The Statue of Genghis Khan


The 40m statue of Genghis Kahn just outside of Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia

The reminders of the once great leader Genghis Khan (or Chinggis Khaan as he is referred to in Mongolia) are everywhere. From the center of Ulaan Baatar to the remains of his great wall to the east. But none are as impressive as this equestrian statue that lies 54km outside of the capital city.

It is a beautiful setting.

Located on the banks of the Tuul River, legend has it that this mammoth monument is built on the exact spot where Genghis Khan found the golden whip that inspired his future conquests. Now I may not be able to corroberate that story but I can attest to the imposing 40m high stainless steel statue that smacks you in the face when you round the corner in this relatively flat land.

It was closed the day we were there so we could only look at it through the gates. At its base are 36 columns, 10 Meters high which represent a memorial of 36 kings’ from Genghis Khan to Ligdan Khan. Also, apparently you can walk up inside the head for an amazing view of the surrounding countryside.

I did get some great shots of the statue itself, but thought this photos, which shows you the gate as well, gave me a sense of scale and a better idea of the massive area that this monument covers.

Genghis Khan was one of the greatest warriors in history and now he can be just as imposing in death.


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    1. debndave Post author

      Hey guys, yes it is shockingly massive. We had read that it was big and heard that it was impressive, but nothing could prepare us for how enormous it was as we drove up to it. Amazing!

    1. debndave Post author

      It really was amazing and it looked so out of place. There is nothing around the area. You drive 50 km from Ulaanbaatar and come up to this. Other than the national park 20 km away, there is no other reason for going here. It’s a monument just off the road in the middle of nowhere. Amazing!

  1. Kevin

    Pretty impressive stuff. Some of my former students in Turkey were named Cengiz. The Turks often invoke the Mongol warriors as sort of cousins. Cool photo!

    1. debndave Post author

      Hey thanks for that bit of information Kevin, I didn’t realize that the Turks and Mongols were so closely tied. Very Interesting and I can’t wait to go to Turkey one day very soon!

  2. Priyank

    There was a time the Mongolians ruled most of the known world and took the silk road trade to a scale never achieved before. Great monument and beautiful picture. :)

    1. debndave Post author

      It is so true and hard to believe that Mongolia once stretched from Europe and the MIddle East to Asia. Amazing!

    1. debndave Post author

      Thanks Cam, the setting is quite amazing. I am not sure if having the Ger Camps will add to the scene or if it will take away from the statue.

    1. debndave Post author

      Wow, he must be a great equestrian to have that name! That entire part of the world is so connected to horses, it is beautiful.

    1. debndave Post author

      It is quite new and still under construction. They are planning on building an entire complex around it of Ger Camps. The Lonely Planet guide book said that the camps and battle fields were already there but they weren’t . It was open fields all around the monument. Wikipedia claims it as well, but we were there and nothing is built yet. Hmm, where are they getting their information from?

    1. debndave Post author

      It is incredible in Mongolia. To know the history of Genghis Khan and then to see how much he is still alive and well in Mongolia. You see him everywhere. The movie Mongol that Sherry mentioned is a must see before you go to Mongolia. I loved it and couldn’t wait to go and see this country with my own eyes.

    1. debndave Post author

      You must watch it Sherry, It’s an amazing movie and really gives a great background into how Genghis Khan came to be.

    1. debndave Post author

      I’m glad to hear that Erik. Mongolia is quite stunning. It’s an excellent country to drive through especially. Or a Ger to Ger experience or seeing it by horseback is the way to go. Enjoy!

  3. Erica

    Seriously – this is freaking awesome guys. Love the HDR treatment. This is seriously narcissistic, even if he is not alive. LOVE IT.

  4. Pam

    Wow, this place looks totally different when there is no snow!! I seriously need to return to Mongolia in the spring/summer and do more trekking. Winter time was a little limiting. LOL

    Stunning photo!

    1. debndave Post author

      I can imagine Pam. Winters would be freezing there and we’re Canadian. We know how to handle a winter, but I think Mongolia is in a league of its own. It’s lack of infrastructure would make winter travel difficult, it’s lack of development would make sleeping unpleasant (having to stoke the fire in the Ger all night) and it’s extreme temperatures would be tough to take. However, I think it would probably be one of the most beautiful places on earth during the winter months as well. Your lucky to have seen it then. We’ll have to do a swap, we’ll go back in the winter, and you go back in the summer and we’ll compare notes!

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