The Sherpas of Mt. Everest; A Photo Story

Everyone who has ever heard of Mt. Everest has heard of Tenzing Norgay. The famous Sherpa who was the first, alongside Sir Edmund Hillary, to summit the worlds tallest peak.

Since then there have countless Sherpa's who have given their lives carrying food, supplies and even clients on this mountain. During our trek to Everest Base Camp we had our own Sherpa, Shir, that without his help we are not certain we would have made it to EBC with energy to spare.

This is a small tribute to the men and women who make everyone's trek in the Himalaya's possible. Thank You for helping us all enjoy this beautiful mountain range!

The Sherpa's of Mt. Everest; A Photo Story

sherpas carry heavy loads to everest base camp

The job description: Heavy loads thru mountain passes.

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sherpa carrying plywood to everest base camp

Loads come in all shapes and sizes!

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sherpa carrying a large load

Some carry loads up to 100kg's. Crazy!!

Both men and women carry gear to everest

Both men and women share the duties!

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sherpa taking a nap en route to everst

Sherpa's navigate to everest base camp

Sherpa's navigate old paths made by their ancestors.

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young sherpa boy carries heavy load in Nepal

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tenzing norgay sherpa monument nepal

A tribute to Tenzing Norgay and all sherpa's against an Everest Background

So let's not forget the job these unsung heroes of the Himalaya do for us. Without them no one would reach the roof of the world!

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