Saturday Reads, Highlights of Travel Stories Around the Web

As the weather grows colder it takes a little longer to get yourself up and running on a Saturday morning. When fall approaches, we like to sit indoors for a little bit longer and enjoy an extra cup of coffee. It’s our time to catch up on the news, read the paper, or more recently read our favourite blogs. We have been discovering some great new reads out there in the blog-o-sphere. There are fun posts, honest post, touching posts and informational posts.

Travel bloggers cover the whole spectrum of writing and here are a few highlights of some great reads that we came across this week.


Be inspired by Alex Hibbert as he crosses 350 Miles of Glaciers and Ice Caps in Greenland from Sea Level to 8000 Feet. It is a feet until itself, but he and his Wiki planned to do this in 8 days and 9 hours. If you are into extreme adventure or just in plain awe of these ultra athletes, check out more of the story and see how they fared taking on this incredible challenge at Life is All About Decisions.

Time Travel Turtle has a post talking about the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Human’s suffered greatly but the eco-system and wildlife are thriving. Mother Nature has a way of working itself out. It is human beings that seem to have the difficult time fitting in with the planet. Read more at Rising from the Waters.

This is quite the amazing video. As someone put in on Twitter, It is a stunning arial ballet. This video captures skydiving free falls in slow motion. It was a collaboration between top French and Australian Sky Divers to create a work of art in the skay. At 2 minutes, the video is twice the length of a typical free fall. Enjoy this video here. 

Have you eaten some strange food during your travels? We’re adventurous when we travel but when it comes to food, we mostly leave the crazier choices on the menu for someone else to eat. Kat of Travel with Kat is on the opposite end of the spectrum, she normally goes for the more exotic item on the menu and in A Slice of Lemon with your Barnacles, she highlights one of her more exotic dishes from Cape Verde.  

Have you tried something off the menu and have it not turn out to be a pleasant experience? We’d love to hear it.

We really enjoy Sherry Ott’s travel blog and how she comes up with unique concepts when talking about her travels. When this post showed up in my StumbleUpon shares, I just had to share it with all of you. Take a look at life around the world through the lens capturing laundry in Spin Cycle, Laundry Around the World.

Jerusalem is somewhere we know very little about. I can only imagine what a fascinating experience it would be to be there during the Muslim month of Ramdam and the start of the Sabbath. They share a photostory with commentary of their time in Isreal’s holiest city in Sabbath in City, Friday in Jerusalem.

I really enjoyed reading this travel narrative by Keith of Traveling Savage. You don’t read a lot of writing like this on the Internet and I felt like I was right there with him while he tasted spirits in Scotland.  Read about his experience at the Ardbeg distillery in Scotland in All Bark and All Bite: The Beasts of Ardbeg 

We enjoyed our first week with Travel and Escape Online and shared a story about visiting Mongolia called Magical Mongolia. We’ll be writing weekly for them and hope that you pop by to enjoy our articles. They have a bit of a different feel from what we write at ThePlanetD. It’s still all us we just write more of a destination piece in a broader voice. If you are wondering what Travel and Escape is all about, check out From the Editor, Welcome to Travel and Escape

Now, get yourself and extra cup of coffee and head over to these blogs to read more! 


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