A Jewel of Petra: The Monastery

You loved our Petra By Night photographs, now Feast your Eyes on The Monastery!


The always impressive Monastery in Petra, Jordan

Some people have said that Petra has been saturated with articles and blog posts recently. We disagree. We can't get enough of this mesmerizing World Heritage Site and we don't think that you can either.  Dave has been working frantically putting together his “Petra by Day” photographs so that we can share the facts, figures and legends regarding this mysterious historic city.

You will have to wait a few more days for that post, but for now we give you a view of the Monastery. in today's Snapshot Sunday.

To us, The Monastery is the most impressive building of the entire complex. Reaching 50 metres into the air, it is also the largest in all of Petra. Dating back to the 1st century B.C.  it is worth the 45 minute hike to the top. Not only will you be treated to this majestic structure, you will also view magnificent panoramic views of the valleys and rocky landscape of the area of Wadi Araba.

Don't wast time upon your arrival. You will be tempted to wander around the ruins after witnessing the first and most famous building The Treasury. Instead, head directly to the Monastery right after the Treasury. You will want to get there early before the tour groups arrive. People will tell you to wait until later in the afternoon, but by then it will be too late.

The crowds will have already amassed and you won't have a chance to see anything in peace and quiet. Instead go to the Monastery before noon and you will be able to capture this treasure free and clear. Contrary to popular belief, we found the conditions to be perfect for photography.

If your lucky, you may spy a Bedouin relaxing by the rocks like we did above.

Once you have checked out the remarkable vistas and view points near the Monastery, you will be free and clear to enjoy the rest of Petra at your leisure for the rest of the day.

Check out our Petra By Night Photostory.

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