Where to Eat in Kathmandu – Eight Great Spots to Indulge After Your Trek

One thing that we absolutely loved when we arrived at Kathmandu, Nepal was the variety of food.  Once you have spent weeks eating Dal Baht (Traditional Nepalese Dish) while climbing to Mount Everest Base Camp or trekking around the Annapurna Region, it is heaven to be able to come back to Kathmandu and sample all the international cuisine. Here are our choices for where to eat in Kathmandu.

Where to Eat in Kathmandu

We loved the food in Kathmandu. We had been traveling Asia for 5 months when we arrived in Nepal and we looked forward to indulging in all types of food available in Thamel, the main tourist area of Kathmandu.

We had heard that it had the most varied menu in Asia, and we sampled it all from Pizza and Pasta to Mexican and Thai.   Coming from Canada, we are used to having variety and choice in our diets.  We are a multicultural country and we seem to eat food from a different nationality almost every night.

Inside the eatery OR2K in Kathmandu Nepal

Patrons eat in OR2K, Kathmandu, Nepal

This is not the case when we travel.

While Indian Food is good, we didn't love eating it every day.  Sri Lankan cuisine was a nice change, but after a month or so we had enough.  Whenever we travel, we love the food at first, but no matter how much we enjoy it, our pallets tire of the same taste. Needless to say, when we saw all the different restaurants and types of food in Kathmandu, we definitely indulged.

Here is a list of the best places we found to eat at in Kathmandu

1. Road House Café

Where to eat in Kathmandu, Roadhouse Cafe

Roadhouse Cafe, Our Number 1 place to eat in Kathmandu

The Roadhouse Cafe was the first place that we ate in Kathmandu. Located just down the street from the Kathmandu Guest House on JP School, it has an relaxed atmosphere.

Serving Italian Illy Coffee and fresh Woodoven Pizza with olive oil and hot chilies on the side it has the best pizza in Nepal. It serves pastas and fresh bruscheta as well as delicious deserts.

A quiet courtyard in the back of the restaurant gives a relaxing escape from the chaos of Kathmandu.  The Roadhouse Cafe is definitely tops on our list of places to eat in Kathmandu.

2. OR2K

OR2K was the last place that we found to dine out in Kathmandu.

OR2K restaurant sign in Kathmandu

The sign for OR2K in Thamel Kathmandu

Located down a side street just off Tridevi Marg, West of the Main Thamel Cowk this place is outstanding.  Like many restaurants in Kathmandu, OR2K has free Wifi, but it also has atmosphere.

It's Middle Eastern Cuisine is delicious and plentiful with excellent hummus and falafels.  Relax on their comfortable floor cushions as you enjoy a healthy juice or fresh mint lemonade while munching on a delicious vegetarian snack.

3. The Northfield Café

This place is packed every night and after eating there we could understand why.

American, Continental, Mexican and Indian food in Kathmandu

The Northfield Cafe Restaurant in Kathmandu, Nepal

The Northfield Café's Chimichangas and enchiladas were delicious.  We suggest getting the bean and grilled chicken mix when ordering your burrito or any wrap.  The plates are filling and the service friendly.

We enjoyed a skype conversation home while waiting for our meal using the free wifi and listened to the band playing in the background off to the side of the restaurant. A pleasant dining experience all around.

4. New Orleans

It took us a while to finally make our way to New Orleans and after eating there we wondered, why did we wait so long?

Best Eats in Kathmandu, New Orleans Restaurant

New Orleans has a variety of food to eat in Kathmandu, Nepal

Located almost directly opposite of the Kathmandu Guest House, New Orleans 0ffers a wide variety of food.  We enjoyed the Jambalaya and an ice cold beer in a chilled glass!

Don't forget to try their apple pie. They have fresh baked goods on display at the cash.

5. La Dolce Vita

For a celebratory night after returning from your climb,or for a romantic meal with your spouse, La Dolce Vita was so nice, we ate there twice!

Italian eatery Kathmandu Nepal

The sign for la Dolce Vita Restaurant in Kathmandu

The gnocchi and cannelloni were tops for us and we even splurged on a fine bottle of wine. Dine in peace and quiet in this second story eatery with linen table cloths and fresh brea, then retire to a comfortable sofa by the window to enjoy your espresso.

Espresso Bar in Kathmandu at an Italian Restaurant

La Dolce Vita eatery has an Espresso Bar as well

This Italian eatery was the closest that we found to authentic Italian cuisine.

6. Food Bazaar

Everyone in your party feel like eating something different this evening? If you can't agree on the type of food you all want, try the food court.

A lot of choice to eat at the Food Court in Kathmandu

Food Court offers fast food, Thamel Kathmandu

This place is smartly decorated with sofas and padded chairs surrounding large coffee tables. If that's not your style, you can eat at tables too.  With a selection of India, Italian, Chinese and Lebonese food, you will be sure to find something to please everybody's pallet.

There are even balconies for outdoor eating and the wait staff takes care of your every need.  This food court serves alcohol and provides free wifi.

Bonus Tip: Visit the Espresso Bar

The bonus is after your meal, head over to the Espresso Bar in a separate section for a cappuccino and desert.

7. Coffee To Go

In a hurry and not looking to spend a lot of money on your meal? Coffee to Go's corner café has the best wraps and falafels in town.

Fast food eating in Kathmandu at Coffee to Go

For a quick eat in Thamel, Kathmandu, Coffee to Go

The vegetarian or chicken wraps are giant and filling.  Located right in the heart of Tamel on the main street leading from Thamel Chowk to the Kathmandu Guest House, you can't miss Coffee to Go because there will always be a crowd of people feasting on its delicious wraps.

The coffee is fresh and delicious and it is one of the most reasonable places to eat in the Thamel area of Kathmandu.

Note: OR2K is located right beside Coffee to Go.

8. Café Kaldi

We noticed this cafe when shopping at the Sherpa Store on Tredevi Marg, west of Thamel Chowk.

Where to eat in Kathmandu, Cafe kaldi

The sign for Cafe Kaldi, an eating place in Kathmandu


As we shopped for trekking clothes on the second floor, we saw a wall of people working on their lap tops in a trendy looking café.  We tried it the next day and enjoyed a delicious breakfast and cappuccino.

The breakfast consisted of two eggs, fresh fruit, toast and roasted vegetables.  The presentation at this café is stylish and the service is prompt.  It is an excellent place to hang out free from the heat, pollution and noise while enjoying healthy and tasty food.

Cafe kaldi is located on the same side street as OR2K and Coffee to Go. Look for the outdoor shopping centre and cobblestone street. There is a Bikram (Hot) Yoga Centre located on the second story of the plaza.

The Final Word on Food

We sampled some other places to eat in Kathmandu. It was our home base before and after trekking to Everest Base Camp and Mountain Biking and Hiking in Pokhara after all, so we returned many times.

where to eat in kathmandu

Still hangin' in Kathmandu!

Other Eats in Kathmandu

 K-Too Steak house is highly recommended in the Guide Books, but we were disappointed in eating there.

Nameless Cafe – We found an excellent Mexican Restaurant that served wickedly fresh Mojito's just down the street from K-Too Steak House, but we can't remember the name. It is on the second story of the main street west of Thamel Chowk. The Chips and Salsa were outstanding.

We Skipped the Nepalese Food in Kathmandu – I know many of you will be wondering where the traditional meals are. Why didn't we eat at any Nepalese Restaurants?  Well, on the mountain you can eat all the Nepali Food that you want and if you go into any guest house in Kathmandu, you can order all the Nepal and Indian food you want.

Our favourite guest house to eat at was Pilgrims Guest house north of Thamel Chowk. It had a wonderful quiet outdoor patio, free wifi and delicious eats.

For us, when it came to choosing restaurants in Kathmandu, there was nothing we craved more than scarfing down some pasta and pizza after a long trek though the Everest Region.

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