Mongolia Pictures from the Russian Border to the Gobi Desert

A highlight of the Mongol Rally was reaching the ultimate destination – Mongolia. The journey was sensational, but once we reached our final country, it blew us away. These are our favorite Mongolia Pictures from the Russian Border to the Gobi Desert. 

Mongolia Pictures from the Russian Border to the Gobi Desert


The Golden Eagle of Mongolia

Yurts aka Ghers

mongolia photos yurts at sunset

Chingis Khan

mongolia pictures chingis khat memorial

Chingis Khan is the National Hero of Mongolia



mongolia horses and yurts

You'll see a lot of horses and yurts

However, on the Mongol Rally, We split up jobs more than usual. When Dave was driving, I snapped some shots and when I was driving, he took care of the video.

Gher Camp


It ended up being a lot of fun changing roles for 5 weeks. One can't be married to a fantastic professional photographer like Dave and not learn a trick or two. While I won't be ditching my day job as a travel writer any time soon, I did enjoy getting behind the lens every once in a while to snap a few moments in the Mongol Rally.

mongolia in pictures

Beautiful landscape of Mongolia

Mongolia – Photos from the Road

mongolia pictures landscape

Camels in the Distance




Driving Through Camels in the Desert

Russian mongolian border pictures

That is the border baby

Our Rally Car

mongol rally our car

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mongol rally participant

Rickety Bridges

mongolia bridge and dave

Dave scopes out our track over the bridge

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Tender Moments

meeting the locals in mongolia

Oversized Trucks

Crazy Roads

mongolia pictures several tracks

Which road should we choose?

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A Lotta Ladas

mogolia in pictures ladas

A lot of Russian Cars

Smashed Up Cars

mongolia photos smashed up cars

Many collisions happen on the roads

Our Transportation

mongolia in pictures our car needs some help

Our Car needs some help

Making new Friends

mongolia photos locals

Locals always lent a helping hand


mongolia pictures oovos

Oovos on the Side of the Road for Good Luck

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mongolia in photos charity

Our Charity – The Christina Noble Foundation in Mongolia

Visiting the Christina Noble Foundation in Mongolia. Thank you for all your contributions!

Gas Stations

pictures mongolia gas station

Interesting Gas Stops

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Visitors at our Camp

photos mongolia children

River Crossings

mongol rally river crossings

The Adventure Really Began in Mongolia

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