Everest, Top of the World

We decided that Everest Base Camp was just too easy, so prepare yourself…

This might shock you!

A view from the top of the World!

A view from the top of the World!

I know that we just started telling you about our trek to Mount Everest, but we couldn't contain ourselves, we are just too excited to share the news with you.

Our Sherpa decided that we were so strong, we could continue past the Kumbhu Ice Fall and go to camp II.


Approaching the South Col!

What all of you don't know is that Dave and I have been in Nepal for quite awhile and have had ample time to acclimatize to the extreme altitude.

So instead of wasting weeks of posts to tell you the news, we are just going to skip to the end.

We summited Mount Everest!!!!

Enjoy this photo of Dave standing proud, it took a lot to take with the lack of Oxygen and all.

We made it! Dave at the Summit of Mount Everest!

We made it! Dave at the Summit of Mount Everest!

April Fools!!!!

What? Did you really think we were that great?

Happy April Fools Day everyone! May your day be filled with laughter and pranks.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the real story about our climb to Everest Base Camp. We are only at day two and have barely scratched the surface.

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