33 of the Best Gifts for Outdoor Lovers and Adventurers

Written By: The Planet D

We have definitely spent a lot of time outdoors during our travels. From camping on all seven continents to hiking some of the world’s most iconic treks we’ve tried a lot of outdoor gear and gadgets. When putting together this year’s wish list of the best gifts for outdoor lovers, we drew from our experience enjoying adventures in 120 countries over 20 years.

So, if you are holiday shopping for the person in your life who loves getting close to nature, look no further, these are gifts for outdoor lovers that we have tried and curated for you to explore.

Best Gifts for Outdoor Lovers

Outdoor lovers are the easiest people to buy gifts for. The possibilities are endless from clothing to gear and gadgets. So never fear, we’ve got you covered when it comes to gift ideas for outdoor lovers.

gifts for outdoor lovers camping

One thing we are going to stay away from is hiking boots and pants. I think these are personal choices that people need to try on and make sure they fit, size and comfort are right for them. But if you want to get some convertible pants or high-performance hiking boots go for it!

We have a couple of posts that will help you out with clothing and footwear here at The Best Mix and Match Travel Clothes for Women and Looking Sharp – Dave’s Travel Clothes for the Guys

Outdoorsy Gifts for Adventurers

1. Garmin Inreach Mini 2 – Satellite Communicator

gifts for adventurers garmin

The Garmin InReach Mini is an excellent gift for outdoor enthusiasts who are planning to go off the grid. It offers a range of features that enhance both safety and the overall outdoor experience. One of its primary benefits is its satellite communication, which enables users to send and receive text messages anywhere in the world, regardless of cellular coverage. This is crucial for staying in touch with friends and family, as well as calling for help in emergency situations, thanks to the device’s SOS function that connects the user with the 24/7 GEOS emergency response team.

The InReach Mini also offers GPS navigation to help users find their way in the wilderness on backcountry trips and backpacking trips, as well as the ability to track their journey. In addition, the device provides weather forecasts to help outdoor enthusiasts plan their activities and avoid dangerous conditions. Importantly, all of these features come in a compact, lightweight, and rugged package that’s easy to carry and resistant to water and dust.

2. Binoculars

best gifts for outdoor lovers binoculars

Binoculars are a great idea for any outdoor adventure, and outdoor lovers will really appreciate this gift. We have used binoculars when on safari and when navigating a houseboat through the Rideau Canal. We’ve used them when looking for markers on canoe trips. Heck, we even use them for bird watching in our backyard pond.

Not all binoculars are created equal, and you really do need a good pair to make this a worthwhile gift for outdoor lovers. We like using portable binoculars that aren’t too heavy in our luggage but they still need to be high quality with an adjustable diopter and focusing ring. These are great for anyone who loves spending time outdoors.

3. Water Filter and Water Purifier

best gifts for outdoor lovers steripen

Any outdoor lover will appreciate a good water filtration system. When hiking in the backcountry or going on a long canoe trip, access to fresh water is limited. A SteriPEN is one of the easiest ways to purify water and it’s not only great for outdoor lovers, but travelers will also love it too! It’s small, lightweight, and purifies water in seconds.

4. Water Bottles

gifts for nature lovers yeti mug

If you need to fill up a few more stockings, water bottles are great choices for gifts for outdoor lovers. We find we always need a new one after a season of cycling or hiking so even if they have a bottle already, it will be used in the future.

Cyclists will want this squeeze water bottle while hikers will prefer this amazing Yeti Rambler insulated water bottle. Nothing beats a Yeti for keeping liquids hot or cold.

5. Buffs

best gifts for outdoor lovers buffs

I have an entire collection of buffs and I love them. I wear buffs under helmets when cycling or rock climbing, I wear them when hiking to keep hair out of my eyes and I wear them on my neck when camping or trekking on cool early mornings. Buffs are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing for outdoor lovers. There’s a reason Survivor has been handing out buffs for 20 seasons!

6. Headlamp

best gifts for nature lovers headlamp

Another excellent gift for outdoor lovers is a USB headlamp. You can’t go wrong with getting an adventurer a high-quality headlamp that they can use while on a camping trip, cycling, or hiking.

We all have lights in our smartphones in this day and age, but adventurers and outdoor lovers need to be hands-free. When cooking at night by the campfire, chopping woods, or hiking dark trails, a headlamp is a must! Check out: The Ultimate Camping Checklist

7. REI Gift Card

best gifts for outdoor lovers rei gift card

If you are still at a loss, you can never go wrong with a gift card. An REI gift card is an excellent gift for outdoor lovers because it offers them the freedom to choose from a wide range of high-quality gear and apparel tailored to their specific needs and preferences. REI Co-Op is one of the most reputable outdoor retailers in America carrying various outdoor and camping gear. Let your loved on choose their own adventurous gift from durable hiking boots, a durable backpack, or a comfortable sleeping bag, to specialized equipment like climbing harnesses or GPS devices.

REI is known for its commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship, so the recipient can feel good about supporting a company that aligns with their values. Additionally, REI offers expert advice and customer support to help customers make informed decisions about their purchases. I’d recommend MEC for Canadians, but they are no longer a CO-OP. Boo.

Outdoor Gifts for Hikers

8. Backpack Daypack

gift ideas for adventure lovers backpack

A solid backpack is an excellent gift for adventurers. While I would leave the full size travel backpack to a person to choose for themselves, a day pack or hydration pack is the perfect gift for outdoor lovers.

This Teton Sports unisex Adult backpack is perfect for day hikes, cycling, and climbing. It has a hydration bladder and adjusts to fit all body frames comfortably.

9. Trekking Poles

adventure gifts trekking poles

I cannot tell you how many times trekking poles have saved our bacon out on the trail. When you are doing long multiday hikes, trekking poles really do alleviate stress on the knees. Plus, when navigating through uneven and rocky terrain, trekking poles can really help with balance. Help make your outdoor loving friend look like a pro on their next outing with these trekking poles.

10. Merino Wool Socks

best gifts for nature lovers mereno wool socks

Socks are always a great gift for your loved ones, and Merino wool socks are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. If you are looking for a stocking stuffer, try this pair of merino wool socks for the avid hiker in your life. We wear these socks in hot and cold weather and they do a great job wicking away sweat from our feet while the wool helps to protect us from blisters. Plus they offer a different array of colors so you aren’t stuck to the usual green or grey socks.

Outdoor Gifts Gifts For Campers And Van Life

11. BioLite AlpenGlo 250

Outdoor lovers don’t want to live in their headlamps, and a great gift to get someone who loves being outdoors is this BioLite AlpenGlo lantern. This lantern gives off ambient light the way a good old-fashioned lantern works. But this device is water resistant, rechargeable, and doubles as a power bank with a USB to recharge your electronics.

You can hang it in the tent and set it to flicker mode to give the feel of candlelight. It has different color temperatures, and if you want some fun, put it in a party mode where the colors change and flicker. It’s great for adding ambient light to the campsite or to that van life friend in your life who needs something less harsh than the van lighting.

12. Emergency Tent or Sleeping Bag

gift ideas for outdoor lovers emergency tent and sleeping bag

When heading out on a day trip hiking, chances are you aren’t going to carry a tent, but accidents do happen and you may need to spend the night somewhere. You don’t want to carry a heavy tent with you but this Survival Shelter Kit is a gift idea for the avid hiker in your life to add to their emergency kit. It comes with a Free Fire Starter, Thermal Tent, Blanket.

13. Hydration Tablets

gift ideas for outdoor lovers

Hikers (and cyclists) will appreciate a gift pack of hydration tablets and gels. When exerting in the heat, it’s not easy to replenish electrolytes. These Nuun tablets will give an extra boost of energy to a day of hiking. We like to fill our backpack bladders with water and have a water bottle mixed with hydrating fluids. It is also nice to have something with a fruity taste to drink when out for a day of hiking.

Best Outdoor Gifts for Outdoorsy Men

If you have an outdoorsy guy in your life, (like I do) here is a gift guide to help you with the man who loves to get outside.

14. Outdoor Watch with GPS

gifts for adventure lovers

Who doesn’t love a watch for a gift? The Garmin outdoor watch with GPS was built to withstand the toughest environments. It has a compass, altimeter, built-in training apps, and GPS with Global satellite navigation this is a great watch for a man who loves the outdoors. Forget the Apple watch, go with Garmin.

15. Tilly Hat

best gifts for travelers beige tilly hat

When spending hours outdoors hiking, on a boat, or on safari, a full-coverage hat is a must. Sunstroke can be a very real problem for outdoor lovers and a Tilly Hat is the kind of gift that everyone will love.

This classic hat is breathable yet has solid protection from the sun. What we like about the Tilly Hat is that it holds its shape even after being packed again and again in our backpacks.

16. Base Layers

gift ideas for nature lovers base layers
Icebreaker for everyday use: Skirt, leggings and sweater

There is nothing better than getting into the sleeping bag at night with comfy Merino wool leggings and a shirt. Merino wool is an excellent lightweight fabric that wicks moisture away. It’s comfortable and will keep you warm and dry. Darn Tough Merino Wool Crew Socks are our favourite socks too. Details here.

This base layer is great for wearing under clothing on cold treks, sleeping in on cool nights, and simply hanging around the campfire. Every outdoor lover will appreciate adding a classic merino wool set to their outdoor gear list. Read more at 5 Winter Layering Tips to Dress for the Deep Freeze

17. Tropiformer Jacket

presents for outdoor lovers scottevest jacket

This gift idea for outdoor fans is two in one! The Tropiformer Jacket is a jacket and vest. The jacket transforms into a vest using magnets to easily shed a layer when out for a day of sightseeing. Yes, for performance jackets we suggest brands like Patagonia, Arcteryx or North Face, but sometimes adventure lovers want to looks stylish too!

With 22 pockets your friend or partner will be able to store anything they need for the outdoors in the vest keeping important gear and items handy. Plus, they’ll look sharp while exploring the great outdoors. Read more about ScotteVEST – SCOTTeVEST Travel Clothing, Our Review

18. Travel Boxer Briefs

Travel Gifts for Men Exofficio Briefs

Everyone loves a quality pair of underwear. The ScotteVest Travel boxer briefs were made for travelers, but outdoor lovers will appreciate their breathable lightweight comfort. When looking for stocking stuffers these briefs will fill the stocking nicely.

19. Multitool

gifts for outdoor enthusiasts multitool

Everyone man I know loves a multitool for a gift. For outdoor lovers, the multitool comes in handy more than you’d think! The Leatherman Signal Camping Multitool was designed for outdoors, backpacking or fixing outdoor gear.

There’s a fire-starting ferro rod and emergency whistler to go with the 19 adventure buddy tools in one! This gift idea is great for someone who likes to fix things themselves and is always prepared.

Outdoor Gifts for Women

20. Zippo Hand Warmer

gift ideas for nature lovers hand warmer

When hiking outdoors my hands can get very chilly. When we’re out in the winter, I often need hand warmers to keep my fingers toasty. This Zippo Hand Warmer is an environmentally friendly pocket warmer that does away with disposable heat packets. It generates half a day of heat and is a great choice for an outdoor gift whether you are hitting the trails or hitting the slopes! Get it at REI

21. Thermal Traction Booties

christmas gifts for nature lovers booties

Like my fingers, my feet are often colder than Dave’s as well. At night, I love slipping on my booties and these traction booties take it a step further with its high-traction rubber outsole for a slip-on bootie. After a day of skiing, these are even possible to wear to the chalet! The versatile booties can be worn at base camp, around the van life or even around the house. I’m upgrading my North Face booties to traction booties! (Got that Dave?)

22. LightRide Crocs

gifts for adventure lovers crocs

I know what you’re thinking, Crocs! Really? But after taking several camping trips around the world, we’ve both agreed that Crocs are the perfect camp shoe, boat shoe, and hanging around outdoors after a day of hiking.

What I love about Crocs is that I can easily slip them on and off when camping. I can put on thick wool socks at night or go barefoot on a hot day. Trust me, the woman in your life who loves the outdoors will appreciate a good set of camp shoes. When Dave and I used our crocs on our Le Boat trip, everyone wished they had them too!

23. National Parks Pass

If you are looking for a unique gift for the outdoors a National Parks Pass is an amazing idea. Whether you are in Canada or America, you can purchase an annual pass to the National Parks across the country. Imagine how happy your lady will be when you give her unlimited access to her favorite national parks and the freedom to discover more throughout the next 365 days!

24. Rumpl Blanket

Women love getting cozy, and this Rumpl Blanket is a stylish way to cozy up by the campfire. It’s definitely a great addition to any car camping setup. The water repellant coating helps resist water, dirt, odors, stains, pet hair, and other debris making it a great addition to camping and outdoor gear. What’s even better is that it is only 2 lbs. 1.6 oz and packs into a stuff sack.

25. A Woman’s Guide to the Wild

outdoorsy gifts for women woman's guide o the wild

I love learning new things and the Woman’s Guide to the Wild covers outdoor life, but also woman-specific obstacles like feminine functions like peeing in the woods and staying safe. Whether that woman in your life is a newbie outdoor lover or experienced, this book is a fun gift idea to get her excited about the outdoors. Read more: 25 Best Books About Traveling the World

Outdoor Gifts Gifts for Campers and Van Life

26. BioLite AlpenGlo 250

gifts for outdoor enthusiasts BioLite

Outdoor lovers don’t want to live in their headlamps, and a great gift to get someone who loves being outdoors is this BioLite AlpenGlo lantern. This lantern gives off ambient light the way a good old-fashioned lantern works. But this device is water resistant, rechargeable, and doubles as a power bank with a USB to recharge your electronics.

You can hang it in the tent and set it to flicker mode to give the feel of candlelight. It has different color temperatures, and if you want some fun, put it in a party mode where the colors change and flicker. It’s great for adding ambient light to the campsite or to that van life friend in your life who needs something less harsh than the van lighting.

27. Camp Stove

camp stove

Every outdoor lover needs a good camping stove in their arsenal of outdoor gear. There are several types of camp stoves to buy someone who loves adventure from a two-burner stove for a car camping setup to a portable camp chef.

We like to travel and trek light, so we like to use the MSR DragonFly Portable Camping and Backpacking Stove. What we like is that it burns a variety of gases, so you aren’t stuck and can fill up your tank with any type of gas you can get your hands on. Camp Stove and Fuel (backcountry option)

28. Three-Season Tent (with rain fly)

Choosing a tent for camping trips

A lightweight tent is a huge investment and any outdoor lover will appreciate a tent. Choosing between a 2 – 4 person tent can be a bit confusing when going on camping trips. Depending on how many people are camping together, we like to go up by one when choosing the proper person tent.

Dave and I find that a two-person tent is too small for two people so we suggest a 3 person tent. We used it to cycle through Africa and camp all around Northern Ontario. It is lightweight enough to carry but big enough for two people to enjoy while having a bit of breathing space. Read more: 25 Of The Most Useful Camping Tips and Hacks

29. Sleeping Bags

Choosing a sleeping bag

Sleeping bags can be pricey and outdoor adventurers will really appreciate a gift that is high quality and will keep them warm and comfortable. I can’t tell you how many cold nights we suffered in the early days of our adventures because we didn’t invest in a good sleeping bag.

Help change someone’s life of adventure for the better with a lightweight sleeping back that is good for all temperatures. Read more: The Ultimate Camping Checklist

30. Sleeping Pad / Thermarest

Sleeping pad

Everyone can always use a new sleeping pad or Thermarest. This is an amazing gift for outdoor adventurers, campers and hikers. Everyone wants a good night’s sleep and if you can invest in a high quality sleeping pad for the outdoor lover in your life, they and their backs will love you forever!

31. Coffee AeroPress

coffee press for camping

A little luxury goes a long way when backpacking or trekking. We love our morning coffee and this Coffee AeroPress makes for one of the best luxury gifts for outdoor lovers. Every time they brew that morning coffee, they will think of you!

32. X-Brew Coffee Dripper

portable coffee dripper

For Backcountry Campers this X-Brew Coffee Dripper is a better option than the French Press. This lightweight collapsible coffee dripper comes with a collapsible mug and reusable filter. It all collapse’s down to smaller than a beverage coaster! When looking for gifts for that caffeine fanatic, backpackers or campers this is a superb choice.

33. Camp Chair or Stool

camp chair

The first time we did a road trip around Spain and France we camped in awesome campgrounds but unlike Canada, they didn’t have picnic tables at each campsite. Boy, were we wishing we packed compact camp stools. If you have an adventurous friend who loves camping this gift will be greatly appreciated.

34. Stackable Cooking Pots with Lids

camp pots

When people start stocking up on their outdoor and adventure gear, pots and pans aren’t the first thing they think of but they are a very important item. A compact set of cooking pots that can stack will change mundane meals over the campfire into gourmet masterpieces.

35. A Pack of Straps

best gifts for outdoor lovers straps

And we leave you with a versatile idea for the outdoor lover in your life. Whether it’s attaching a sleeping bag to a backpack, strapping a kayak to a roof rack, or securing a tent in windy conditions a bag of straps are a fantastic gift for outdoor lovers. Straps can also be used for makeshift repairs in the field, such as fixing a broken strap on a backpack or securing a splint in case of an injury. We are always in need of extra straps when traveling.

And there you have it, folks! These are some of the best outdoor gift ideas for the adventurer in your life. There’s still time for shopping, so hopefully, we have sparked some ideas to help you with this holiday season.

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