Sizzling Santorini: The Sexiest Stop in the Greek Islands

Love is in the air, everywhere I look around….Especially in Santorini.

With everyone talking about all the different “Shades of Grey” out there, we're thinking more along the lines of blue. Santorini Blue to be exact.

Sexy Santorini

Santorini is known for it's sprawling whitewashed villages clinging to the high sea cliffs overlooking the Agean Sea.

Throughout the stream of white buildings, domed roofs and arches are painted Azure blue creating rolling waves of blue and white. We have never witnessed such a picture perfect setting.

santorini greece sexiest stops

The sexiest stops in Greece

I don't think Dave and I have ever been to a more romantic destination than Santorini, Greece. It's a fairytale Greek island that will take your breath away the minute you take your first peek out over cliffs from the picturesque towns of Oia, Imerovigla, or Thera.

Santorini fits the bill with beaches, international travel and being a very exotic location.

santorini greece blue roofs

Beautiful blue roofs in Santorini

We've been to all the destinations listed above, and while we think they are romantic and wonderful (except Vegas thank you very much) Santorini takes the cake. We and our fellow Viewfinders were asked where we think the best place in the world is to turn up the heat and get romantic and nothing could top Santorini.

We gave ourselves 8 glorious days on the island and let me tell you, this is the way to do it. Skip the cruise ships that pop in for a three hour tour, and instead book an entire week on the sexiest stop in the Greek Isles. It's just a short half hour flight from Athens yet a world away.

Why is this the perfect romantic getaway? Santorini was made for couples.

dave deb

Posing with the backdrop of the village

It seems that every hotel and restaurant was made for romance. We stayed in three different accommodations in three different village. Each was designed with seclusion and romance in mind, giving us the perfect spot to completely enjoy each other's company.

A Room with a View

Have you ever had breakfast brought to your room where you eat it on your balcony overlooking the incredible views of the Aegean Sea? In Santorini it's common.

santorini greece meal

Deb looks out over the water at lunch

Each evening we ordered our breakfasts of assorted breads and cheeses, Greek yogurt and honey, fresh farm eggs, and rich roasted coffee. It was delivered to our room and displayed on our balcony for our preferred time and then we were left in silence to stare into each others eyes reminiscing of the evening before.

Our days started off with pure perfection. Long leisurely mornings watching the sunrise, lounging in our robes and rejoicing in the luxurious duvets and beds of the cave and boutique hotels. Our rooms were so luxurious we didn't want to leave.

santorini greece sunset

Sun sets over the town

Often times we didn't leave. Some days we'd stay in bed sleeping late before having a late brunch. We'd then saunter to the infinity pool plunging over a cliff where we'd sleep under the shade.

pool deb

A pool with a view

We then took our time planning each day to the fullest. We had a full seven days on the island so we never had to rush. With our rental car at hand (that only £150 for the entire week!), we set out to explore this beautiful island one day at a time.

Pool at Andronis Luxury Suites in Oia

Sometimes we'd go to Black Beach and sit under an umbrella sipping cappuccinos.

black beach

Goofing around on Black Beach

Other days we'd go for long walks on the sand or explore the rugged terrain of Red Beach.

red beach

The stunning cliffs of Red Beach

We loved splurging and blowing the diets on delicious Greek Cuisine. It was an adventure choosing each restaurant with the billion dollar views.

wine ocean

Wine with a view!

Even Greek cuisine is sexy. Savoury dishes with a base of creamy cheese and yogurts, layered filo pastries, and decadent fish and meat dishes. Every night we'd order something different from saganaki to souvlaki. Even the names of their food is sexy!

We took a sunset sailboat tour to explore the caldera. After a quick ride to the pier, we took our seat at the front of the catamaran, sitting arm in arm as we sailed along the coast gasping in awe of the giant cliffs dotted with sprawling white villages.

santorini greece sunset

Boat ride at sunset

We explored ancient ruins and smaller quiet villages. In the town of Megalohori we had our own villa with private pool. Here we had the chance to shop for local cuisine and wine.

We then locked ourselves in our private getaway. Nobody could bother us and we had our own Greek snacks and drinks at hand as we lazed in the sun free from anyone else intruding on our secluded getaway.

santorini greece private villa

We loved our priavte villa.

Private pool at our villa run by Santorini Villas

We'd walk along the pedestrian paths night and day browsing artists shops and fine jewellery boutiques.

santorini greece shopping

Shopping during the day

We snapped photos of the iconic photography spots like the three blue domes of Oia and the three bells of Fira.

santorini greece three bells

The three bells of Fira

We joined the masses watching sunset one night, but mostly sat on our own private balconies watching the sun go down over Greece's most romantic destination. Sipping wine and eating olives, what could possibly be more romantic?

santorini greece view

Relaxing with a priavte view

And we ended the night's skinny dipping in our private soaking tub outside our private balcony. We didn't have to worry about seeing another person. The days were ours and we were free to be alone as much as we like. We were free to celebrate our love and life and free to enjoy and relish ever sensual moment of our luxurious accommodation, the sultry sunsets and sensual spas. Santorini is sexy.

It's seductive and alluring. If you are thinking of proposing, celebrating, or simply rejoicing in your love for one another. Santorini is the place to be. We don't call it sizzling Santorini for nothing.

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