Zipline Jamaica – What an Adventure Mon

It seems that you can't go to the Caribbean without taking part in a zip line tour and Jamaica is no exception.  As part of our soft adventure tour of the island, we spent a morning hanging from the tree tops doing a Zipline Jamaica adventure with Chukka Caribbean.

Zipline Jamaica


Even though we have done a lot of ziplines over this past year, we do still enjoy playing Tarzan as we swing over the jungle canopy, and we'll take any opportunity we can to take part in a zip line.

“If you've never done a zipline, you should!”

We started off at an old plantation house while we waited for another tour to join us. We were a little concerned at the beginning of this adventure as there were 10 in our group and another 4 came along to join us but our worries were put to rest as we were entertained by our skilled guides who require 200 hours of training before they are even allowed to lead a trip.


It's the people that make the experience in every adventure and the guides at Chukka Tours certainly made it an enjoyable day.

If you have never done a zip line before, Jamaica is the place to do it. It's a great introduction to adventure travel. A zip line give you a thrill in a controlled and safe environment. Some zip lines are more extreme than others and this one at Chukka Tours in Jamaica is one of the mellower rides over the jungle that we've been on.

That doesn't mean that Zipline Jamaica wasn't just as much fun!


The tour started with a short walk to the first platform. We hiked up a set of wooden stairs to take us high into a giant tree where our first zip line awaited us. For safety sake we were hooked into safety lines the entire tour, even while standing on the stairs. At times we were so high in the air that one slip could be dangerous. However, Chukka Caribbean takes great care in keeping everyone safe.


Once we finished our first zip line, we leapt from treetop to treetop. For a total of 5 flights over the rainforest. The highlight was one of the longer routes where we zipped right through an opening of a tree. We had to make sure our legs were tucked up so that they wouldn't hit the branches. It was a beautiful sight seeing the moss hanging off the old growth tree and witnessing the dense vegetations from above.

To see the beauty that we witnessed and feel the fun that we had, check out our Zipline Jamaica video.

I didn't know that Jamaica had such rich jungle.

The tour was a total of two hours and normally it's offered as a package with river tubing after the zip line. The plantation is a picturesque setting on 2000 acres and worth spending the day. There's a shop filled with Jamaican hand crafts and its famous rum, a place to eat lunch and the river is devine.


Our last ride took us right over the river and it was beckoning us to jump in. Alas, we had to move on. There were more adventures to be had and the day was just beginning!

For more zipline Jamaica information Visit Chukka Caribbean Adventures
Zipline Jamaica tours start at $90

This trip was part of the #VisitJamaica campaign.

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