New Zealand Adventure Tours for Thrill Seekers

There are so many things to do in New Zealand. There's the Maori Culture, Lord of the Rings Tours, stunning scenery and relaxing hot springs. But what always picture are the exciting New Zealand Adventure Tours.

new zealand adventure tours

Thrilling New Zealand Adventure Tours

If you want to fulfill your adrenaline quota for a lifetime, visit New Zealand! If you are planning your trip to New Zealand, make sure to add these activities into your budget. You won't regret it!

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The Top New Zealand Adventure Tours

1. Fly a Stunt Plane

This is probably the most unique thing I will ever do in my life! I actually took control of the joystick of a stunt plane and flew upside down and all around.

With U-Fly Extreme you will have the most magnificent thrill of a lifetime as you climb high in the sky, dive through the air and make a roller coaster ride hide its head in shame for being so lame.

It's the top adventure tour in New Zealand!

To read more about our Stunt Plane experience, check it out here.

2. Sky Dive Lake Taupo


Time to skydive!

Dave actually did his jump in Abel Tasman but the people at Skydive Abel Tasman weren't overly friendly and even though our skydive in Taupo was cancelled due to high winds, we wanted to give Sky Dive Taupo a shout out.

They picked us up in a limo and were so friendly and professional that we really regret not being able to jump.

What we love about them is that you can pick your own soundtrack to your video for your jump.

But, I know you're itching to see a skydive, check out this beautiful jump from Abel Tasman where you can see both the North and South Islands.

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The Taupo people just seemed to really care about their customers and make your skydiving experience a special one.

They were as bummed as we were that the weather didn't co-operate. Normally people can spend another day and do their jump the next morning, but we were on the tight schedule with The Flying Kiwi and had to move on.

But at least Dave had a good jump with Abel Tasman. He didn't dislike jumping with them, it's just that they didn't have the warm and friendly feeling of Taupo.

Abel Tasman felt more like an assembly line where Taupo felt like good friends. See Dave's jump here! 

3. Whitewater Raft Class 5 Rapids

This New Zealand Adventure tour is the tour to end all tours! If you want the ultimate white water rafting experience, get on this tour with Rangitata White Water Rafting.

new zealand adventure tours rafting

The ultimate water adventure

Facing freezing glacial waters and the ultimate class 5 rapids, you'll have bragging rights for years to come.

You'll gear up in your dry suits and woollies to keep the chill of the cold air and water away from your fragile skin, but nothing can protect you.

You're going to get wet and a quick splash of the face before heading into the rapids doesn't exactly do the trick to preparing you for the breathtaking waves you are about to face.

Don't worry though, you'll be swimming in the water soon and floating down your own smaller rapids while floating on your back as you take in the outstanding scenery.

For more White Water Rafting check out original post. 

4. Swim With Dolphins

It is a truly magical experience to have a dolphin come up to you by its own free will to swim through your legs and circle around you.

They see through you and seem to understand everything about you. Most people swim with the dolphins in Kaikoura, but to do it in the Bay of Islands is special.

There aren't as many dolphins in these bottlenose pods, but there aren't as many people as well.

Also, you don't have to wear a wetsuit which allows you to be more approachable by the dolphins. They can feel your connection more without the barrier of neopreane.

This is also a very eco-friendly tour. It doesn't intrude on the dolphins' way of life, they aren't chased and if they have a baby in the pod, you are not allowed in the water.

But when you are allowed, you get in and let nature do its work. If the Dolphins feel like it, they'll come to you. See our full post at our dolphin encounter

5. Paraglide Queenstown

If Bungy Jumping and skydiving are too much for you, there is an amazing activity that happens at the top of the Gondola in Queenstown.

new zealand adventure tours paragliding

Paragliding over the city

You can jump tandem with G-Force Paragliding and fly high in the sky overlooking the city, lake and mountains.

The flight takes about 15 minutes as you take in the most awe-inspiring views of a mountain range so remarkable, that it is called the Remarkables.

Make sure to let your guide know that you'd be into doing some maneuvers.

You'll be swinging nearly upside down and side to side feeling the g-force do its work. See our full experience here. 

Check out our New Zealand Travel Guide for more information on travel there. 

6. Bungy Jump

If you are up for it though, you have to try a bungy jump in New Zealand. It is where it was invented after all.

AJ Hackett is the grandfather of bungy (and yes, it's spelled bungy, not bungee – he patented the name!) and his jumps can be found everywhere.

The most famous is the Nevis Bungy jump, the third highest in the world and you will be shaking when you jump off of this one.

You have to take a little trolley out to a hanging platform in the middle of a gorge at 134 meters (400 feet) where they strap you in while pounding music plays to pump you up to take the dive. Not for the faint of heart.

Check out more on the jump experience here.

There are so many things to do in New Zealand that it is nearly impossible to get them all in during one trip, but we did our best.

From hiking the Tongariro Crossing to witness Glowworm Caves, to trekking on the Fox Glacier to Cruising to Milford Sound, New Zealand is the ultimate travel destination especially for the adventurous at heart!

For more information visit the Flying Kiwi for overland tours.It was nearly a year ago that we were in New Zealand with the Flying Kiwi and had the trip of a lifetime taking part in adventures around the North and South Island.

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