The Flying Stuntman – Live out Your own Movie Dreams

At one time in my life, Dave and I considered going to stunt school to become a Hollywood stunt performers. We were living in Vancouver, the movie scene was booming, and we were young, fit, and up for trying anything. We ended up working in make-up and lighting in the business, but we always admired the stunt men and women who made movie stars look so good.

The Flying Stuntman

flying stuntman cheap flights

Deb taking a Stunt Training Course

We love movies and we love visiting film locations around the world. If someone tells us James Bond, Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings filmed nearby, we make a detour to take a look. We even did an entire GOT Tour of Northern Ireland. That's why when Cheapflights sent on their fun new idea where travellers can learn about about famous film stunts and take part in their own thrills for cheaper than the Hollywood budgets, we jumped onboard to help promote the flying stuntman.

See our James Bond Experience at Thunderball Grotto in the Bahamas. 

Flying Stuntman Cheapflights

Living out our Game of Thrones Fantasies in Northern Ireland

The Flying Stuntman

Meet Cheapflights Flying Stuntman Jacob Tomuri. He's Tom Hardy's official stuntman and has performed in such blockbusters as Lord of the Rings, Avatar, and Mad Max: Fury Road.

We love movies so much, we even rounded up our favourite travel movie memories. 

We once took a stunt training course  with the Stunt Academy in Queensland, Australia and it was one of the coolest things we've ever done in our travels. Even though we never pursued a career in movie stunts, we always fancied ourselves a couple of risk takers. Movies may not be our jobs anymore, but we still love fantasizing about the life of a stuntman.

Enjoy a Video of our Stunt Training Course

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Both of us were huge fans of The Fall Guy as kids. (We didn't know each other then, but found out years later, that we both liked that show. When Dave was a kid, he and his best friend Avian even had a club called the Fall Guy Club. Dave told me that he let his sister join only after he made her jump off a roof. She did, and their stuntman club of two grew to three.

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Find Your Inner Stuntman

If you book your own action-packed film stunts through Cheapflights, you'll be safer than Dave's sister Robyn, and you'll get to re-live your favourite film scenes from movies like Lara Croft Tomb Raider, Mission Impossible, and the Dark Knight.

Scroll down the interactive module below to find a Hollywood Stunt Location


To use the above Cheapflights module, choose your city of choice like Dubai, Hong Kong or New York and see what movie stunt was performed there. When you scroll down, you will see three choices of nearby thrills from where the original stunt took place. In Point Break (the classic with Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves) our heroes went skydiving in Mexico.  You can book your own adventure skydiving, surfing or scuba diving within 60km of the original stunt location. How cool is that?

skydiving the flying stuntman

Dave skydiving in New Zealand

See our Lord of the Rings tour in New Zealand

Visiting movie locations is one of our favourite ways of traveling. When someone tells us that a movie star stood right there like Johnny and Angelina in Venice while shooting the tourist, our ears perk up. We love being able to relate a movie scene to a destination. When we visited Skellig Michael in Ireland, we heard rumours that Star Wars was going to film there, but when we saw it on the movie screen we were even more excited. Having it as a scene in a movie, suddenly made it cooler.

flying stuntman

We stood where Luke Skywalker stood.

When we watched the movie Everest with Jake Gyllenhall, we felt emotional as we relived our route up to the legendary Kumbu Icefall. With each scene that flashed before our eyes in glorious IMAX, we whispered with excitement, “We've been there.”

Where's your most memorable movie location?

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