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One thing about The United States of America is one of the most diverse countries in the world.

With a multicultural society and a diverse landscape, you'll have a different experience in each of the 50 States.


to the far North in Alaska to Southern California and Hawaii, I don't think there is any country on the planet with as many climates. The United States is our neighbour to the South and I have to admit, I'm jealous of their landscape.

They have their choice of visiting The Rocky Mountains and the arctic circle but also have tropical destination complete with palm trees and jungles.

There is so much to do there, it's no wonder that it's the most visited country in the world. This United States travel guide will help you plan your next vacation.


United States Travel Guide

United States Travel Guide: Fast Facts

  • Currency – 1 USD = .75 Euro
  • ATMs are everywhere and you can make Interac payments at most establishments
  • Electricity – 110 Volts AC
  • Pre paid Sim Cards are available in the USA you can also buy a T-Mobile personal Mifi that will give you Internet access anywhere up to 5 devices.

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No United States Travel Guide would be complete without mentioning Alaska.

From Whale Watching, zipping through the bay while driving your own zodiac and spying bald eagles in Ketchican, to flying over Mount McKinley and visiting the incredible Denali National Park, there is so much more to Alaska than snow and ice.

Although glaciers are the star attraction. You can sail through the magnificent glacier bay or witness the awe-inspiring Juneau Ice Fields. Nothing beats flying over glaciers in a Helicopter though, but taking a hike back to catch a train to skagway is a thrill you'll never forget. If you do find yourself in the last frontier, make like a cowboy and go on a trail ride  near Mount McKinley.

You may know of seeing Alaska by Cruise, but going inland to explore is unforgettable.


America is lucky, it has a tropical destination in it's own backyard. If an American wanted to retire in warmth, they can fly to Hawaii and set up shop.

Although, I believe it's one expensive place to live.

We only visited Hawaii for the first time last year and we had the opportunity to travel to Lanai and Maui.

These are two very contrasting islands that are only a short ferry ride away from each other. W

e loved the choices of accommodation in Maui, the adventures in Maui, it's got everything you need. but it's still very laid back and has that island vibe. From paddle boarding, kitesurfing and even going out on an Outrigger Canoe, we did everything Maui including a Luau.

Lanai was a different story. An island with a small population of only about 300,000 people this is a place where Hawaiians come to relax. Being Dave and Deb though, we did anything but relaxed.

We went skeet shooting, snorkelling, hiking and four wheeling during our time in Lanai.

We even visited a wonderful cat sanctuary helping feral cats on the island but stayed in the lap of luxury at the gorgeous Four Seasons Resorts. Yes, there are two of them!

West Coast

The West Coast is where dreams are made. Los Angeles California is everything you want it to be, but take a road trip up the coast and explore the beautiful national parks, gorgeous canyons and historical routes like Route 66,  Las Vegas Nevada sits in the middle of the desert and it's a welcome oasis after surviving Death Valley.

It's the perfect place to load up the car, fill up on your favourite snacks and take a great American Road Trip.


When putting together this United States Travel Guide we couldn't leave out the east coast. American is a huge country and we have so much more to explore.

We travelled the States a lot before starting this travel blog, and haven't had the opportunity to write about our childhood haunts of North and South Carolina, Tennessee or even Pensylvania, but it's been fun revisiting the US over the past couple of years and writing about New York, sending our writers to Asheville and Columbus and now we've had the opportunity to explore a bit of Wisconsin and our immediate neighbour Michigan.

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