4X4 Off Road Driving in Ireland – An Adrenaline Fueled Day Trip

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Have you ever been 4X4 off road driving before? Sure, we replied. We drove in the Mongol Rally and crossed deserts, mountains and rivers in our tiny Nissan Almera through 15,000 km of terrain. We can handle anything.

When our guide suggested we give 4X4 off road driving a try in Co. Kildare, Ireland, we thought it would be a nice little adventure. Little did we know that this was going to be an all-out 4X4 experience taking us over obstacles like climbing walls, slanted roads and teeter-totters.

Off Road Driving Ireland

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Check Out Our Video Of Our 4X4 Off Road Adventure

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for Weekly Travel Videos Located just 30 minutes outside of Dublin, this four wheelin’ adventure makes for the perfect day trip from the city. Enjoy these 10 Best Scenic Views of Ireland

off road driving ireland group

We met Dave, the owner of OffRoadDriving.IE in the parking lot of the beautiful Palmerston House Estate where we hopped into his roomy Land Rover to make our way out to the driving course.

I didn’t expect to be driving something so decadent. These Land Rovers can take anything thrown at them and we were about to put them to the test.

off road driving ireland vehicle

I decided to drive first and I am glad that I did. Had I watched what I had to do first, I may have chickened out for fear of rolling the Land Rover. We were driving over teeter-totters, up and down stairs and we even went sideways on a ramp.

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off road driving ireland hill

The hills were steep and muddy and our guide Dave talked us through every obstacle along the way. Looking for more offbeat things to do in Ireland: Kiss the Blarney Stone for the Gift of the Gab

off road driving ireland scary

Before we started he went through all the basics of 4X4 off road driving. From how to coast downhills: You must take both feet away from the gas, brakes and clutch and just coast, to kicking it into high speed to make it up the steep and slippery slopes.

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off road driving ireland trail

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off road driving ireland deb

He takes it slow and easy giving you time to feel comfortable behind the wheel. When we first drove off, we started with a nice and easy downhill slope just to ease us into the 4X4 course. Once you feel the power and safety of the Land Rover, you are ready for anything.


I took a few spins around the course that took us through rivers and mud holes before passing the wheel of to my Dave. He was itching to drive this thing.

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One of the highlights for him was driving full-tilt boogie into the camel bumps where he booked it so hard, water sprayed upright over the windshield. I thought I heard something crack, but our guide

Dave assured us that nothing can break these trucks. They are durable. Man, I wish we had this baby when we drove from England to Mongolia. We would have cruised right through those deep ruts in Kazakhstan.

ireland ditch

4X4 Off-Road Driving is popular for bachelor parties and stagettes, but I think anyone visiting Ireland should give it a try. It is located on a beautiful estate in the middle of the Irish countryside giving you a different perspective of Irish living compared to life in Dublin. It’s relaxing, it’s quiet and it’s a ton of fun.  Just 30 minutes from Dublin, it’s an easy drive too.

Afterward enjoy some tea at the main house before you head out to explore more of County Kildare.

off road driving ireland pin

For more information on 4X4 Off Road Driving in Ireland visit OffRoadDriving.IE

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  1. Okay… now I’m jealous. Loved the video of your off road drive. On more reason why Ireland stays on the ol’ bucket list.

    • Ireland is one of our favourite country’s to visit. Each time we go there, we find something new and awesome to do. This adventure was one of the tops!