South Australia Photos – Journey Through its Varied Landscape

Written By: The Planet D

South Australia photos – A Tour around its varied landscape.

South Australia Photos

south australia photos outback

We hope you enjoy this visual journey through South Australia. It’s the country’s least visited State.

South Australia’s Varied Landscape

south australia photos lake

While exploring it we couldn’t understand why it isn’t the first on everyone’s list. We can’t complain though, most days we had it all to ourselves.

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south australia photos barossa valley

We have a feeling it won’t be long until everyone is flocking to see what’s so cool about South Oz. What do you think?

salt flat

South Australia has a diverse landscape.australia sunset

From the 540 million year old mountains of the Flinders Ranges, to the arid Outback and the gorgeous coast, it has it all.

cave sunset

We saw pristine beaches, dried out lake beds and quiet harbors. south australia photos beach

We were surprised with just how many different views of Mother Earth we witnessed.


I don’t know what we were expecting in South Australia, but each day was a surprise.

australia rocks

All countries have beauty, so we knew we’d see beautiful scenery at one point or another, I guess we just didn’t expect to see so much of it.

south australia photos ocean

It seemed that every tour, trip or drive we took had something beautiful waiting to be seen.

patterns in beach

Big thanks to South Australia Tourism for inviting us to experience this beautiful destination.

Our itinerary took us from Adelaide to Wilpena Pound on to the Barossa Valley then The Gawler Ranges and Port Lincoln until ending on Kangaroo Island.

Tips to Help you Plan Your trip to South Australia

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52 thoughts on “South Australia Photos – Journey Through its Varied Landscape”

  1. Superb photos. Like you say not many venture to the south including myself. I went to most other places but didn’t head there. Im kind of regretting it seeing those pics.

  2. Hey Dave and Deb!
    We really enjoy these pictures from South Australia! What type of camera/ lens did you use? We thought our fans would also appreciate these pics so we shared them on our Facebook page at If you’re ever in Indianapolis, IN let us know! Keep posting great stuff and we look forward to seeing more! –Daniel at HCC Medical Insurance Services.

    • Thanks Daniel, sorry for our late reply. We use a Canon 5D Mark II with Canon Lenses. We were just in Indianapolis last year for the Society of American Travel Writers conference, it is an awesome city!

  3. South Africa is always no. 1 for it’s incredible beauties specially ‘for it’s wild life. Great post and pics…..

    • Thanks Ali. The comments that we had on the old site really bothered us, we are glad you noticed the change. That was high on our list to make them clearer and more visible

  4. Did you know that the last native Aborigines to be discovered by white man were in South Australia, only about 50 years ago?

    • Thanks Kristy. Dave has a way of capturing every detail in his photographs. I’m always so impressed with how he makes the scene true to the eye.

  5. I think this blog is very interesting. The photos are intriguing and it makes me keen in wanting to know more about the place that you've visit. On top of that, the blog is very organized and simple and I think that's how a blog should be and the fact that you tend to cover places that are less "touristy" and more of a traveller's pick is just perfect. Awesome Blog!

  6. These photographs are magnificient and very inspiring! I did not know SA is the country’s least visited state. In South Australia there are many beautiful hidden areas, still unknown, that are really worth visiting!

  7. Wow, that is absolutely breathtaking! After seeing your photos, I feel as if this would be the first location on my list if I ever visit Australia 🙂

    • Thanks Arti! I’m glad you like the photos. The landscapes were truly amazing, and I’m glad we got the chance to show people just how beautiful South Australia is.

  8. Wow, loving these landscape shots. I’ve been considering visiting Australia lately and these pictures just pushed the destination a bit higher on my list. 😉

  9. We haven’t been to Australia yet and now that I think about it, I actually don’t know much about oz. I know it has amazing wildlife I’d really like to see and Crocodile Dundee was one of my favorite movies of the 80s. These pictures make me want to start researching and planning a trip!

    • Yay! I’m so glad that we could inspire you to look into Australia. This was our first trip as well, and we are looking forward to going back to explore some more. Can’t wait to follow your trip there too!

  10. Beautiful. I think Australia has the most beautiful orange and red tones in the world – so vibrant! Great photography as always.

  11. Thanks for a great collection of photos of South Australia. I am definitely interested in visiting more of South Australia one day.

  12. Absolutely stunning photos! You have indeed painted an amazing picture of the diverse landscape of South Australia, thank you for sharing!

  13. Wow! Ive never seen my home country look so beautiful! Its funny how we see own own backyard in a different light than the rest of the world. It was only after I left Australia that I realized how beautiful it is. But I was always is such a hurry to leave there, to visit another country, that I didnt see what I was missing out on. If we ever go back ‘home’, I will make more of an effort to find the beauty that is quite obviously there!

  14. I wouldn’t mind doing a road trip of Australia to see landscapes like these. Just one of the million things I want to do before i die! 🙂

    • I hear you, the list keeps getting longer and longer doesn’t it? A few years ago we had a list of things we wanted to do that fit on a page, now we’re adding to that wish list daily. We’ll never be able to do it all, but we’re sure having fun trying.

  15. Think it is about time I get back to South Australia! Wonder if Bek Reddin has a spot on her couch for me (or maybe Kelly Wadewitz).

  16. Stunning! These photos should be in a magazine. I love how you can almost feel the different textures, from the sand to the sea grasses.

  17. Gorgeous pictures, guys!! LOVE the one of the coast with the rocks!! You make me want to go back to Oz!! 🙂