Paragliding Over Queenstown New Zealand

The last time we went paragliding I opted out. We were in Peru and we took a walk down to the beach in Lima. We asked a group of guys that were paragliding on the beach how we can go about doing it ourselves. Their answer…You can go with us for $20 right now. Paragliding over Queenstown was a bit different.

Paragliding Over Queenstown New Zealand

Dave quickly said yes and within minutes he was in a harness and taking off. I needed a little bit more time to digest the situation and I wasn't even sure if these guys were a legit organization or just some dudes making some cash on their day off.

Luckily, I had a second chance to try Paragliding over Queenstown New Zealand during our Flying Kiwi Adventure.

Paragliding Queenstown with G-Force Paragliding, the only company allowed to soar over Queenstown, New Zealand, was an amazing and exhilarating experience!

Paragliding Queenstown, New Zealand

Paragliding Queenstown with G-Force

We caught the Skyline Gondola just a 5 minute walk from central Queenstown to the top of the mountain overlooking the city. G-Force Paragliding is the only Paragliding company allowed to soar over Queenstown from the top of the Gondola.

They are easy to find and with the cost of your ticket, your trip up the Gondola is free. Just going up the gondola is a great tip on it's own, so you get two adventures in one!

paragliding Queenstown Deb prepares

Deb prepares to go paragliding over Queenstown with G-Force

I met my guide Peter and felt instantly at ease. He is a friendly man from Switzerland who runs his own paragliding business there during the summer. He comes to New Zealand during the off season to take flight. It wasn't long before we were harnessed up and ready to go.

I was a little nervous about running and jumping off of the cliff, but the amazing thing about paragliding is that you don't do any free fall whatsoever. Once the wind catches the parachute you are already gaining altitude.

paragliding Queenstown Deb in the air

Deb enjoys floating over Queenstown

It was exhilarating.

We floated over the top of the mountain waving at tourists hanging out at the Skyline Restaurant terrace. We sailed close enough to yell out a hello. We then went on to whiz over the tops of trees and over the luge track below.

Great Winds

Today was a very good day. A Southerly wind was blowing through allowing us for perfect conditions to ride the airwaves.

We had a good 15 minute flight 2000 feet about Queenstown and could keep catching the waves to go back up to our starting point rather than dropping quickly to the ground. It gave us the chance to make several passes over the top of the mountain and lake.

paragliding Queenstown New Zealand

Queenstown, New Zealand is THE place for extreme adventures, like paragliding

The scenery was spectacular on this sunny day with the Remarkables mountain range standing proudly over the town and lake Wakatipu. It beautiful to look at but soon I was ready for some more thrills. That was when Peter asked me if I felt like doing some maneuvers.  Well why not I said.

paragliding Queenstown view from above

Looking over Queenstown while paragliding

We started twirling around in the sky, but the coolest part came when we started swinging like a pendulum high above the parachute. I looked down to see the parachute below us and couldn't fathom how we weren't free falling towards it.

The G Force was keeping us in place as we swung from side to side, spiralled down and eventually landed on the soft grass of a rugby field below.

Tips for Paragliding New Zealand

  • Cost of Paragliding over Queenstown with G Force Paragliding is $199 NZD ($169 NZD for 9:00 am
  • Includes
  1. Photos (all the amazing photos above were taken by Peter)
  2. Flight
  3. Gondola ride with a return gondola ride after your paragliding experience.
  • Cost of the Gondola is $25 NZD (so that is a $25 dollar saving already
  • Video costs an extra $20
  • 1 NZD = .70 CAD
  • This trip was made possible by Flying Kiwi and courtesy of G-Force Paragliding.


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