7 of the Best Mix and Match Travel Clothes for Women

It's difficult to pack light and look good at the same time. That's why it's important to pack mix and match clothing that can be used over and over again to create new looks!

7 of the Best Mix and Match Travel Clothes for Women

While the cost of excess baggage goes up, everyone is jumping on the bandwagon to travel carry-on only.

There are many benefits to packing light like not having to stand around waiting for your luggage to arrive when your plane lands, or not having to worry about lost luggage while in transit. But how can you pack everything you need into one small rolling suitcase?

Well, the best way I've found to pack lighter is to mix and match my clothing. So I've rounded up my best most versatile pieces of travel clothes for women that I've been wearing the past few months of travel by TravelSmith.

travel clothes for women

Best Travel Clothes for Women

Dave and I travel full time, so I want to give full disclosure that we do not travel carry on only.

Our carryon bags are filled with camera gear and computers, but when you look in our backpack, you'll see that the least amount of items we bring during our travels are clothing.

We don't have a lot of clothes because we like to pack other things to be prepared for any situation. Just a few shirts, pants, shorts and skirts and we're good to go.

We've received a lot of emails lately about our travel bags so we thought a good first post to address some of your questions would be to start with sharing 5 must have mix-and-match items that can be used for several situations during your travels and you'll look great too!

travel clothes for women leggings

Voyager Knit Short Sleeve Drape Neck

Best Travel Clothes For Women

If you want to scale down your packing, think about items that have a duel purpose. I could easily go away for a week with just these 7 items in my backpack and be prepared for most travel situations.

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Sporty Zip Skort

I love the sporty zip skort because I can go for a walk in the woods or a night on the town wearing this piece of clothing. If I put on a pair of running shoes I can go on a hike or I can dress it up with some strappy sandals and be dining out by candlelight in a fine restaurant. It's comfortable, quick dry and light meaning it won't take up a lot of room in your suitcase.

Zip Pocket Jeggings

They're like tights, but thicker and more durable. You can wear them as jeans on their own, or put a long shirt or dress overtop for a more elegant look. This versatile piece of clothing is great for sightseeing at the Eiffel Tower or shopping at the market. I like wearing my jeggings on the plane. Their so comfortable and soft, I can sleep like a baby, but still look great walking through the airport.

travel clothes for women blouse

Slim Fit Bermuda Shorts with Watercolour Floral Tie Front Top

Classic Fit Slim Station Pull on Bermudas  

Perfect for a safari or a walk in the park. I love these shorts. They are stretchy, comfortable and slimming. I can dress these up or down. Little heals with a blouse and they look so cute. Hiking boots and a t-Shirt and I'm ready to hike. These lightweight shorts are durable and easy to wash too.

Indispensable Skirt

Since you have the skort already you don't necessarily need this skirt in your travel bag, but I love it so much. I wear it everywhere. When I go out for a night of high end dining or a romantic walk on the beach, this is the skirt for me. I lounge in it, I live it. Hence the name Indispensable.

travel clothes for women sunset

The perfect travel skirt

Watercolour Floral Tie Front Top

I use this top to dress up my skirts or leggings. I even wear it with shorts when I know I'll be out for a day of sightseeing in museums or art galleries. It dresses up any outfit, but is ultra light and so easy to clean.

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Cap Sleeve Easy Tee

Every wardrobe needs a T-Shirt and I like the Cap Sleeve Easy Tee because if it's worn with a pair of shorts, it looks sporty. If I wear it with a skirt or my leggings, it dresses up. If I want to play some sports, go kayaking or just hang out, this easy tee is comfortable and looks great.

Everything I have in my suitcase can be worn for many different situations. I never have one item that can only be worn in one situation.

travel clothes for women horse

You can wear this cap sleeve shirt with any outfit!

Voyager Shirt

I like trekking in long sleeves and when traveling to many parts of the world, it's important to keep your shoulders covered, that's why something like the Voyager Shirt is an excellent choice for travel. Because it is lightweight, breathable and quick drying, it's perfect for a mountain trek or jungle hike but it also looks great with a pair of jeans, or my jeggings for a night out.

Voyager Knit Short Sleeve Drape Neck

I wanted to add one more pretty T-Shirt. I love it because it's wrinkle free and it can be dressed up or dressed down. It also scrunches into a little ball and I look very thin in this piece of clothing. It hangs well and the poly/spandex blend even makes it good for hiking. I just look like a fashionable hiker.

travel clothes for women lighthouse

This shirt doesn't wrinkle.

Ballet flats

The ballet flat is a new addition to my travel bag and I love them. I like wearing them on the plane because they slip on and off easily making going through security a snap, but I can also wear them sightseeing. Because of their non-slip soles, I wore them while exploring the rocks of Peggy's Cove and felt very sure footed.

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