SCOTTeVEST Travel Clothing, Our Review

Written By: The Planet D

It was in 2012, that we first sampled SCOTTeVEST travel clothing and gave it a review. At the time, our travels were pretty rugged doing things like hiking to Everest Base Camp, taking part in The Mongol Rally, and studying Muay Thai in Thailand. We were traveling light and fast. When we accepted a generous offer to give SCOTTeVEST clothing a try, we weren’t ready to change our performance wardrobe to a more classic travel look. Cut to nearly 10 years later and our travel style has evolved and so have we. Now we like to blend adventure travel with urban chic. We aren’t stuck in wearing only performance wear and we are open to trying new things.


Amy Tan, Andrew Zimmern, and more endorse SCOTTeVEST

10 years ago, we remember being upset about the weight of the clothing and agreeing to wear it while speaking at a travel blogging conference. Instead of talking maturely about our concerns, we immediately judged the clothing and called it my “Puffy Shirt Moment.” When SCOTTeVEST owner, Scott Jordan asked us if we’d like to give the clothes another try, we were excited to give them a test run. I mean the likes of Jeff Bezos, Steve Wozniak and our friend Johnny Jet are fans. These guys know their stuff!


This post has been updated after trying SCOTTeVEST clothing a second time 10 years later. All opinions are our own and we have in no way been asked to give a bias opinion. Visit their website to see their products.

SCOTTeVESt is a unique clothing brand that helps to lighten your carry-on while providing hidden and convenient pockets to store your travel gadgets and electronics. When I say travel gadgets and electronics, we mean it. The original eVest carries everything from iPads to pocket cameras. With 42 pockets, you won’t need to worry about your carry-on being overweight again.

We aren’t fans of putting everything in our pockets, but when boarding a plane, we certainly hold our breath when checking in. Between computers, cameras, and other travel electronics, we have a lot of weight and are happy to be able to distribute some of the weight onto our bodies.

SCOTTeVEST – The Ordering Process

SCOTTeVEST Sizing Chet Review
Size Chart for SCOTTeVEST

We went through the SCOTTeVEST website reviewing what types of clothing would work best for us and chose the most versatile travel clothing to suit our needs. Since 2012, the clothes feel lighter, softer and they have a flow that suits traveling.

When ordering, it is very important to measure (and be honest) your sizes. You can’t just say “I’m a size 10” and expect SCOTTeVEST to magically fit. In today’s world, different brands use different sizes and I always feel a pang of anxiety when people ask me what size I am. Depending on the company, I can range from a size 8 – 12! Just read How Vanity Sizing Made Shopping Impossible. We actually sat down with our seamstress measuring tape, followed the charts, and ordered the sizes that fit our measurements, not our usual vanity sizes. When everything arrived, lo and behold they fit!

So What did we order from SCOTTeVEST?

After choosing our sizes, and colours, the order was placed and we received the clothing a week later. Which was pretty miraculous at this time where there are delays and shortages around the world. Since we live in Canada and the clothes came from the States we thought we might see them by Christmas. We’ve been waiting longer for a fireplace part that we ordered two months ago!

Dave’s SCOTTeVEST Travel Clothing for Men

SCOTTeVEST Review Mens Travel clothing
Dave in Tropiformer Jacket and Cargo Pants

Tropiformer Jacket

The Tropiformer Jacket is a jacket and vest rolled into one. This design is a call back to the original eVest with a twist. The vest transforms into a jacket using magnets to easily shed a layer when out for a day of sightseeing. I found that the 22 pockets were not as intrusive as the previous SCOTTeVEST I tried 10 years ago. The lightweight material seems to handle the extra zippers and pockets with ease.

I ordered the Tropiformer in red and it really pops. I already have a lot of black jackets, and this did the trick to bring some colour to the grey fall days. I am looking forward to putting it to the test on our next travels. Now, I can carry my electronics on me instead of shoving everything into Deb’s handbag. Trust me, she’s happier than I am!

Hidden Cargo Pants

The Hidden Cargo Pants had a great cut that looks tailored and slimming. The problem with most cargo pants I try is that they look frumpy. When I put on these pants I was expecting the pockets to add bulk, but they didn’t. Ordering the pants in black has given me two pants in one. I now have functional pants to wear around town on tours during the day, but they are tailored enough that I can feel comfortable wearing them out at night without looking like I am fresh off the hiking trail.

Ozark Shirt

SCOTTeVEST Review Ozark Shirt

I love a button-down shirt and the Ozark Shirt fits me really well. The inside zippers are small and non-intrusive and they don’t add extra bulk. For a long-sleeved shirt, I was happy with how light it is. The hidden pocket makes getting to a credit card or cash easy if I am shopping at a busy market or out at a packed bar and the side zipper lets me finally put away my cell phone so it’s not sitting in my back pocket. With my iPhone becoming an extension of my arm, it’s nice to be able to tuck it away worry-free. Yet it is easy to get to.

The Docksider Travel Shirt

The Docksider Travel Shirt is the star of shirts in my opinion. It is lighter and softer than the Ozark Shirt. With more polyester and spandex in the blend, it won’t wrinkle which is a huge bonus for me when traveling. Plus, the blend should work for hiking and trekking. I ordered the Turquoise multicolor. I like having color in my wardrobe instead of grey and black and this is going to be a great shirt for sightseeing and going through the airport. I’m looking forward to putting it to the test when we fly next month.

Check out the Docksider Travel Shirt for Yourself!

Travel Boxer Brief

I have been wearing Exofficio Underwear for years and have been a fan. When trying the SCOTTeVEST travel boxer brief, I said “I think I found my new underwear!” It’s comfortable, lightweight, and fast-drying. Plus, there’s an added bonus of pockets to hold money and even a cell phone. Deb and I plan to get back to a lot of backpacking and backcountry travel next year when the world fully opens up and having inside inner pockets offer peace of mind.


SCOTTeVEST Review Mask

Travel has drastically changed in the past 10 years. I used to wear buffs on my head or neck to keep it warm, protect from sun or sand in the desert, and to keep sweat from dripping in my eyes when hiking or cycling. A face mask has taken on a whole new meaning in 2021. The ScotteMask is a stylish way to help prevent the spread of viruses (present and future). I love a buff, so this made sense to order. What is great about this mask, is that it has layers of fabric and a filter making it approval for air travel. It has an adjustable nose bridge that you can pinch into place and there is a straw hole so you don’t have to take the mask off to during. (I’m going to make sure to carry my reusable straw with me when traveling for sure!)

The one drawback (At least here in Canada) is that even though it has a proper filter to adhere to mask rules, it looks just like a buff, so our fellow humans will think we’re trying to fake being safe, and people may not let us in yet with a buff on even though its filter is approved as safe. But in the near future, as restrictions ease, people will learn that there will be more masks out there that are fashionable and functional making it ahead of its time to use beyond the pandemic.

Check out how cool the SCOTTeMASK is here!

Deb’s SCOTTeVEST Travel Clothing for Women

SCOTTeVEST Rhonda Jacket Review

The Rhonda Jacket

I (Deb) am not a huge vest wearer, but when I saw the Rhonda Jacket, I thought that would be perfect. It has the pockets of the eVest with the feminity and style I was looking for. This trench coat flowed beautifully and I found that the pockets weren’t so overwhelming that I lost everything in them. (that was a complaint of my first trench coat from SCOTTeVEST. I kept losing items in the deep pockets). I can attach my cell phone and keys into the dedicated pockets and there is a safe place for my sunglasses. I am always ruining expensive sunglasses, by putting them into my purse with my keys or other sharp items.

What is most important though is that this jacket looks great. I couldn’t believe how slimming and tailored it looked. The soft material really made it flow while walking. I ordered the coat in saddle (a rich caramel colour) and really loved adding a pop to my wardrobe. Dave is going to have fun photographing this. While I probably won’t use all the 20 pockets (11 interior – including 1 hidden pocket), it is good to have the option to put everything in I need when the time comes. You can order the Rhonda Jacket here.

Dorothy Dress

SCOTTeVEST reviews Dorthy Dress

I have been looking for a go-to little black travel dress for some time. I didn’t have high hopes that I would like the dress as I find a lot of travel dresses tend to look like tents on me. I am just not that classic tall with long legs type where every dress falls perfectly. When I put on this dress, I was surprised by how soft the material was. It is also wash-and-go so I don’t have to worry about wrinkles when traveling.

Hidden and Convenient Pockets

SCOTTeVEST Dorthy Dress pockets
Photo courtesy of SCOTTeVEST to show how pockets work

Like the Rhonda Jacket, I was most impressed with how it looked. I have finally found a travel dress that works for walking around town during the day but can also be dressed up at night. And what’s even better is that its 4 pockets are located below the waist to hold my cell phone, credit cards, and cash without adding bulk to my belly. See the Dorothy Dress here for pricing and sizing.

Chloe Hoodie

I love a cozy hoodie. I have a few Roots Canada hoodies that I adore so SCOTTeVEST had big shoes to fill. Like everything in this entire shipment, I was pleasantly surprised. The fleece design is so soft, I wear it all day. I am looking forward to putting it to use on our next trip to Iceland.

Two of the features that I feel are not needed are the Infinity Zipper and the Personal Area Network. I would prefer to have a soft edge around my face when it comes to the zipper. (albeit when camping outdoors on a cold night, the infinity zipper might come in handy) and with the invention of AirPods and Bluetooth speakers, I don’t think I would use the Personal Area Network to wire headphones through the jacket. (but not everyone has gone wireless yet, so it’s still a feature that can work). Get your Chloe Hoodie here!

Margaux Cargaux Travel Pant


The Margaux Cargaux Travel Pants are where I held my breath the most. I was on the cusp of the sizing chart in between two sizes and decided to go up one size. While I probably could have fit into the smaller size just fine, I was quite happy with the upsize. The Margaux Cargaux Travel Pants are meant to be relaxed. I didn’t think they would look good on me with my shorter than average legs, but they did, they really did!

Since we first tried SCOTTeVEST in 2012, we – and it has come a long way baby. Now that I have my sizing chart figured out and I know that the clothing is versatile, lightweight (even with all the pockets and zippers), and fashionable, I will most likely order more clothes. There are still a lot of things to try and it’s been a long time since we’ve been shopping for travel clothes. After living in sweat pants and PJs for 18 months, it’s time to update the old wardrobe and get back in action.

Have you tried SCOTTeVEST? If you have in the past, give it another. To order SCOTTeVEST travel clothing for yourself, visit their website for more details.

Disclosure: We received clothing courtesy of SCOTTeVEST. Reviews were at our discretion and we were in no way asked to write a positive review. The opinions of our travel clothing by SCOTTeVest are our own.

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Dave Bouskill and Debra Corbeil are the owners and founders of The Planet D. After traveling to 115 countries, on all 7 continents over the past 13 years they have become one of the foremost experts in travel. Being recognized as top travel bloggers and influencers by the likes of Forbes Magazine, the Society of American Travel Writers and USA Today has allowed them to become leaders in their field.

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31 thoughts on “SCOTTeVEST Travel Clothing, Our Review”

  1. I ordered a scottevest in July 2022. My husband didn’t like how it looked or felt when he tried it on so I’m returning it. It’s an expensive item of apparel, returns are going to happen. Their return policy is one of the most burdensome that I’ve seen: email them for a RMA number, wait for a return email, fill out a return slip by hand with that 11 digit number, write the number on the return label which is too small to cover the original label or to write a return address on, and then wait in line to pay for postage and insurance. It’s an expensive item of apparel, returns are going to happen.

  2. I would absolutely love one of the Scottevest jacket. $399 is so steep there has got to be another brand that offers similar options. If this was around $150 I’d snap one up in a heartbeat. Thanks for the review.

  3. Scottvest, they are the worst company, they wont honor your returns or exchanges…dont do business with these crooks…

  4. This is definitely one person’s opinion and I would highly recommend taking it with a grain of salt!

    I do a fair deal of travelling and have been stockpiling Scottevest clothing for years now. I have multiple pairs of pants and shorts, shirts, several jackets and vests, and even a bunch of the Boxers 2.0 (the only underwear I will wear now!). These are bar none some of the most required items in my wardrobe.

    The 18 pounds had to be quite the over exaggeration. Most of the SEV line is very light and comfortable. The pants and shorts fit amazingly well, especially with the way they design the waistbands. I’m truly yet to find a piece that I was not thrilled with, both in functionality, fashionability, and overall price/quality.

    I know everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but using over exaggerated numbers to demonstrate those opinions certainly isn’t real kosher in my book.

    • Thanks Scott for your message, however I do want to reiterate that we weighed the clothing. We don’t just choose numbers out of a hat. I am glad that you like it though. Cheers.

  5. I recently took a trip to China, ordered the Khaki travel vest. The color was much darker than the pic, and was like mud, or what i would call a
    ‘rat’ colour. It was also too heavy for the tropics. the fit was frumpy with the colour. i purchased a Kathmandu skirt with pockets that

    held 2 passports, and cash cards etc, that didnt show. and a kathmandu shirt with a pocket, just needed camera around neck. thar left me pen to look nice. would like to return scottevest, but they have only offered a swap. i am annoyed .

  6. Scottevest high-tech fabric is terrible. It does not breathe and can’t be cleaned. You look homeless after wearing it for one week. Customer service has never called back as promised. Today I called customer service and only got a recording. I left a message, but no call back yet.

  7. Scottevest stuff seems nice when you try it on but when I use it in real life – with things in the pockets (afterall that is why I bought it) I found that the products do not last. The seams and zippers fail constantly. The garment is not designed to support ANY weight (like a pocket camera or a phone) and simply is not constructed well at all. It was a good concept but execution leaves alot to be desired. When I needed warranty service, they told me to bring it to a shop to have it repaired. I take very good care of my things but Scottevest is just too expensive to have as throw-a-way gear. No more Scottevest for me.

  8. I own a Scottevest, and I personally think it looks great. That’s actually one of the reasons I wanted one–it was functional and attractive. Unfortunately, I found that the quality was quite lacking. In less than a year, one pocket had ripped, a magnet had torn away from another pocket, and the whole Scottevest was fading into a slightly lighter orange-ish color. I did bring the problems up with Scottevest customer care, but they said it was normal wear and tear.

    In their defense, my Scottevest was 2 years old when I finally did get around to contacting them. Maybe the response would’ve been different if I had contacted them when the problems happened. Still, it should last longer than 2 years.

    It’s too bad…I really liked it while it lasted.

  9. Some of the best womens clothing I have got was from my visit to orange ca. The clothing was light weight cute and very minimal. I get so hot in crammed air planes and its nice to have a small little carry-on that can hold many outfits. This article made me feel more validated with my purchases. Thank You.

  10. Great review!! Finding proper travel clothing is a daunting task because you need to balance fashion with functionality. That’s why I’m always happy to see well-balanced reviews of travel clothing. It helps the rest of us make an informed decision.

  11. I really don’t believe travel clothing has to go technically overboard. If you plan strategically, the clothes already in your closet can work even better for you than most specialty travel lines out there. You just have to know how to choose the right items and make sure they work well together.

    My number one rule in packing is that comfort both physically and mentally come first 🙂

  12. Wow, good to know. I’ve always been curious about their stuff because I always try to travel carry-on only. My hesitation in buying anything was that when I looked at the measurements of the women’s jackets, the sleeves seemed like they’d be too long for me as I’m rather short. Amazing that the clothing added an extra 18 pounds to your luggage! (I assume this was combined for both of you?) Definitely not helpful for traveling light. I’m sure their clothes work great for some people, but good to hear about your experiences.

  13. I am very happy with my vest from them, but ordered one it a fair bit larger so that when packed with stuff it wouldn’t bind or be too tight (learned this from reading Nora Dunn’s review). I wore mine during a recent trip to Peru and it was great for the colder areas as a layer and way to carry my stuff securely. Have never tried the other items they offer.

  14. Love this post. Sums up everything I’ve thought about ScotteVest, which I’ve never tried. Precisely because I think it would make me a) look like a twat (and a tourist) and b) who the fuck needs seventeen pockets?

  15. Good post. I’m glad you honestly reported on a product that I think more than a few others have seemed to have blindly endorsed. I’ve always wondered about this product.
    I really don’t understand why many travelers would need this (although I’m certain some may). I travel only with carry-ons including a lot of computer and camera equipment and an iPad, and still don’t have a need for it since it’s just another thing to drag along. And that weight issue! I guess some travelers just don’t travel very light.

  16. I purchased a women’s travel vest for a trip to Ireland this year and loved it. It was incredibly helpful in the airport and kept my carry-ons lighter- which was why I bought it.

    I’ve not tried any of the clothing; it’s just not my style. But I do really want one of their trench coats. I basically look at it as another carry on bag that does the duel purpose of keeping me from checking a bag and keeping me dry. But, outside the airport, I don’t keep the jackets “fully loaded”.

  17. I love your honesty! I haven’t had any interest in Scottevest because I’m 5′ 2″ tall and the minute I stuff things into my pockets I look messy and feel uncomfortable with all that weight hanging on me. Would I still try a Scottevest? Absolutely! But it’s gotta work for me–it’s gotta be comfortable, functional, and still make me look my best.

  18. Thanks for the honesty! I was wondering if there were downsides to having all those pockets! Now I see that there can be. I should’ve guessed that a jacket that has a pocket made for an iPad might be going a bit overboard.

  19. I thought you guys looked really nice in the vests at TBEX during your presentation. Honest! But you definitely want to be comfortable. That’s also my most important aspect of packing when I’m traveling. I’m still smiling over you comparing it to the Seinfeld episode. “But I don’t want to be a pirate!” lol, one of my favorite episodes. 🙂

    • Thanks Gina, I’m glad you liked the way we looked. As we said, the vest is quite nice and with it on, we felt comfortable. I do think the vest is worth it and if we would have just stuck with that, all would have been well. It is our fault for not trying things out one item at a time first. We would have been like everyone else that has tried the vest and thought it was a cool idea. It is more tailored than the other clothes we tried. Still tight in the chest for me but much better fit than the shirt I tried.

  20. Hi Dave and Deb–we are sorry to hear that our clothes didn’t fit your needs while traveling! It is important for us to hear all types of feedback so we are able to adjust future products to appeal to all of our customers. Overall, the feedback we heard from TBEX was so great and have been very happy with it. However, we do appreciate your honest review and wish you the best in your travels!

  21. Thanks for the honest review. I got the Scottsvest at TBEX too, and was quite excited to wear it, but then I found out it didn’t fit right on me (too tight across the chest) so I haven’t been able to use it (might give it to a friend or something). I think the most important thing when traveling is to wear something you feel comfortable in. If the clothes are multifunctional, but not your style then it probably isn’t for you.

  22. So glad I found this post. My husband and I have been traveling RTW for 5 years now and we’ve always yearned for the Scotteevest clothing but we’ve got two suitcases, 50lbs each and I can’t afford to add the clothing weight. I will still look into the vest but badly fitting travel clothing when all you want is to be comfortable is not the right direction for that company. Thanks for the info.

  23. So I’m not the only one!? I’ve been scratching my head at the be a traveler not a tourist slogan for some time. Doesn’t walking around a city with a safari vest make you look like a tourist, traveler and a target.

    I received one at TBEX and I gave the vest to my father who is nearly 70, he loves taking it kayaking but I’d never wear those products. Last I checked the cargo pants that zip into cargo shorts are useful but again, not for me…

  24. Hi! I found your dress so funny, but I think you are so confident about yourself that anything you wear looks nice on you. And Scottevest travel cloths are really heavy.