Paradise: Tropical Island Pictures to Take Your Breath Away

I'm Dreaming of an escape. Since I can't leave my office today beautiful photographs will have to take me away for at least a little while. We've had the privilege of visiting some of the most beautiful islands in the world, so we've rounded up our favourite tropical island pictures to inspire wanderlust in you!

Tropical Island Pictures

What is it about the islands that make life better? Is it the tropical breeze coming in from the ocean? Is it the sound of the waves crashing on the shore? Maybe its the laid back vibe or the perfect sunset that you see no matter what island you are visiting.When I think of our times in the islands, nothing but perfection springs to mind. All the complications and stresses of life completely melt away in the tropical heat and are instantly replaced by the tranquility of a deserted beach or seaside cabana.

grand cayman island

The Pier of Grand Cayman Island

So lets take you away, far far away to some of the most stunning islands on earth in our collection of Tropical Island Pictures. After 10 years of constant travel, we've managed to compile an outstanding collection thanks to the talents of Dave.

Exuma Cays

tropical island of Exuma Cays

The Exumas of the Bahamas were probably the very first islands that took our breath away. We had been to many before, but when looking out the windows of our twin otter plane, we were stunned by the beauty of these 365 atolls in the middle the Caribbean Sea. To me, this photograph captures what the most beautiful tropical island pictures should be. Check out: Dream Trip, Exuma Cays Bahamas


tropical island pictures the maldives

The famous over the water bungalows of the Maldives are the quintessential images of what pure luxury is all about. When staying in the Maldives, you can't help but feel that you have found paradise.

Learn more about the Maldives at our list of the 10 Best Things to do in Maldives

Grand Cayman Island

The turquoise waters of Grand Cayman Island are heavenly. The place to stay is 7-mile beach where resorts lines the soft sand. Grand Cayman is known for its exceptional diving and clear blue waters, but there are a lot of things to do on the island. Check out our list of 15 Ideas to Make the Most of Your Trip



The beautiful tropical island of Zanzibar

The island of Zanzibar is located off the coast of Tanzania. Known as the spice island, Zanzibar has some of the most spectacular beaches in the world. Its turquoise waters are like nothing I've ever seen and when the tide goes out, there isn't a more beautiful coastline on earth.



Nothing says tropical island like Fiji

When thinking of the island Fiji, you can't help but picture absolute paradise. It is one of those places that doesn't disappoint. It has yet to reach the levels of development in the Caribbean and you can still find a quiet, secluded beach in this mother of all tropical islands. See more photos at Dream Trip: Fiji


tropical island pictures Jamaica

The Island of Jamaica in the West Indies is the ultimate vacation destination for the package tourist. But head out from behind the gates and you will discover a country filled with rich culture, fun activities and friendly and inviting people. And yes, the beaches are absolutely beautiful. Jamaica is so large, we captured many beautiful pictures of this tropical island. It was difficult to choose a favourite.



Let Bali into your tropical island dreams


Bali is really the island of dreams. Located in Indonesia, it offers the tourist an island experience with deep cultural roots. Temples line the coastline like the one above. Tana Lot is one of its most sacred temples and you can't help but feel peaceful when visiting it or any of the great monuments on the island of Bali.


If Koh Lipe doesn't say paradise don't know what does.

Thailand has some of the most beautiful islands and beaches in the world. I could do an entire tropical island pictures photo story from its off shore getaways alone! Koh Lipe is one of those islands. Located right on the Malaysian Border, the trip out to Koh Lipe is worth it. Longtail boats line every beach in Southern Thailand making for the picture perfect setting for anyone travelling to the tropics.



Even though most people go to the Galapagos to see wildlife and take boat tours, they are indeed tropical islands. Some of the best beaches we've ever been to are on the Galapagos and you can stay on islands there and have a proper beach vacation. So, it may not be your typical island vacation, but the Galapagos totally deserve to be in our list of best tropical island pictures. Check out 27 Photos the will Transport you to the Galapagos

Kangaroo Island

tropical island pictures kangaroo island

Beautiful sunsets on Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island houses what was voted Australia's most beautiful beach. So our tropical island pictures round up would not be complete without including it! Kangaroo Island is not only beautiful, there are so many things to see and do. Especially for wildlife lovers. Kangaroos, Koalas, Seals and don't forget about a place so remarkable, it is actually called, the Remarkables! Check it out here!

Dominican Republic

Dave and I honeymooned in the Dominican Republic so it has a very special place in our hearts. The Dominican is a part of the second largest island in the Caribbean so there are many places to capture beautiful tropical island pictures. But this one from Puerto Plata captures our view of what a tropical vacation should be about. Beautiful skies, over the water bungalows and a cruise ship off in the distance.

St. Kitts


St. Kitts is paradise.

You may not know much about St. Kitts, but this tiny island packs a punch. With only one major development in the country, it is one of the few Caribbean Islands that still feels like an untouched paradise. Head over to the Reggae bar on Reggae beach or hike up the volcano through the unspoiled jungle to see a birds eye view of the island.

Fraser Island

Fraser Island in Australia surprised us. It's a grand adventure to four wheel it down the 75 mile beach, but it is also a great tropical vacation. Resorts have swimming pools, you can swim inland on fresh water beaches with pure white sand, there are champagne pools to relax in and there are plenty of spots to unwind. So while you may not consider Fraser Island for your typical tropical adventure, we definitely feel it is one and worthy of being the last of our best tropical islands in photos. See all about it here on our Fraser Island Tour

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