product has specialist features leaving you perfectly equipped to tackle the great outdoors. From tie-down straps to gear pockets, Eagle Creek luggage is made to assist, not just come along for the adventure.

If you want to get all your shopping done in one place, you’ll be happy to know that Eagle Creek sells travel accessories. You can buy packing cubes, luggage tags, and money belts. There is also a gift shop section selling pouches that are perfect for carrying a mobile phone, swiss army knife, or other accessories. If you are looking for a gift for an adventurer you know, it might be worth shopping at Eagle Creek even if you aren’t bag hunting.

18. Best luggage brand for leisure travelers: American Tourister

best luggage brands american tourister

American Tourister luggage is not the most durable brand on our list, but it does provide good quality luggage in exchange for reasonable prices. For leisure travelers, the wear and tear of a couple of holidays a year is not frequent enough to make durability a massive concern. So, if you want the best luggage brands for leisure travel, American Tourister is at the top of our list.

The brand is relatively Gen Z targeted despite being founded in 1933, so it should appeal to the ever-changing modern market. You’ll find bright colors and trending designs, making American Tourister a fun brand to shop at. American Tourister has made an apparent effort to move with the times, so leisure travelers will be able to relate to and appreciate the luggage designs on offer.

If you like to research brand background, it is worth noting that the brand is actually now owned by Samsonite and was bought in 1992. While the brands maintain different styles, marketing approaches, and products, you may wish to research both companies’ ethics and policies.

Overall, American Tourister is one of the best luggage brands for leisure travelers. Cheap, cheerful, and trendy, the brand is excellent for purchasing luggage for occasional use.

19. Most stylish luggage brand: Calpak

best luggae brands calpag
Fun carryon by Calpak

Calpak luggage is super stylish and also quite reasonably priced. The brand is clearly happy to both follow trends and set them, which is always refreshing when looking for a new bag.

We like the varied luggage types and styles that Calpak has on sale. You can purchase carry-ons, checked suitcases, and smaller luggage like a garment bag or duffel. The marbled Astyll Carry-On Luggage is a classy buy – suitable for business travel or a holiday with friends. You could also opt for something more minimalistic like the plain-colored Hue Medium Luggage in jade.

Calpak’s tagline ‘travel looks good on you’ rings true, and you are bound to find a bag to suit your individual style. You can relax knowing your purchase is good quality as well. Each luggage bag features a TSA-approved lock and top-of-the-range durable materials.

20. Best soft side luggage brand: Made Leather Company

best travel luggage duffel bag leather

Prefer soft side luggage? Made Leather Company is a great choice when purchasing a new bag, especially for carry-on luggage.

Forget fabric suitcases. Made Leather Company sells ethically sourced and handmade leather bags from Morocco. Founded in 2016, the brand is so successful it has already attracted the attention of high-end travel publications like Travel + Leisure.

This Navigator Duffle is a traditional, softside carry-on. As a product, the manufacturing process is incredible. The leather was tanned naturally over six months, and the bag was hand-stitched by talented artisan bag makers in Morocco. If you want luggage with a bit of character and backstory, Made Leather Company has a lot of options.

21. Best luggage brand for warranty policy: Briggs Riley

best luggage brands briggs riley soft sided luggage

Warranty policies are important. Not only do they guarantee your purchase long-term, but they also prevent waste and environmental damage by reducing the luggage products that go to landfills. Who wouldn’t love unlimited free repairs on their favorite bag?

Out of all the best luggage brands in our guide, Briggs Riley has the best warranty policy. Not only does the brand have a lifetime warranty policy, but it also includes incidents like damage by the airline – which most other brands omit.

The policy comes with every Briggs Riley luggage product, so you don’t need to worry about factoring in policies while shopping. It is great having peace of mind while shopping and traveling with your purchase. In fact, purchasing a Briggs Riley is one of our best travel tips when it comes to luggage. (When you purchase this and all your luggage make sure to register for their warranties)

22. Best overall luggage brand: Away

best luggage brands away

Away is our best overall luggage brand for both business and leisure travelers. Each bag comes with a 100-day trial period, and you also receive a lifetime warranty – making an Away bag a lifelong investment.

Away luggage was founded and is based in New York City. The brand’s products have a trendy, cutting-edge quality, and customer service has excellent reviews. Away luggage is a great all-around choice – aesthetically pleasing, durable, and under a lifetime warranty.

Featured Luggage Brand: Sterling Pacific

Best Luggage Brands Sterling Pacific

If you want luxury brand luggage that turns heads, this is it. We mean it, Sterling Pacific carry on luggage offers one of the best aluminum luggage for high-end travelers. When standing in the Fairmont Royal York in downtown Toronto with our Sterling Pacific case in tow, we noticed two people do a double take to look at this chic carry-on bag.

Featured Luggage Brand Sterling Pacific carryon luggage

Known as the “Rolls Royce of Luggage”, Sterling Pacific is the top choice for luxury travelers, frequent fliers, and pilots. If you are looking to buy a gift for a traveler in your life, or want to treat yourself to a luxury item, you will love this piece of luggage that stands out from the competition.

The 35L carry on weighs only 11.5lbs with a narrow design to easily fit in overhead compartments. It’s also very durable with reinforced aluminum corners and aluminum wheel and trolley housings.

If you prefer four spinner wheels, you will want to make a note that this is a two-wheel roller that glides with ease. It’s chic and compact fitting within the maximum allowable carry-on size on major American airlines. Its aluminum body is lightweight and the Italian leather handles give it extra points for style. Sterling Pacific not only has carry-on luggage it also offers checked bags that both come with a lifetime warranty.

What to consider before buying luggage

Best Luggage and Accessories soft sided luggage

So, we’ve covered the best luggage brands for a range of popular travel styles and priorities. However, you should also consider some general factors when purchasing new luggage. Let’s take a quick look.


best travel luggage level 8 durable luggage

Travelers should consider durability as their number one factor when purchasing a new luggage product.

If you travel often, you’ll want an incredibly durable bag that will be a worthwhile purchase and a reliable asset to your trips. Frequent travelers need a hardy, durable bag that they can grab out of the wardrobe at a second’s notice and know it will be ready to go.

Even if you don’t travel often, durability is a way to get a better bang for your buck. But, when spotting durable luggage, what should you look out for?

Zippers, lining, and stitching are usually the quickest things to break on a bag. Not only should you read customer reviews, but you should also inspect the bag’s quality in the photo and preferably in person. Stitching should be equal, the lining should appear tearproof and strong, zippers should have smooth teeth, and the zip should slide securely but freely.


best luggage brands warranty

Accidents can happen even when you triple-check the bag quality and buy from a reputable luggage brand. If you want to invest in a piece of luggage for the long term, you should consider whether it comes with a warranty and, if so, how long it is covered.

Some brands give a lifetime warranty, although what accidents and damages you are covered for does vary per brand. Others give set periods under warranty, usually between two and five years. Some brands give no warranty at all outside of their general return policy.

Make sure to check what the brand’s warranty policies are when purchasing new luggage. You can definitely save yourself a headache and a big bill in the future.


Travel Organizers soft sided luggage

It might go without saying, but you should be comfortable carrying your bag. Even with wheeled luggage, you may need to pick it up to navigate the stairs or grab it off the luggage belt.

Check how heavy the bag is empty, and make sure that you are actually comfortable carrying the bag at maximum capacity. If not, you may want to choose the size below. Most brands offer medium and large-sized bags in both check-in and carry-on sizes.

To conclude

Travel Gear Essentials soft sided carryon

Buying luggage is always a tricky process. There are many factors to consider and compare, and so many brilliant brands are out there. It is lots of fun as well, though, so enjoy the process and don’t rush into a purchase.

Hopefully, this guide has matched you to your dream luggage or at least provided you with some food for thought. Luggage is an important part of your travel experience, and we hope you find your perfect match. Whoever said that money couldn’t buy happiness clearly never had a brilliant suitcase.

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