The Himalayan Yaks; A Photo Story

No day on our Mount Everest Base Camp Adventure would have been complete without having to spend at least 2 or 3 times dodging the infamous Yak trains that ply the trails through the Himalayas.

The Himalayan Yaks; A Photo Story

My last photo story, The Sherpas of Mt Everest, looked at the human heroes this week we pay tribute to our woolly friends who carry supplies to all of the small towns that dot the landscape of this great mountain range.

Without these guys, those summiting would have no supplies and those people trekking would probably have a hard time eating.

Photo Journey of Himalayan Yaks

yak train on ECBC trail in Nepal

Yaks bring supplies up to Tengboche

yaks walk in Himalayan valley in Nepal

Himalayas tower over a yak train

lone yak walking in Himalayas

But sometimes it can be a lonely walk as well.

yaks at high altitude

High altitudes don't affect these guys!

yaks walking to everest base camp

In fact the Himalayan Yak can only survive above 3000m.

The Yak herders walk faithfully along with their team.

The Yak headers walk faithfully along with their team.

himalayan yak in nepal

Guiding them every step of the way.

wooly yaks in mount everest region nepal

So let's hear it for the unsung hero of the Himalayas. The Yak!!

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