South Australia Photos – Journey Through its Varied Landscape

South Australia photos – A Tour around its varied landscape.

South Australia Photos

south australia photos outback

We hope you enjoy this visual journey through South Australia. It's the country's least visited State.

South Australia's Varied Landscape


south australia photos lake

While exploring it we couldn't understand why it isn't the first on everyone's list. We can't complain though, most days we had it all to ourselves.

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south australia photos barossa valley

We have a feeling it won't be long until everyone is flocking to see what's so cool about South Oz. What do you think?

salt flat

South Australia has a diverse landscape.australia sunset

From the 540 million year old mountains of the Flinders Ranges, to the arid Outback and the gorgeous coast, it has it all.

cave sunset

We saw pristine beaches, dried out lake beds and quiet harbors. south australia photos beach

We were surprised with just how many different views of Mother Earth we witnessed.


I don't know what we were expecting in South Australia, but each day was a surprise.

australia rocks

All countries have beauty, so we knew we'd see beautiful scenery at one point or another, I guess we just didn't expect to see so much of it.

south australia photos ocean

It seemed that every tour, trip or drive we took had something beautiful waiting to be seen.

patterns in beach

Big thanks to South Australia Tourism for inviting us to experience this beautiful destination.

Our itinerary took us from Adelaide to Wilpena Pound on to the Barossa Valley then The Gawler Ranges and Port Lincoln until ending on Kangaroo Island.

Tips to Help you Plan Your trip to South Australia

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