Under the Veil of Winter: 15 images that Define Northern Ontario

Northern Ontario is beautiful in the winter. While many people shy away from the cold, Canadians embrace it.

northern ontario photos

Beautiful Ontario Photos

We had the opportunity to go on an epic winter expedition to the far Arctic Headwaters of Northern Ontario and captured the incredible scenery of the province.

northern ontario prospectors tent

We camped in a prospectors tent

We trekked 100km from the CP Rail Line to the CN Railway up North for 10 days by snowshoe.

northern ontario snowshoe prints in snow

Snowshoe prints in the snow

It was a grueling trip where we carried all our own gear and pulled it behind ourselves by sled. Through ice and snow, we braved the freezing temperatures of Northern Ontario, Canada.

Our guide in Northern Ontario

Looking down the path our sled cuts in the fresh snow

Luckily we had skilled guides who guided us safely over moving water, open frozen lakes and through the bush.

northern ontario trekking

Tyler takes a break after a portage to enjoy the warmth of the sun on the Missinaibi Expedition

We had nothing to guide us but the Missinaibi Headwaters and the experience of our guides. Each day we set off for 8 hours of trekking through deep snow and ice.

ice fishing northern ontario

Catching our food for the night – Ice Fishing

When we got to camp at night, we had three hours of set up where we chopped down spruce bows to sleep on, chipped through a meter of ice for water and stopped out a path around the camp.

northern ontario sunset

Incredible pollution free sunsets

It was a challenging experience in one of the world's most unforgiving landscapes. Northern Ontario isn't the first place people think of when planning an expedition.

But take it from us, we've trekked in Nepal, Bhutan, Kyrgyzstan and several other well-know trekking routes. Ontario's North was the toughest.

northern ontario couple

looking over the sub arctic landscape

We dressed in Anoraks traditional clothing worn by First Nations and early trappers for the Hudson Bay. It was cold, but with proper layering we stayed safe and free from frost bit.

northern ontario lure of the north trek

Kai, co-owner of Lure of the North, makes it into camp with a smile on her face on Day 4 of the Missinaibi Headwaters Expedition

Our guides were strong and fearless. We couldn't have made it without them.

Ontario North Winter

Getting to camp at sunset

We had to get into camp before sunset so we could set up our prospectors tent, cook food and chop firewood.

Each day was a race to cover enough distance to make it to the train tracks in 10 days. Otherwise, we'd have to wait for another train for 3 more days to pass through this remote region of Ontario.

Ontario Canada campsite in winter

Our prospector's tent had a wood stove inside that our guides stoked all night long. It kept us warm and dry and there was plenty of room.

ontario winter camping

Many days, we couldn't believe the beauty in front of us.

winter in ontario's north

Walking through a snowstorm

Some days were tougher than others. We faced snow storms and slush and suffered a lot.

north ontario travel

But it was worth it. When finishing our trek through Northern Ontario, we felt like we could take on the world.

northern canada travel

Deb looks out to the sunset

It showed us what we were made of and gave us time to reflect on our strengths and weaknesses.

snowshoes in north Canada

There is no way to travel without snowshoes

There is no way to travel through Northern Ontario winter without snowshoes. to try to walk through the snow with only boots, you fall through to your waist. It gave us a new appreciation for the early settlers of Canada and what they had to endure to build our great nation.

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