Famous Canada Landmarks to add to your bucket List

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Canada has exceptional landmarks. From natural wonders to man-made marvels, these are the most famous Canadian landmarks that you must see now.

We have been lucky enough to travel from coast to coast in our home country of Canada. Whenever we have a bit of downtime from our world travels, we always think about the great places we’ve seen up here.

Famous Canadian Landmarks

After sitting up chatting about all the places we’ve visited in Canada, I couldn’t wait to wake up in the morning to write all about our favorite Landmarks in Canada! So without further adieu, here are magnificent Canadian landmarks to add to your bucket list.

famous canadian landmarks cn tower
Dave and Deb at the CN Tower

We have broken this list of Landmarks in Canada up into two parts. One is the Natural Canadian landmarks and the other are landmarks that have been constructed or created by humans. Enjoy the beauty of Canada and let us know how many famous Canadian landmarks you’ve been to.

Natural Landmarks in Canada

Kayaking the famous canadian landmarks the Three Sisters in Nova Scotia
Three Sisters on the Bay of Fundy – Natural Landmarks of Canada

Canada is filled with natural landmarks from coast to coast to coast. The country is blessed with incredible beauty and we break down the Canadian landmarks by province below.

1. Moraine Lake – Alberta

Best Hikes in Banff National Park at the famous Canada landmark of Moraine Lake Alberta
Moraine Lake Alberta Landmark

Why is Moraine Lake in Alberta the number one natural landmark in Canada on our list? Not only is this beautiful glacier lake located in one of Canada’s most famous landmarks, Banff National Park, but it also graced the back of the Canadian $20 bill in the 1970s making it one of Canada’s most iconic images. Read more about Banff National Park: The Best Things to do in Banff, Alberta

2. Lake Louise – Alberta

lake louise icefields parkway to jasper national park
Lake Louise, Another iconic Canadian landmark

Also located in Banff National Park near Moraine Lake is Lake Louise. This could be one of the most photographed places in Canada. It is certainly (in our opinion) one of the most beautiful destinations in Canada with Victoria Glacier reflecting in its emerald waters. Read more about Lake Louise here: Canoe Lake Louise and Banff National Park, Alberta

3. Niagara Falls – Ontario

landmarks in canada niagara falls
The most famous landmark in Canada – Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is certainly Canada’s most famous landmark and with good reason. It is one of the great waterfalls in the world. This natural wonder is by sheer water volume one of the largest falls on earth. It is our favorite weekend getaway in Ontario.

4. Hopewell Rocks – New Brunswick

hopewell rocks new brunswick
Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick

Located on the Bay of Fundy, The Hopewell Rocks of New Brunswick are stone spires that jut out from the ocean floor. When the tide is out you can walk through caves and around the giant formations, and then when the world’s highest tides flow in, you can kayak around them. More than 100 billion tons of water move every 6 hours on the Bay of Fundy. Another place to view similar rock formations on the Bay of Fundy is the Three Sisters in Nova Scotia. Read more: The Most Beautiful National Parks in Canada

5. Reversing Falls – New Brunswick

saint john reveresing waterfall
View of Reversing Falls in Saint. John, New Brunswick

Also located in New Brunswick, the Reversing Falls in St. John are a wonder of nature. As the Bay of Fundy flows inland during high tide, it is so powerful that it reverses the flow of the St. John River creating a twirling set of rapids as the two flows of water smash together. Read more: 24 Fantastic Things to do in Saint John New Brunswick

6. Montmorency Falls – Quebec

Montmorency Falls near Quebec City Summer

This landmark in Quebec is the highest waterfall in the province. At 83 metres high, it is 30 metres higher than Niagara Falls. You can walk above tue falls on a suspension bridge in the summer and people climb this waterfall in the winter! Read more: The Best Things to do in Quebec city

7. Mount Robson – British Columbia

natural canadian landmarks mount robson

Mount Robson is not the highest peak in Canada, which belongs to Mount Logan. (But we haven’t been to Mount Logan yet).

Besides, Mount Robson is worth noting because it is the highest point in the Canadian Rockies. As part of the Canadian Rocky Mountains World Heritage Site, Mount Robson Provincial Park is also part of one of the world’s largest protected areas.  Read More: The Best Places to Visit in British Columbia

8. Peggy’s Cove – Nova Scotia

canadian landmarks peggy's cove

Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse might be the top draw to this area, but it is the landscape that makes it such a unique landmark in Canada.

Mounds of giant boulders washed smooth by crashing waves jut out into the sea creating a beautiful scene. This holds the title as one of the most photographed places in Canada. Read more: Things to do in Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia

9. Hoodoos of Drumheller – Alberta

hoodoos of drumheller

The hoodoos of Drumheller in Alberta are one of the coolest landmarks in Canada. These sandstone spires have taken hundreds of years to be created, but are in danger of eroding away quickly. The unique formations are located in Alberta along the side of the road. When taking a road trip to Drumheller there are many cool sights nearby. Check out: The Hoodoos of Drumheller and Things to do in Drumheller, Alberta

10. Stanley Park – British Columbia

Stanley Park in Vancouver BC
Famous Vancouver Landmarks – Totem Poles of Stanely Park

Stanley Park is a famous landmark in Vancouver. The Park is huge at 1001 acres in area, and it is a wonderful urban escape from the city. There are plenty of things to see in Stanley Park from its totem poles to the Vancouver aquarium and don’t forget to stroll along the sea wall. 26 Best Things to do in Vancouver, BC

11. Grouse Mountain – British Columbia

Things to do in Vancouver Grouse mountain
Famous BC Landmark – Groud Mountain Gondola

It’s Vancouver’s most popular attraction and with good reason. This four-season destination takes you to the Peak of Vancouver for beautiful views and a whole lot of adventure. Read more: Best British Columbia Road Trip – Plus Win a Stay at a Sandman Hotel

12. Magnetic Hill – New Brunswick

magnetic hill new brunswick

Magnetic Hill in Moncton New Brunswick is a phenomenon whereas you drive uphill and take your foot off the gas, you’ll continue to climb. It is the coolest sensation to feel like you are rolling uphill in your car.

13. Arctic Circle – Yukon

crossing the arctic circle of the Dempster Highway in the Yukon

Yukon is a beautiful province in Canada and most people think of Canada’s highest mountain when picturing landmarks in Yukon. But we think the Arctic Circle crossing is a phenomenal landmark. I mean, how often do you get to cross the Arctic Circle and have the sign to prove it? Read more about it at: Dempster Highway Road Trip – Yes You Can Drive to the Arctic

Human-Made Canadian Landmarks

Casa Loma Tour in Toronto
Casa Loma is a famous Toronto landmark

Many landmarks in Canada were made by humans and have become iconic symbols of the country. These are some of our favorite Canadian landmarks.

14. CN Tower – Ontario

Visit the CN Tower in Toronto Ontario

It once held the title of the world’s tallest building. Today it is still holding on to the top 10 tallest free standing structures on earth. And it is still magnificent. The CN Tower stands tall over Toronto. Make sure to try the EdgeWalk when you visit. Read: CN Tower Edgewalk – Taking on The World’s Highest Sky Walk

15. Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) – Toronto

ROM royal ontario museum toronto landmarks
Toronto Landmark Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) is quite the iconic landmark in Toronto. Other Toronto landmarks include Casa Loma, Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), and the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD)

16. Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) – Toronto

toronto neighborhoods queen west art gallery of ontario
Inside the Art Gallery of Ontario – Another Toronto landmark

Toronto Landmarks deserve their own post with so many incredible buildings and designs. We want to more onto more great Canadian Landmarks, but to see them all check out The Best Things to do in Toronto – A Guide to the Top Attractions

17. Parliament Hill – Ottawa

best cities in canada
Ottawa Landmark – Parliament Hill

The parliament buildings of Canada are not only a Canadian Landmark, they are our national seat of the government. Located in Ottawa, Ontario, Parliament Hill overlooks the Ottawa River towards the province of Quebec. Read more: Ottawa Attractions – 20 Winter Activities to Embrace the Snow

18. Confederation Bridge – Prince Edward Island

confederation bridge from New Brunswick to PEI

Connecting Prince Edward Island to the mainland, Confederation Bridge is the world’s longest bridge constructed over ice-covered waters. The only other way to get to PEI is by flying or ferry. This bridge takes 10 minutes to drive across to reach this beautiful part of Canada.

19. Notre Dame Basilica – Quebec

Where to stay in Montreal | Notre Dame Basilica

Paris may have the more famous Notre Dame, but Montreal has a Notre Dame Basilica that is worth visiting in its own right. Located in Old Montreal, it is one of the first things most visitors seek out when exploring the city. Read more: The Very Best Things to do in Montreal, Canada

20. Fairmont Chateau Frontenac – Quebec

The Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City
Quebec City skyline with Chateau Frontenac at sunset viewed from the hill

The Fairmont Chateau Frontenac is one of Canada’s most recognizable landmarks. This historic hotel towers over Old Quebec City dominating the picturesque views. Read more: The Best Things to do in Quebec city

21. National Gallery of Canada – Ottawa Ontario

maman in front of iconic ottawa landmark the National Gallery of Canada
The National Gallery of Canada is one of the top Ottawa landmarks

The city of Ottawa wasn’t keen on the 2 million dollar purchase of Maman, but its presence has helped the National Gallery of Canada stay at the top as one of Canada’s most beautiful landmarks. The giant sculpture of a spider really does give the building that extra Je ne sais quoi. And read even more about Ottawa Winterlude Itinerary – The Ultimate Guide to Ottawa

22. Halifax Citadel – Nova Scotia

Halifax Citadel National Historic Site in Halifax, Nova Scotia

The Halifax Citadel is a National Historic Site that sits above the city of Halifax. Dating back to 1856, it was originally a fortification playing an important role in National defence. Read more about Halifax at The Best Things to do in Halifax, Nova Scotia

23. Lunenberg – Nova Scotia

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Lunenburg has the distinction of being a town that is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This beautiful community is southern Nova Scotia houses picture perfect colorful buildings staying true to its fishing heritage. Check out more: Things to do in Lunenburg Nova Scotia – Top Activities

24. Covered Bridges of New Brunswick

covered bridges of New brunswick

The kissing bridges of New Brunswick are Canadian landmarks that take us back to a simpler time when horse-drawn vehicles used our roads. There are 58 covered bridges left in New Brunswick and you can tour them all from the World’s Longest Covered Bridge in Hartland to the Twin Bridges of Saint Martins. Read more: 25 Best Things to do in New Brunswick, Canada

26. Capilano Suspension Bridge – BC

Visiting the Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver BC

The Capilano Suspension Bridge is another famous landmark in BC that is located near Grouse Mountain. This bridge is one of the top things to do in Vancouver, as people flock to walk across the canyon on the 450 foot long bridge sitting 230 feet above the river below. Read more: Vancouver to Whistler – Best of the Sea to Sky Highway

26. Green Gables – Prince Edward Island

green gables prince edward island

Anne of Green Gables is a beloved book written by Lucy Maud Montgomery and is a literary landmark of Canada. Located in Cavendish PEI, it was the inspiration for the setting of the books. Read more at: Things to do in Prince Edward Island (PEI)

27. Canadian Museum of History – Quebec

Canadian Museum of History things to do in Ottawa

It’s Canada’s busiest museum but besides that, the architecture of this museum is striking. Standing directly across from the parliament buildings of Canada, its tiered steps look back at Ottawa and give parliament hill a run for its money as a beautiful Canadian landmark. Read: Places to Visit in Ottawa this Autumn

28. Rideau Canal – Ontario

rideau canal

This UNESCO World Heritage Site stretches from Kingston to Ottawa and is not only a beautiful landmark in Canada it is also a feat of engineering. The 202 km long canal was built in 1832 cutting through the wilderness and untamed lands. Read more about it at Amazing Rideau Canal Cruise – A Unique Cruise Holiday with Le Boat

29. Hockey Hall of Fame – Ontario

Hockey Hall of Fame Toronto

Hockey is as Canadian as maple syrup and Tim Horton’s donuts. We couldn’t create a great Canadian landmarks list without the Hockey Hall of Fame. Located in Toronto, the Hockey Hall of Fame is dedicated to all things hockey. And cool fact, the Stanely Cup is on display here when it’s not touring around the country.

30. West Edmonton Mall – Alberta

best canadian landmarks west edmonton mall

The West Edmonton Mall was built before indoor malls with amusement parks and skating rinks were popular. Today it is still going strong as one of the top attractions in Edmonton Alberta and the largest mall in North America.

31. Canadian Museum for Human Rights – Manitoba

Things to do in Winnipeg Winnipeg Sign

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is located in Winnipeg and is not only a wonderful museum, it is also a stunning piece of architecture. Read all about it in: 14 Things to do in Winnipeg – Plus Other Hidden Gems

32. The Diefenbunker – Ontario

historic canadian landmarks diefenbunker

The Diefenbunker was built during the Cold War in 1959 as a nuclear bunker for government employees to be deployed to if a nuclear war broke out. It was named after Prime Minister John Diefenbaker who was Canada’s prime minister during this turbulent time. Read more: 15 Awesome Ottawa Museums – What Not to Miss and Why

Fun Canadian Landmarks

33. The Big Nickel – Ontario

landmarks in canada the big nickle

The Big Nickel is Sudbury is a giant nine-meter (30 ft) replica of a 1951 Canadian nickel to commemorate nickel production in the city of Sudbury. It was built in 1964 and it one of Canada’s most famous roadside attractions. Read more: The Greatest Things to do in Winter in Ontario

34. The Big Apple – Ontario

canada landmarks the big apple

When driving between Toronto and Kingston or Ottawa you’ll notice a huge apple on the side of the highway. It claims to be the largest apple in the world. We’ve never gone inside the apple itself, but apparently, there is apple-based trivia inside. Check out: The Ultimate Kingston Ontario Weekend Itinerary

35. World’s Largest Dinosaur – Alberta

world's largest dinosaur alberta drumheller

Located at the Royal Tyrell Museum (another Canada Landmark) in Alberta, the world’s largest dinosaur stands tall over the landscape. It is a whopping 25 meters (86 ft) tall. You can see it on a road trip through Drumheller. Check out these Things to do in Drumheller, Alberta

36. Mac the Moose – Saskatchewan

quirky canada landmarks mac the moose
Photo courtesy of Johnnyw3, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Mac the Moose is appropriately located in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan and claims to be the world’s largest moose. Standing at 10.36 metres tall (34 feet) is is a fun Canadian landmark in Saskatchewan. We don’t have a photo of this because we visited Moose Jaw in the 1990s and never took a photo of it so thank you Wikipedia 🙂 Read more: 15 Best Things to do in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

37. The Giant Lobster – New Brunswick

fun canada landmarks the big lobster
Photo by Dennis Jarvis from Halifax, Canada, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

I’m kicking myself for not making a quick stop at the world’s largest lobster when visiting New Brunswick (we were so close! (So we decided to include it). But alas, we didn’t so we will just have to go back. But this is a perfect landmark for Maritime culture and heritage. Read more: 25 Best Things to do in New Brunswick, Canada

And these are some of the most famous landmarks in Canada that we’ve visited (or at least come very close to – I’m speaking to you Lobster). We have left out a couple of provinces and territories. For one, we haven’t been to Newfoundland yet. If we had been we’d definitely include the colourful houses of St. John’s. We’ve been to NorthWest territories, but don’t really know what landmark to include from there. Can you let us know? And we have only made a refuelling pitstop in Nunavut. So we must make sure to get there soon.

Do you have famous landmarks in your country? Let us know what some fun ones are that you’ve seen.

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