We’ve received a lot of messages and emails regarding our session at Travel Bloggers Unite asking for more information or to share our presentation online. For those who didn’t make it out to Italy we thought that we would share some of our words of wisdom as to what has helped us make it through the good times and the bad of our travel blogging career.


It was when putting together our presentation for the intermediate session that we found a video that really resonated with our feelings on success. When Steve Jobs talks about passion and how hard it is every day to achieve success, we can see the emotion on his face as if his entire life of struggle and ultimately success just flashed before his eyes. Travel Blogging is hard and it takes a lot of work to be successful, but because we love it so much, we don’t care how much work we have to put into it each day or how long it will take us to reach our goals. We’ll stick with it through the good times and the bad because we love everything about it. We love exploring new destinations and meeting new people, we love being together, we love interacting on Twitter and Facebook and we love sharing our travels and knowledge on our website. If someone reads it, even better!


To achieve success, you have to find your passion. It took us many years to find our passion and at one point in our lives, we didn’t think we’d ever find it. We always said to each other – “I know we could be successful at something, if only we knew what we wanted to do!” We knew we had passion within ourselves. We had passion for each other and when we were younger we had a passion for life. But over time we lost that passion and work and bills and expectations of what we should have achieved by now got in the way. We let “the noise” keep us from finding our true purpose. But in the back of our minds, we never stopped searching. We never stopped trying new things or looking for ways to make life better and more exciting. When we finally found it, we were so motivated to make the most of it. We embraced this new found energy and excitement. It is a wonderful thing to know your purpose and I am so glad that we never stopped searching. We always knew something was missing, so we kept on looking for our passion and our reason to get up in the morning.


steve jobs quote

When we spoke to our peers at TBU, we wanted to give them the message that they can achieve anything. If they are passionate about writing or photography or social media or anything, they will be successful at whatever they choose to do. Because when you love something, you will keep working on it to make it a success. We have fears and frustrations and insecurities and questionable moments but when we sit down and think about where we want to be and what we want each day of our lives to be like, we wouldn’t change a thing.

Every day in life is hard.


We were all put on this earth with the knowledge that it will all end one day and that is a difficult thing to live with. I remember reading the Dalai Lama’s Art of Happiness and he said ‘happiness is a choice.’ You have to choose to be happy and it takes a lot of hard work each day to achieve happiness. (I am paraphrasing, but that is the message that I came away with) We feel the same way about success.

Success is different to everyone. For some it could be a mansion in Malibu, for other’s it could be raising a loving family. Other’s may want to give back and dedicate their lives to helping others and some may simply want lead a life of happiness and doing good while hopefully inspiring a few people along the way to take a chance and live their dreams. There is room for everyone and everyone’s version of success.

I don’t know what your goals are and where you want to be in life, but I do know that if you are passionate about something and couldn’t dream of living without that in your life, it is the thing that you should pursue.

Business With Pleasure


On a Blog Trip in Jamaica - Our Work is our Pleasure

I have heard many people say that one shouldn’t mix what they like to do with their careers. We disagree. I think of all the successful people I have read about – Michelangelo was obsessed with his art and called a workaholic. But what is a workaholic? Isn’t it just someone who is passionate about what they do? I am pretty sure that Donald Trump loves his work and that is why even though he has all the money in the world, he keeps on building skyscrapers and creating tv shows. Tom Cruise gets a kick out of traveling the world and performing his own stunts and The Rolling Stones will never stop performing because they love being on stage!

It is easy to work hard and put in the long hours and work through the frustrating moments when you love what you do. Sure, we have interests outside of travel blogging, but travel was our passion long before we began blogging. Now we have the joy of not only being able to do something we love every day, we get to make a living doing it.

Have you found your passion? Are you still searching? Do you refuse to give up until you find what you want out of life? You’re never too old to find your passion. Our advice, Keep Looking.

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    1. debndave Post author

      Well said Andi, we do have to remember passion does evolve. When we were younger, Dave wanted to be a drummer in a band and I wanted to be a singer like Whitney Houston. I’m so happy with the way our lives turned out. It was our passion to be musicians at one point and now we love travel and writing. Who would have thought?

  1. Globetrottergirls

    Great post, guys! Sometimes we take it for granted that we do what our biggest passion is: travel the world and blog about it! We don’t mind the long hours because we love what we do, and we hope we’ll keep going for a loooong time… our passion for travel will definitely not disappear :)

    1. debndave Post author

      You are so right. We always have to keep reminding ourselves how lucky we are. Sure, it is hard and work is hard but we get to do what we love every single day and when we keep it all in perspective, it is pretty easy to get up in the morning and live our lives to the fullest. I can’t believe that I am sitting here in Venice right now answering comments. I’ve always wanted to go to Venice, and now, here I am not only visiting, but making a living out of being here. It’s amazing.

  2. Kristen

    Great post friends. I couldn’t agree with you more. What’s the point of living if you aren’t spending each day loving what you are doing. I wrote a similar post a couple of weeks ago after a friend sent me the following quote:

    “Don’t ask what the world needs; ask what makes you come alive and then do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

    Let me know what you think: http://hopscotchtheglobe.com/2012/04/10/turn-your-dreams-into-reality-but-remember-to-enjoy-the-journey/

    1. debndave Post author

      Beautiful quote Kristen. It is wonderful to see that so many people are taking the initiative to live their dreams. It took us longer to figure it out than other people, but when we finally did, it felt great. I love being passionate about not only my hobbies and interests, but also, my career.

  3. Wandergirl

    Great post – very inspiring and encouraging! My passion would definitely be travel writing, but it’s so hard to know where to begin. It’s not one of those careers where there’s a degree and clear career trajectory. Just keep writing, I guess! :)

    1. debndave Post author

      Wandergirl, you are already 90% of the way there. I reference in my post that “We knew we’d be great at something, if only we knew what we wanted to do!” Knowing what you want is half the battle. You now just how to figure out how to make it work. And yes, keep writing, sending out queries, networking and you can even write for your fellow bloggers. We accept guest posts here and are happy to share and promote. Promotion is difficult, but you can do it. I don’t think a lot of careers have a clear trajectory anymore, that is why it is so important to do what you love. It makes the hard work less difficult. good luck!

    1. debndave Post author

      Well said Nancie. It is harder than it sounds to find your passion though. I really wanted to be passionate about something for years. I tried so hard and kept searching all the time. Yes, I was happy and my work was fun, but I wasn’t fulfilled. Something always felt missing. I didn’t know what it was like to have a true passion for what I did until I found travel blogging. So many of us reach a certain age and settle. We have too many bills, too many responsibilities and we decide that having a paycheck is better than being truly happy. I hope to inspire people to keep searching, because it is wonderful when you find it. I’m glad you found yours:)

  4. Ruth (Tanama Tales)

    This post reminds me of a quote: “It is fine to be happy with what we have but not with what we are”. I believe we have to be grateful of all the good things we have but there is always room to improve and keep searching for what we really want to do.

    1. debndave Post author

      Beautifully said Ruth. The one thing we are glad that we did was never settle. We constantly looked for our passion and we still are. We keep looking for what makes us happy. What did a year ago, may not next year and as life moves forward, we evolve and make changes with it. It is easy to fall into the same routine and the same patterns. It is a little bit more work to keep searching and striving for better. But life is way more exciting that way:)

  5. Jeremy Branham

    I’ve always heard that you figure out what you love and then find a way to get paid to do it. I’m still figuring out what I want to do next. I’ve had new opportunities come my way recently but have hesitated on them because it’s not my passion. I would enjoy the challenge but I really have to think about what I want for the future.

    Just more to contemplate but I think the real theme is found right in the title passion is the key to success.

    1. debndave Post author

      Wise words Jeremy. We always heard that saying as well but didn’t know what it truly meant. We said, how can we find what we love when we dont’ know what it is. We knew we liked rock climbing and travelling. We enjoyed cycling and camping and we’ve always been extroverts who love to share and support others, but how could we turn any of that into a meaningful career. And then we did! It wasn’t one thing that we were particularly great at, but we when we combined all of the above, we found that it made for a good life as adventurers and travel bloggers. It allowed us a venue to give advice, hopefully inspire, and do what we love. We were lucky that we never settled. It is easy to sit back and relax once we got a house and high paying job, but we both felt that something was missing so we kept looking.
      Sometimes it takes doing something different to find your passion. Maybe the opportunities that have come your way now, are stepping stones to finding what you really love. We always remained open to anything and gave it a try. Maybe that is the next step to you finding your next move?

  6. Erica

    Because I know travel blogging is a labor of love and passion. I wouldn’t have stuck to it if I truly didn’t love what I was doing. Great post!

    1. debndave Post author

      Well said Erica. It is easy to stick with something through the good and the bad when you love it. There will always be times when we have to struggle but when you love what you do, it’s easier to get through those times.

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