Angkor Wat, Cambodia in Black and White


The ruins of Angkor Wat

It has been six years since we’ve been in South East Asia. We are back in Thailand and it feels as if nothing has changed.  We talk to other travelers and they tell us their stories of visiting Cambodia and Laos for the first time and we see the excitement in their eyes as they list off the places they have seen.  Angkor Wat was a place of distant wonder for us during our first trip to Sout East Asia in 2000.  People told us about these ruins in the jungle, but we never thought we would never get there.   It was 3 years later when we came back to this part of the world and truly explored the countries of the region that we made it to these fabled temples.

The ruins of Angkor Wat are expansive to say the least. Some people spend days exploring them, others weeks. The way the jungle overtook the buildings is one of the things that makes Angkor Wat visually spectacular.  In this photo you can see the roots of the jungle trees growing right through and around the temples.

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