6 Game of Thrones Filming Locations You Should Visit Right Now

Game of Thrones is one of the most popular series in TV history. It's no wonder it has sparked a tourism boom everywhere it is shot. Game of Thrones filming locations take place on two continents and six countries. Once a destination becomes a GOT location, you can bet tourists will flock to see it. Here are the tops spots we've visited that are the backdrop for the stunning landscapes of Game of Thrones! 

6 Game of Thrones Filming locations Around the World

Game of Thrones is one of the hottest series on TV and the cinematography has a lot to do with it. It is beautiful to watch. The sweeping landscapes and historic cities spark the wanderlust in us all. We've had the chance to visit many of Game of Thrones Filming locations around the world and can understand why it is such a visually beautiful movie. Producers have chosen wisely when picking sets around the world. Game of Thrones films on two continents and no less than eight different countries.

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Game of Thrones filming locations

While Northern Ireland has been our most extensive GOT experience, there are other places that have piqued our interest as huge fans of the show. So, if you love adding an element of entertainment into your travels, here's a round up of the best and most scenic places Game of Thrones is filmed around the world.

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Who will die next?

Enjoy and remember, Winter is Coming.

Northern Ireland

Game of Thrones Set Ireland Dark Hedges

Dark Hedges are one of many filming locations for the Game of Thrones in Ireland

The magic  happens in Belfast at Titanic Studios. The Titanic Museum is one of the greatest attractions to Northern Ireland, and while you are there, venture a little further down the road to see the sound stages where GOT scenes are shot.But Castle Ward located in Downpatrick in County Down, Castle Ward is probably the most organized tours of all Game of Thrones filming locations. Everything is dedicated to enjoying your day in Westeros. You can even done a fur lined cape and learn to shoot a bow and arrow just like Bran did when John Snow taught him in the courtyard while the family looked on.

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Other notable Game of Thrones locations in Northern Ireland are the Dark Hedges, The Glens of Antrim, Ballentoy Harbour, and Mussenden Temple.

You can follow the GOT route to see all the Game of Thrones Filming locations on the Causeway Coast.


Game of thrones filming locations iceland

The Glaciers of Iceland are perfect for scenes at the Wall

We all love John Snow and the Knight's watch. The majority of these scenes are filmed in Iceland. Iceland was made for movies. It's landscape is out of this world and it feels like a fantasy visiting. Filming happens all over the country and a drive around the ring road will offer you the chance to check out many. While staying at a hotel near Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon, we were told that the Game of Thrones cast and crew stayed there for weeks working during the short filming days.

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real life locations of Game of Thrones

The Lava Fields made a great setting for the Wildling's home

Notable real life Game of Thrones filming locations in Iceland are Höfðabrekka located near Vík, the southernmost city of Iceland, the Vatnajökull glacier, (Europe’s largest ice cap), Lake Myvatn, and the lava field near the town of Húsavik.

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Girona Spain, Game of Thrones Season 6

Girona will make a perfect setting for Season 6

We have yet to see the scenes shot in Spain for Season Six. But while visiting Costa Brava last year at this time, the announcement was made that Game of Thrones would be filming in this part of the world. I can understand why, Catalunya is filled with medieval villages, castles and stunning nature. Game of Thrones will fit in perfectly and seamlessly here.

We have heard that filming is taking place all over the country at locations like Girona, Valencia, Alhamila mountains, Barcelona, Seville, and Andalusia. It is just a matter of time before the Game of Thrones tours start gearing up all around Spain.


Croatia is where much of the Daenerys storyline takes place. Croatia truly feels like you are stepping back in time and one can almost imagine dragons flying overhead. I think the GOT cast and crew that drew straws for this location came out winners. While the other filming locations are amazing places to visit, filming outdoors can be cold, wet and difficult.

Croatia may be hot at times, but it is heavenly. Most filming takes place in and around Dubrovnik but they have ventured out more stopping in spots like Sibenik posing as Braavos and Split which is Kings Landing.

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Game of Thrones Location meteora

Meteora doubled as the city in the sky

The cast and crew didn't exactly shoot on location in Meteora, but second unit was sent out to shoot plates of the magnificent Meteora Monasteries. It was used as its backdrop for the Eyrie castle in the sky, the castle above the clouds where Tyrion had his cell in the sky. Meteora was digitally mastered into the series because of it's protected environment, the series could not officially shoot here.

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game of thrones film locations

Morocco was also a setting for Game of Thrones

The Daenerys storyline has some of the best filming locations for Game of Thrones. They also went to Morocco. The ancient fortified city of Ait Benhaddou was used to represent Yunkai. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was the perfect setting for the The Mother of Dragons to destroy. The port city of Essaouira was also used in season 3 doubling as Astapor. Remember the scene beside the sea when she has rounded up the unsullied and given them a choice to fight for her? Oh yeah, that Daenerys is going to be a major player in the coming war.

Slovenia is Croatia's neighbour and has been the setting for many a movie. Check out 8 Unforgettable Things to do in Slovenia

The Game of Thrones films in some of the most exotic locations on earth. We've been to many, but there are still other countries that the production frequents that we haven't visited yet. Besides the six mentioned above, Game of Thrones also films in Scotland and Malta. We've always wanted to go to both destinations, maybe our final Game of Thrones locations will happen this year!

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