Where to Stay in Los Angeles – 4 Hotels to Make You Feel Like a Star

Los Angeles, California. The City of Angels. 

Famed for being the ‘cultural hub’ of California, Los Angeles is the place where celebs go to mingle.

Where to Stay in Los Angeles – 4 Hotels to Make You Feel Like a Star

To be treated like a celebrity in L.A., you need to look beyond the ‘glitz and glamor’ that some of the larger hotels boast.

Instead, look towards some of the classier, boutique places. The city is full of them. You just need to know where to look. Here are my suggestions for where to stay in Los Angeles.

where to stay in Los Angeles

Where to Stay in Los Angeles

New to Los Angeles? Here is where to Stay

PalihouseWest Hollywood

Located in the heart of West Hollywood, a stay at the Palihouse will put you a stone’s throw away from some of the most famous shopping streets in the world.

On your doorstep, you have easy access to Melrose Avenue, Robertson Boulevard and the world-famous Sunset Boulevard.

A bit further afield and you will be in the exclusive Beverly Hills.

where to stay in LA

Photo provided by Palihouse

Walk through the doors of the Palihouse and you will be greeted with urban sophistication.

West Hollywood is the interior design capital of the world and the look of the Palihouse exemplifies that.

This boutique hotel is built as an urban lodge.

A place where you can mingle with other guests and discuss the adventures you are having in one of the greatest cities in the world.

Kick back in the comfy sofas, soak in the beautiful art that surrounds you.

When the mood takes you, head up to the rooftop Cocktail Lounge and indulge in some of the finest specialty cocktails in LA. Dine on culinary delights in the hotel’s own fresco restaurant.

The Huntley, Santa Monica

where to stay in los angeles santa monica

When people think of beaches in LA, they think of Santa Monica.

This is an excellent choice when deciding on where to stay in Los Angeles.

Stretching for 3.5 miles, this soft, sandy beach is the epitome of relaxation.

Countless boutique stores and fashion icons line the beachfront, with the world-famous Santa Monica Pier offering a chance to unwind.

Shopping in Santa Monica is a surreal experience.

The streets are dotted with countless boutique stores, well-known outlets and unique art galleries offering stunning works from local LA residents.

The Huntley, located just two blocks away from the beach, offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding area.

where to stay in LA

Photos provided by Huntley

The decor of the hotel was envisaged by Thomas Schoos. The decor reflects the feel of Santa Monica perfectly. You will be able to enjoy a relaxed, but refined style. This is modern

Guests at The Huntley will be able to dine at The Penthouse.

This rooftop fine dining restaurant offers 360-degree views of Malibu Beach.

As you sink your teeth into some of the finest food in California, you will be treated to the Hollywood Sign, the Los Angeles skyline, the Malibu Mountains and the Pacific Ocean.

A short distance away from Santa Monica beach, Malibu, Beverly Hills and Hollywood.

Farmer’s Daughter Nearby LA Downtown

los angeles where to stay

Downtown Los Angeles went through somewhat of a renaissance at the turn of the 21st Century.
After suffering an economic downturn in the 70s, it has recovered nicely to become one of the more exclusive places to stay during a trip to Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Downtown is the perfect place to stay if you wish to be within arm’s reach of Staples Center.

Countless parks are just waiting to be discovered, providing you with a nice, relaxing break away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Quaint fashion boutiques line the streets of Los Angeles Downtown, with the Jewelry District regularly playing host to celebs from around the world.

The Farmer’s Daughter is an iconic boutique hotel found in the heart of the Fairfax District. In line with its surroundings, including the Los Angeles Farmers Market, the hotel offers a contemporary country-feel.

los angele accommodation

This hotel, just like the surrounding area, has gone through several iterations over the years.

The current hotel attempts to tell a story. This story, of a young country girl, plays heavily into the aesthetic appeal of the hotel.

The look of the hotel, receiving a facelift in early 2017, is very much art-driven. Beautiful, handcrafted pieces of art grace the walls. You can’t help but feel ‘pulled’ into the story of the hotel.

Guests at The Farmer’s Daughter hotel will be able to indulge in gourmet treats at the hotels restaurant Tart.

Carlyle Inn, Beverly Hills

where to stay in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills plays host to more celebrity homes than anywhere else in the world.

A stay in Beverly Hills will put you a stone’s throw from lavish spa treatments, exclusive designer stores, catch sight of celebrities are countless star-studded events and be treated like the king or queen that you are.

A stay in Beverly Hills is unforgettable and there is a reason people return to this place repeatedly.

The Carlyle Inn is billed as ‘Beverly Hills’ best kept secret’.

The experience is unlike any other hotel in the city. Walk through the door and you will be greeted by stunning Art Deco design.

The hotel oozes a sense of class, perfectly in line with what the rest of Beverley Hills brings to the table.

The hotel is very ‘hidden’ in the center of LA, providing a nice, quiet break for guests.

With ample space to move around, guests at The Carlyle Inn can relax the day away, soaking up the hot, Californian sun.

where to stay in la the carlyle

Photos provided by Carlyle Inn

In the evening, guests will be able to party with the celebs in Beverly Hills, with restaurants and bars to suit every taste and budget.

With entertainment options abound, The Carlyle Inn is sure to provide you with one of the most unforgettable stays of your life.

No matter where you end up staying during your first trip to Los Angeles, you can be positive that you will be treated like the star that you are. Whether you want to relax by the beach, mingle with the stars or feast upon gourmet food, you will find exactly what you need in LA.

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