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Stop for a Whee! Zipline Fiji

The Zip Fiji sign says it all as we make our final turn from the main highway to the jungle canopy of the Pacific Coast.  Fiji’s adventure capital, this portion of the main island will not disappoint.

Zipline Fiji fun



Situated 2 1/2 hours from Nadi, the pacific coast is where you will find all the adrenaline you need, from shark diving to white water rafting and sailing to zip lining.

Our adventure today was with Zip Fiji. The only canopy zip line in the South Pacific, Zip Fiji’s ziplines were developed with the same technology as the lines that we have all heard so much about in Costa Rica.

See the experience: Enjoy our Video of Zipline Fiji

A canopy tour has been high on our bucket list for years and we finally had the chance to take part in a real tree top adventure when Tourism Fiji invited us to take part in their first ever Fiji Me Bloggers trip.

The twenty minute drive from the Pearl Pacific Fiji was pleasant as we chatted with our driver aobut life on the island. We cannot reiterate enough how genuinely friendly everyone in Fiji has been.

Rosa and Mike greeted us upon our arrival and after a quick stop to get our harnesses, helmets and gloves, we went for an uphill walk to start whizzing our way down through various lines of speed and distance.

zip fiji tourist and guides

Rosa and Mike

How does a Zipline in Fiji stack up to others?

We have done a few ziplines in our day, but this was the first where we used this particular hand break technique.  We had total control and could dictate how slow or fast we wanted to go.  All we had to do was push down on the cable with our gloved hand to stop or slow down or we could let it rip wide open by simply keeping our back hand lightly resting on the cable.  It worked like a charm.

You will be completely satisfied with the amount of time in the rainforest.

Rainforest Canopy from Zip Line in Fiji

Zip Fiji offers 8 ziplines over an impressive rainforest canopy with just enough length and speed to give you a thrill.

Because we have to use both hands to brake and hold on, Mike and Rosa took all our video footage and photography for us.  They don’t allow customers to photograph during the tour for safety reasons and we couldn’t have been happier.

Our zipline Guides in Fiji

These two were pros and captured every moment leaving us to sit back and enjoy the trip.   They set up shots, had us pose, told us to look back as we zipped away.  They are true professionals that clearly love every minute of their work.


Fun While Learning about nature

After our first zip line, we had a couple hundred meters to walk uphill to start the adventure   Mike stopped to tell us about the plants of the forest and we learned about their medicinal value, how to get water from the trees and that some millipedes can be quite toxic. After all the jungle walks we have been on, I am always fascinated by the many uses of plants and trees of the rain forest.

The earth provides us with everything that we need and if you know what you are doing, the jungle can be your supermarket and pharmacy all rolled into one.

The walk went by quickly as Mike kept us entertained and Rosa filmed it all for us. But, now that we were suitably high enough, it was time for the adventure to begin.

zip fiji canopy tour zip line

Dave Zipping with Zip Fiji

Eco Friendly Zip Line Adventure

We zipped from treetop to treetop and marveled at this feat of engineering.   Standing twenty meters in the air on a platform surrounding a sturdy tree, we realized that someone had to build this thrill ride in the sky.

It turns out that Mike was one of the construction workers and he told us that it took them 6 weeks to make.  They used ropes and harnesses to fasten the metal platforms to the trunks of the trees and they made sure to not disrupt any of the surrounding vegetation.

The zip lines were made in paths that were already clear and no trees were cut to make way for human bodies swinging from on end to the other.

platform from zip fiji canopy tour

Platform half way up the tree

Zip Fiji is definitely an eco-friendly adventure.

platform from zip fiji canopy tour

ropes and cables hold up the platforms

By this time next year, Zip Fiji will have 2 more runs to add to their 8 with the longest being 400 meters.  We chatted with the owner and director Daniel Metcalf afterwards and he told us that they are planning great things for Zip Fiji.  Soon they will have some of the longest and fastest zip lines in the world.  We can’t imagine it getting any better, because we found our and a half in the air to be a perfect day above the lush jungle canopy of Fiji.

Fast Facts of Zipline Fiji

  • Zip Fiji is the only canopy zipline in the south pacific
  • Guides require 200 hours of training
  • Safety is the number 1 Priority, clients are never not clipped into ropes and cables
  • Offers Zip Fiji's roundtrip transport costs per person are $60.00 FJD from Nadi, F$55.00 FJD from the Coral Coast, $25.00 FJD from Pacific Harbour and $35.00 FJD from Suva.
  • 130 Fijian = 71 CAD or 70 USD
  • 1 Fijian dollar   = .54 USD, .55 CAD, 54 AUD

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