A Journey to Mount Everest Base Camp

Trekking to Mount Everest Base Camp was a dream come true for Dave and I. We've obsessed with everything Everest since reading Into Thin Air. We then read every book, and watched every documentary that we could on expeditions to the summit of the world's highest mountain. For a decade we talked about how “one day we'd like to see Everest.”

We never thought we'd have the opportunity to see it with our own eyes.  But we did. And now we want to share our journey to Mount Everest base camp in photos.

Be Transported to Mount Everest Base Camp 

base camp trek photos yaks

Mount Everest looms in the background

But, when we first started ThePlanetD, we booked a flight to India in 2009. We didn't know where that path would take us, but we were in the right part of the world and who knows, maybe our journey would take us to Nepal? Well, four months into our trip, we sold our first ad on the travel blog and had some cash to fly to Nepal where we booked our own expedition to Mount Everest Base Camp. It was everything we ever dreamed it could be and here are some long lost photos that Dave recently found on his hard drive.

base camp trek photos plane

Your Mount Everest base camp trek starts by flying to Lukla.

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everest river forest

The views start right out of the gate.

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base camp trek photos mountains

The Himalayas open up in front of you early on.

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base camp trek photos trekking

Heavy loads for the Porters in the Everest Region.

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porters base camp

Porters carry heavy loads up and down to Mount Everest Base camp.

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base camp trek photos journey

You pass endless Yak Trains carrying gear to Base Camp.

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valley river everest

Rivers cut through the valley floor on the Mount Everest Base Camp Trek.


everest porter bag

Everything is carried up to the towns in the Everest Region.

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base camp village

Looking over the major town of Namche Bazaar in the Everest Region.


base camp trek photos fog

Our first glimpse of Mount Everest

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base camp trek photos town

The Tengboche Monastery

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everest monks

Monks pray at the Tengboche Monastery in the Everest Region.

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base camp trail

Ama Dablam looms in the distance.

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base camp trek photos valley

Leaving Tengboche, the mountains unfold in front of you.


base camp trek photos temple

Stupas and prayer flags line the way to Mount Everest Base Camp.


Sherpas are the unsung heroes of Everest: See our Sherpa Photostory

everest house

Small stone houses of the resident Sherpas of the Everest Region.


base camp woman

The faces of the hardest working people in the Everest Region.


everest village

Snow starts to appear just above Dingboche on our Everest Base Camp Trek.


base camp trek photos backpacks

Packs just get bigger and bigger.

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base camp trek photos gear

Shrines to fallen Sherpas are littered along the route to Mount Everest Base Camp.


everest river

Walking along rivers on the way to Mount Everest Base Camp


base camp trek photos break

The Altitude starts to take its toll the closer we get to Everest Base Camp.

base camp trek photos field

The landscape changes the closer you get to Everest Base Camp.

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base camp trek photos local

But the loads don't get any lighter if you get higher.


base camp trek photos porters

Every day is like walking in a postcard.


everest porter

A sunny day on the way to Mount Everest Base Camp.


nepal everest

Approaching the Khumbu Ice Fall in the Everest Region


base camp trek photos camp

Expedition tents start to arrive at Gorak Shep near Mount Everest Base Camp.


base camp trek photos glacier

Hiking gets a little harder as we approach Everest Base Camp.


base camp snow

Looking back across the Khumbu Ice Fall.


everest mountain

Almost there!


base camp trek photos dave deb

We made it to Mount Everest Base Camp.

 For more information on trekking to Mount Everest Base Camp, visit our friend Deep at Simrik Real Nepal Trekking.

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