The Ultimate 5 Dive Destinations in the World

The very best locations to get some serious SCUBA action.

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SCUBA diving is a phenomenal pastime which can unlock a completely different world to the adventurous traveller. There are hundreds of fabulous natural and artificial dive sites across the globe, but there are certain places that should tip the top of your must-dive list.

Here are 5 of the top places you should definitely take the plunge.

Yongala – Great Barrier Reef, Australia

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The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most famous dive locations in the world. It would be clichéd to say you have to dive here if it weren’t so mind-blowingly amazing. No true dive list is complete without including Yongala. March is the best time to dive along the reef and the coral is simply stunning.

Sharm el Sheikh – the Red Sea, Egypt

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Diving in the Red Sea is spectacular and the diving resorts don’t come much better than in Egypt. Sharm el Sheikh is gathering quite a reputation among Western tourists with its fantastic year-round weather and cheap prices. The resort is a great place for a diving holiday.

Belize – the Caribbean Sea


Shark Ray Alley- Dive Belize

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There should be fewer language barriers in Belize, as the primary language is English, which can be a big comfort for diving beginners. Belize is also home to the second largest barrier reef system (after Australia) which stretches down to Honduras. Belize offers some of the best diving in the Caribbean and certainly has enviable marine life and coral – truly breathtaking.

Manta Ray Night Dive – the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii

manta ray night dive hawaii

Photo: CWilso

As part of the vibrant local nightlife, seeing manta rays requires a darker dive which is a heady experience all in itself. The diving around Kona Honu in Hawaii is spectacular and offers some of the best chances of meeting the majestic winged water creatures. An utterly awe-inspiring encounter for any serious diver.

Palau – the Pacific Ocean

Palau Diving- pacific Ocean

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There are so many islands in over 65 million square miles of Pacific Ocean to choose from, but diving in Palau is probably the best of the collection. The shallow reef lagoons offer some 1,400 species of fish and 350 species of coral. Don’t forget a waterproof camera!

Dave and I used to be very avid scuba divers. So much that at one point we packed up and went to Honduras to pursue our Dive Masters so that we could travel the world and teach scuba diving. So when this guest post came across our inbox, we were more than happy to put it up and share the top diving destinations with you.

We have only dove in 1 of the places listed above and we have only been to two of the places listed in the post. This article is as much an inspiration for us as it is to other would be world scuba divers.

Do you have an ultimate top 5 or top 10 destination list? We are looking for guest posts for the summer to share dream destinations and adventures with our readers.


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