10 Must Have Items to Make Air Travel Easy

Let's face it. In today's world, air travel is not fun. Remember the days when you used to love being at the airport or on the plane just as much as the trip itself?

Air Travel Made Easy

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Must-Have Items to Make Air Travel Easy

Well, they are long gone my friend, with confusing security checks that seem to change rules from airport to airport to seats getting smaller with each trip, flying can sometimes be a downright miserable experience.

However, there are ways to make air travel more comfortable and it all starts with having the right gear.

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Air travel tips

Turn your air travel into easy travel

Having the right gear makes air travel much easier. When you are rummaging around through your bags looking for things, it can be frustrating, so stay organized.

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Easy travel makes for happy travel

Keep must have items on hand and make sure to put together a small bag with everything you need for when you are on the plane.

There's nothing worse than reaching over people's heads to get things out of the luggage compartment. Keep everything on hand with a little tote and you are good to go.

We always set aside a little care package with everything we could possibly need for a flight.

See 7 Steps to Stress Free Travel to see what we put in it.

Must Have Travel Gear for Your Flight

GoToob Bottles

I am surprised at the amount of people that still carry liquids larger than 100 ml, but it happens nearly every time we fly.

I have to admit, I haven't found 100ml bottles that work well or are reusable until we found the GoToob Bottles.

The multipack contains three bottles perfect for shampoo, conditioner and sunscreen. I like the no-drip, leak proof valves and large opening making it easy to fill.

I didn't bother to use the integrated label feature as it's very small to read, I just go by the colour of the bottle instead.

Keep these bottles separate in a plastic bag and you'll whiz through security.

Buy GoToob Bottles on Amazon

Trackable Luggage Tags

Have you ever lost your luggage never to be found again?air travel made easy

I'm not going to lie, most airlines are not that helpful these days when it comes to helping you locate your valuables.

I've watched many a friend get nowhere fast as they have online discussions with airlines asking them for help finding their bags.

To make sure we have an extra leg up in case we lose our bags, we registered our trackable luggage tag's serial number online giving us extra security when it comes to our travels.

You can order luggage tag on Amazon


Luggage Hugger

Okay, how many of you have a black generic suitcase? Be honest.

We're guilty of it too, but with the luggage hugger, we can now locate our bag easily.

We thought we were safe with a duffel bag, but sure enough when flying to Maui a couple of months ago, somebody grabbed our duffel bag thinking it was theirs.

Lucky we were there to correct the mistake. Now, that we have the luggage holder, our bags stand out when they fall onto the conveyor belt.

Make your generic bag stand out. Order it on Amazon now. 

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Luggage Handle Wraps

We've been using luggage handle wraps for years and this is the next best thing to the luggage hugger.

air travel dave

As a matter a fact, we use both the hugger and the handle wraps because you can never be too safe.

We even put the handle wraps on our carryon bags because sometimes we have to stow them when boarding a small plane.

Do you know how many small black carry on rollers there are out there? Our handle wraps set them apart.

Luggage Tags are sold on Amazon

Eye Mask 

When flying, I always wear an eye mask. I can sleep anywhere and there's something about air travel that knocks me right out.

air travel eye mask

A good eye mask is a must. I've been woken up by someone opening up their blind and unexpectedly blasting me with sunlight. I only made that mistake once.

The minute I'm tired, I put on my mask. The difference between 40 Blinks and other eye masks is that it is contoured out of molded foam so it doesn't put pressure on your eye lids.

It blocks the same light with twice the comfort.

When you buy your eye mask, make sure you order the 40 Blinks. 


As much as we hate to travel with a cold it is bound to happen.

We find that our allergies are acting up more and more as we get older as well. Have you ever flown with an earache? It is completely unbearable.

I keep a pair handy to relieve pressure in the ears for take off and landings. You may not always be affected by pressure, but when you are, you'll be glad you have your EarPlanes.

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No Jet Lag Pills

The more we travel, the more we seem to suffer from jet lag. We do everything right. We usually avoid alcohol, we drink plenty of water and we avoid caffeine, but we still suffer.

no jet lag pills

No Jet Lag pills have natural remedies such as Arnica Montana and Chamomilla to help ease the symptoms.

We used them on our flight to Austin Texas and while it was only a two-hour time change, I felt great. Normally I even suffer through daylight savings and it's only an hour's difference.

So this must have done something. Plus it tastes good too.

Buy them on Amazon

Compression Socks 

I never took Deep Vein Thrombosis seriously until a friends sister got it after a flight.

air travel compression socks

Compression socks are cute!

Compression socks help with circulation and leg exhaustion. Compression socks have come a long way.

I tried them once a few years ago and they felt like they were squeezing my legs, my latest pair are so cushiony and cozy.

The merino wool keeps odour away and they feel comfortable on a flight.

Acorn Via Cap-Toe Ballet Flats

Speaking of feet. I know that nobody likes to look at people's bare feet when travelling.

packing for travel to europe shoes

Love my ballet flats when I travel to Europe

I was guilty of this in my backpacking days. I used to always travel in flipflops.

Now, I care about the people around me and slip into my ballet flats on the flight. They are comfortable and stylish and I've even worn them out of the airport too.

Why didn't I start wearing ballet flats in my travels earlier?

Noise Cancelling Ear Buds

air travel deb

Small seats don't bring us down because we're armed with gear!

I am a big fan of ear buds. Dave wears ear phones. But we both make sure to pack noise cancelling headphones to block out the noise.

We always hear of people complaining about crying babies or loud talkers, but with our noise cancelling headphones, we don't hear a thing except for the soothing music we have on our playlist or the movie that we are watching.

I like earbuds because I keep them in when I'm sleeping and they don't press on my head. Order them now

CoolMax Travel Blanket

So, we've flown in the middle of summer from one hot destination to another and seriously, who want to carry a sweater with you when you're going to the tropics?


This is where a travel blanket comes in handy. I never trust that the blankets on an airplane are washed properly and I often think of all the germs that collect on flights, so having my own travel blanket is a must.

It's lightweight and takes up very little space.

With these products in hand, we have comfortable flights. Air travel is stressful, but if you are armed with some useful gadgets and information, it can be painless and fun!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you click on the above links and buy a product, we will receive a commission. We only recommend products that we have used ourselves and adds value to out readers.

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