Arizona Road Trip – The Ultimate 10 Day Itinerary

Written By: The Planet D

Expert road tripper Dean Williamson shares his awesome Arizona road trip itinerary including 10 awesome experiences to have in 10 days. This Arizona road trip itinerary sees you cover almost 1000 miles in ten days and gives you the ability to experience ten different themes showing why Arizona has something for everyone. From the Grand Canyon to Route 66, this guide takes you through some of America’s most iconic scenery.

The Ultimate Arizona Road Trip

In my opinion, driving is the best way to experience a new place. You can travel at your own pace, find hidden gems along the way, and change your plans easily as you travel. But how do you know where to go? It seems everywhere has at least one amazing thing to do or see, which makes the decision near impossible.

But what if there was an ultimate USA road trip that had so many different things to offer without having to drive thousands of miles, would you be interested?

arizona road trip planner map
Map for your own Arizona Trip Planner

Download or View part one map of your Arizona Road Trips

Start from Tucson

This trip in Arizona starts in Tucson. You can fly into Tucson directly from multiple destinations in the US and there are 1 stop flights from International cities.

  • Find a flight to Tucson on Skyscanner for great deals.
  • Click here to search all the car rental agencies and get the best price for your drive through Arizona!

Day 1 – Tombstone Arizona

Driving time Tucson to Tombstone: 1 hour 30 minutes

arizona day trips tombstone

After spending a day or two in Tucson, Arizona it is time to get the show on the road. From Tucson, head south to the most infamous town in the Wild West, Tombstone and the Wild West What do you get when you cross Universal Studios and a real town with an infamous past? The legendary Tombstone, Arizona.

Sure some of it has been modified for tourism but there are not many places you can walk in the footsteps of outlaws and famous lawmen, see where history was made, and maybe have a whisky at the same saloon frequented by Wyatt Earp and his cohorts.

Make sure to spend a few hours exploring here before making your way back to Tucson for a spectacular sunset in Saguaro National Park East. Read: The 17 Best Hikes in Arizona

Day 2 – Saguaro National Park to Phoenix

Driving Time Tucson to Phoenix: 1 hour and 40 minutes

road trip arizona saguaro desert cacti

Today you head to Phoenix but take the slow and scenic route through Saguaro National Park West and do some hiking among these incredible giants of the plant world.

Arizona has very unique plant life. Google Saguaro Cactus and you can’t help to be impressed by the weird shapes they grow and the amazing silhouettes they form in the foreground of sunset photos.

But that is nothing compared to standing in a forest of these giants, some growing to the height of a four or five-story building. To see a forest of these behemoths stretching out to the horizon is a highlight that can only be seen at Saguaro National Park.

Where to Stay in Phoenix

Phoenix is definitely a place to come back and visit again. If you have the time, spend a day or two here so you can explore some of the amazing places around Phoenix.

Day Trips from Phoenix

If you have some time to spend in Pheonix and have a longer time for your road trip, check out these top attractions (not including what is already in this Arizona trip) guide from Phoenix

  • Flagstaff – Route 66, Sinagua Cliff Dwellings, Walnut Canyon and Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument
  • Prescott – Visit and explore the history of Arizona’s original capital and it’s Victorian-era buildings.
  • Petrified Forest National Park – The Petrified Forest National Park is a must visit with highlights including Painted Desert and Rainbow forest and it’s a place where you can see fossilized trees and animals from prehistoric times.
  • Slide Rock State Park – Take a Dip in the natural smooth rocks used as waterslides at this swimming hole.

Day 3 – Phoenix to Sedona

Driving Time Phoenix to Sedona: 1 hour and 57 mnutes

best places in arizona to visit
Photo by The Planet D

From Pheonix, we head to the beautiful and cosmically spiritual city of Sedona for some Native history. Read more: 20 Best Things to do in Sedona, Arizona

Don’t just head up the Interstate directly to Sedona, or you will miss another great highlight along the way in Montezuma Castle National Monument. Read more at Phoenix to Sedona Drive

Spend some time here learning of Native American History. This National Monument is dedicated to preserving Native American culture and is an awesome stop on your trip through Arizona.

Just a short distance up the road are two incredible reminders of the vision and engineering capabilities of Native Americans dating back more than 500 years. Montezuma Castle and Montezuma Well

Montezuma Castle National Monument

road trips arizona montezuma castle national monument

Montezuma Castle is a wonderful example of ancient cliff dwellings. Thre are 20 rooms sitting high on a ledge.

Montezuma Well is a smaller cliff dwelling but built beneath the lip of a massive sinkhole that is fed from underground springs.

Moving on towards Sedona, you will find a small town called Camp Verde which is home to a fort used during the Indian Wars. There are plenty of things to do here and you can check them all out with our article 20 Best Things to do in Sedona, Arizona.

Camp Verde gives a glimpse of life into the soldiers of the frontier in the 1870s. There are lots of outdoor activities like cycling, kayaking, and hiking and there is the Cliff Castle Casino to try your luck.

Suggested Hotels in Sedona

Day 4 – Spiritual Arizona

Sightseeing Around Sedona

road trip to arizona must include Sedona

Day 4 of your Arizona road trips is a day to take in the scenery and relax in the vortexes of Sedona. Head to the Information Center for some great driving maps and advice, and finish the day watching the sunset at Airport Mesa.

The Central Arizona town of Sedona has two claims to fame.

The Red Rocks not only provide a magnificent backdrop to the town but have been featured in movies for as long as the film industry has ventured outdoors,

Sedona is a place of great spirituality – Reputed to be one of the World’s hotspots for natural energies with its many vortexes, expect to find plenty of modern-day hippies around town.

Overnight Sedona

Suggested Hotels in Sedona

Day 5 – Route 66 and Meteor Crater to Holbrook

Driving Time: 2 Hours

route 66 arizona road trip

Three of our highlighted experiences of this Arizona road trip are covered today as we finally hit the Mother Road for the first time. Route 66 is the quintessentially American journey and we take advantage of some of the best stops.

Ask anyone who loves where is the ultimate drive. and the most common answer will undoubtedly be Route 66, that’s why it’s called the Mother Road. The World’s most famous Road Trip Road

While much of the road and the associated businesses have fallen due to modern society’s need for speed, there are still places to relive the glory days.

Take your time driving this route to enjoy a bit of nostalgia from America’s heyday. Stops include Flagstaff, and Williams town where you’ll see memorabilia from 1926 when America was migrating West.

Meteor Crater

road trips in arizona | meteor crater
It’s worth the drive to Arizona to see the crater

Meteor Crater is a must-stop along Route 66 to see the mind-blowing result of the earth being struck by something from space. While New Mexico is famous for reported alien crash sites and autopsies, Arizona’s connection to outer space is far more obvious.

If you want to know what happens when a big chunk of space rock actually makes contact with the earth then Meteor Crater is for you. It will make you hope none of these massive rocks flying around space ever come for a visit.

Overnight on Route 66

Explore Arizona | wigwam hotel

We then end the day eating in a traditional Route 66 diner and sleeping in an original Route 66 Motel.

In Holbrook, you can not only eat at one of the original diners but spend a night at the famous Wigwam Motel, or one of the many other Route 66 Motels for a little more comfort.

Day 6 – Winslow to Monument Valley

Total Driving Distance: 3 hours 50 minutes

old town of winslow arizona on route 66

Day 6 on our Arizona Road trip is one of the bigger driving days but wait until you see where it ends.

Arizona lives in Pop Culture Folklore and nothing is more so than Winslow Arizona. I suppose it’s what pop culture is all about, making something ordinary become famous, a bit like the Kardashians!

And Arizona is home to a prime example of how something incredibly ordinary has become something of a tourist Mecca, a little town called Winslow. The spot made famous by the Eagles and we go “standing on the corner in Winslow, Arizona.”

Little did they know that when the Eagles sang about standing on a particular corner in this sleeping little place that it would put it on the world map.

After exploring the town, it is time to move on to the beautiful American scenery of the old west.

Monument Valley

airzona road trip attractions monument valley
The beauty of Monument Valley

Remember John Wayne? If you are old enough to be road-tripping you should be old enough to remember him and some of the Classic Western movies he starred in. The most iconic place featured in those John Wayne western movies is Monument Valley. It is one of the top Arizona road trip attractions.

Fans of old Hollywood Westerns, or Forrest Gump for that matter, will no doubt be excited to see Monument Valley up close. And for those of you not swayed by the Hollywood links, you will still be more than impressed once you get there.

Remember when Forrest Gump ran down the lone road with his long beard? What about when Chevy Chase was up to his high jinx in Vacation? These memorable scenes were shot in Monument Valley.

It can seem like you are driving around the World’s largest movie set here, and in a way, I suppose you are, but what a remarkable place to visit.

Where to Stay in Monument Valley

Tonight you’ll want to stay in Monument Valley. Make a reservation at the View Hotel in Monument Valley Tribal Park. It offers hotel rooms, cabins, and camping.

There’s also Goulding’s Lodge if the View Hotel is sold out.

Day 7 – Page and Lake Powell

Driving time from Monument Valley to Page: 2 hours and 10 minutes

explore arizona | lake powell

From Hollywood famous scenery to Instagram famous scenery today as we head to Page on Lake Powell. Have a look around the town and take in the stunning color contrasts between the water of the lake and the red and white rocks around it.

Lake Powell is a man-made lake that stretches 299 kilometers (186 miles). There are plenty of things to keep you occupied for a day here.

Being a road trip through Arizona, you can also check out all the incredible rock formations and sights around Page including, Waterholes Canyon, Rainbow Bridge National Monument, Tower Butte, and Vermillion Cliffs National Monument. Seek these out, you won’t be disappointed.

Suggested Page Hotels Arizona

There are several hotel options in Page Arizona.

Day 8 – Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon

Driving Time: 20 Minutes

places to visit in arizona | Antelope Canyon

Today on our Arizona itinerary, it is all about the ‘Gram as we have time taking selfies, and amazing landscape photos for the less self-absorbed, at both Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon. If you’ve never heard of them do a Google or Instagram hashtag search and you will see why they are so popular. Arizona is Insta-famous!

The city of Page sits on the Southern end of Lake Powell, which is surrounded by stunning natural beauty.

But if you want to get some photos to fill your Instagram feed then there are two places outside town that you simply have to see, Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend.

While the soothing flow of the patterns in the rocks at Antelope Canyon can be somewhat hypnotic, you need to stay sharp at Horseshoe Bend and please don’t be one of the idiots risking their life getting too close to the edge for that “ultimate” selfie.

Overnight Page:

Day 9 – The Grand Canyon

Driving Time Page to the Grand Canyon: 2 hours and 21 minutes

arizona trip grand canyon national park sunrise

Time to make our way to the final highlight of this epic Arizona road trip, the iconic Grand Canyon. Today you’ll be exploring the north rim of the Grand Canyon.

For many people, the Grand Canyon sits high on their travel bucket list, while others like me think of it as little more than a huge crack in the ground. But once you are standing on the edge you can’t help but be blown away by the beauty and the sheer magnitude Find a quiet spot and stay for the sunset.

final stop on the road trip - the Grand Canyon
photo from The Planet D’s first Grand Canyon Road trip

I can assure you that when you are standing on the edge of the Canyon looking at it spread as far as the eye can see, your low expectations will have been massively exceeded. The Grand Canyon deserves its spot among the great natural wonders of the World.

If you have time, spend a day or two here on your Arizona Road Trip. You can do canyon hikes, whitewater rafting tours, horseback riding, or helicopter scenic flights.

The north rim of the Grand Canyon is less visited and wilder and the south rim has more touristy things to do and see. If you can spend a day exploring both the north and south rim of the Grand Canyon.

There are hotel options within Grand Canyon National Park and you can check them out on TripAdvisor or read our full post Where to Stay At The Grand Canyon: Best Hotels And Areas For Every Budget

Day 10 – The End-Only Open Road Ahead

grand canyon national park arizona
Photo by Dave Bouskill

All good things come to an end but not before getting one final look at the wonder of the Grand Canyon. Make the effort to be there for sunrise and the hour or so after that for some amazing photo opportunities.

Options for a road trip back to Tucson, Arizona.

If you are driving back to Tucson, you have 5-hours ahead. You’ll pass through Flagstaff, Pheonix and you can even make a detour to the old town Scottsdale. Scottsdale is a great place to spend the night if you have more time on your hands.

Today, you may also want to spend the day exploring more of the south rim of the Grand Canyon before moving on. The beauty of a road trip is that you can choose where to go next!

Things to do at the Grand Canyon

  • Grand Canyon Village – It’s the popular entrance to the Grand Canyon which takes you to Yavapai Point. It offers the best views of the Grand Canyon.
  • Overnight hike and camping on the Bright Angel Trail. For something unique hire a mule for this tral to the river. And camp overnight.
  • Explore all the Grand Canyon Viewpoints of the Rim Trail
  • Grand Canyon Skywalk – Jutting 70 feet out from the canyon walls, visitors can walk on glass for 4000 feet above the Grand Canyon.
  • Colorado River Rafting – You can book half or full-day rafting tours.
  • Read more: Things to do at the Grand Canyon

There are so many things to do at the Grand Canyon, you could spend a week here. This incredible river canyon sees the Colorado River cutting through the Colorado Plateau we will end the trip here letting you decide how long you want to stay.

Then all that is left is to make your way home and start planning your next USA Road Trip As if that’s not enough to make any road trip fan start Googling these places and looking at flight options!

But in all honesty, this is a good start as to why you should be heading out on an Arizona road trip, but there is plenty more to easily double the length of this trip and never be bored or need to cross any borders.

As mentioned at the start, every part of the USA has great road trip options but for a variety of experiences, Arizona is the winner.

Tips for the Ultimate Arizona Road Trip

visiting Arizona route 66 on GPS
  • Travel Insurance – It’s a toss-up whether or not to buy car insurance. As most car rentals are covered under your personal car insurance. We always do because we prefer not to have the hassle of either having to pay or go through our own insurance should we have a fender bender or even a broken windshield.
  • Emergency Road Kit – Check for an emergency road kit in the car, if not, get one at the local Walmart before you drive off into the desert or mountains.
  • National Parks Pass – Make sure you buy your National Parks Pass, you’ll be passing through some amazing parks. A pass lets you enter all national parks without worry.
  • Extra Water – Whenever we take a road trip, we always make sure to have plenty of extra water. In Arizona, this is a must as it can get very hot.
  • Paper Maps – In today’s world, people use Google Maps to get around but be sure to have a hard copy map and know how to use it. Have a map for a backup. We found phone signals to be very spotty and non-existent in many places.

Road Trip Pro Tip

Always Fill up at half a tank – When doing a road trip, we try to never let the tank go below half a tank. If you see a gas station, fill up. It’s better to have a full tank and go through the annoyance of stopping than running out of gas.

Make sure to put together your ultimate road trip playlist!

Best Time of Year for an Arizona Road Trip

desert view | arizona road trip attractions arizona

There is really no bad time to take a road trip in Arizona. We love driving rain, shine or snow.

  • Summer (June/July/August) is the high season and with the high season comes more tourists and higher prices.
  • Like many places, shoulder season (spring and fall) is a good time as the weather is still pleasant but crowds are less and prices are lower.
  • Winter is good for Arizona as the weather is pleasant year-round.

Many northerners winter in Arizona.  It can get quite cold at night though, so pack for winter conditions and dress in layers. It’s a good idea to keep a blanket in your car if you are taking a road trip in Arizona in the winter.

What to Pack for an Arizona Road Trip

  • Don’t forget your hiking boots! You’ll have the opportunity to explore some of America’s most beautiful landscapes!
  • Pack layers – Arizona is a desert climate. It may be hot during the day, but it cools down at night.
  • Breathable lightweight clothing – instead of sunscreen, we like to wear long-sleeve microlight shirts. It keeps us cool while blocking the sun.
  • Reusable Water bottle – Bottled water is plentiful in the US, but why waste the plastic? Tap water is drinkable and you can just fill up whenever you need to. Bring a few, and keep them full.
  • Soft cooler – We like having snacks and drinks cold, so a collapsible cooler is easy to transport and keeps your snacks fresh.
  • Steripen – You can drink the water in Arizona, but We like to carry a Steripen to purify water from streams and rivers if we are hiking. That way you can fill your water bottle without the worry of parasites.
  • Hat – A sun hat is a must when hiking in hot weather.
  • Headlamp – It’s always good to have a flashlight with you. We prefer headlamps because they are hands-free. A good one has an excellent beam too.
  • Blanket – In case something happens at night, it’s good to have a warm blanket in the car. Plus, a blanket is great for pulling over and having a picnic!
  • USB Car Charger – Most cars have USB outlets, but we like to have an extra to keep our electronics and phones charged. The dual outlet lets us charge both phones and a camera.
  • Toilet paper – Yep, on a road trip, we are often ducking behind a tree. (but make sure to either bury it with a trowel or carry it out (in a garbage bag of course.
  • Camera Gear – Don’t forget your camera! You don’t want to miss a moment of this trip!

Did you enjoy these Arizona Road Trip Ideas? Save to Pinterest to help plan your own trip to Arizona.

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