Jet Lag Tips to Combat the Travel Enemy

Yesterday we told you about how we are living our lives lately in perpetual jet lag. We're tired – a lot. But things could be worse. We do take steps to remedy our jet lag and I can't imagine what things would be like if we didn't follow a few rules.

Jet Lag Tips

So as avid travellers who suffer from Jet Lag regularly, who better to tell you how to try to manage jet lag?

1. Avoid Alcohol.

We don't drink alcohol when we fly. When we were new travellers, we jumped at the chance to have a glass of wine on a flight, but we paid for it later.

The effects of alcohol are greater at altitude and a person becomes dehydrated quickly when flying.

If you have a couple of glasses before you fly and then a glass or two on the flight, you'll be feeling the effects of a hangover before you even touch the ground.

We now have regular lounge access at the airports and we still don't take advantage of the free booze.

Instead, we sit back to enjoy the food and stay hydrated.

jet lag tips lounge

2. Drink Plenty of Water

Speaking of staying hydrated. We only drink water and juice on flights.

We recommend drinking water over tea, coffee or soda because you need to stay hydrated. Instead, stick drinks without caffeine and make sure to take advantage of the flight attendant who walks by with a tray of drinks throughout the flight.

Even if you don't feel thirsty, you need to drink. Trust me, you'll feel better when you land.

3. Sleep

It is important to sleep on the plane, especially on long-haul flights.

Most flights to Europe happen overnight and you arrive in the morning. If you can get as many hours as possible of shut-eye, you'll be able to function better when you hit the ground.

jet lag tips sleep

Pro-Tip: Avoid watching movies, playing video games or working on your computer.

This will make you wired rather than tired and I have wasted many a flight in the past watching terrible movies when I should be sleeping.

4. Have a Care Package

Sleeping on an airplane is uncomfortable so make sure you have a neck pillow, eye mask, sweater and earplugs.

I've slept like a baby ever since David'sBeenHere sent us one of his pillows to sample. I've always hated neck pillows because they pushed my head forward.

But Dave's neck pillow is flat in the back and only inflates on the sides. Now my head rests comfortably on the seat and I don't wake up with a stiff and sore neck. Plus, the material is soft cotton, just like a tee shirt. It feels sooo good.

5. Move Around

My legs and arms swell up like balloons when we fly. It's a good idea to get up and walk around every so often.

Wiggle those fingers and toes and get the blood circulating. Staying in the seat the entire flight is not a good idea. Stand up more than just walking to the bathroom a couple of times.

dave jet lag

6. Melatonin

My parents swear by Melatonin and so do many other travellers. Melatonin is a hormone that helps to sync your biological clock.

When you boost your melatonin it tells the body to go to sleep. Taking a Melatonin supplement may just be the trick your body needs.

We haven't tried it, have you and what were the results?

Do you have any Jet Lag Remedies that could help us out?

Leave your best cure and give us some more advice. We'll be experiencing it again in a couple of weeks maybe this time we'll combat the beast once and for all.

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