It’s All About Perspective: Looking Forward Instead of Looking Back

Written By: The Planet D

Travel is my passion. Of that I have no doubt. It has enlightened me, educated me, challenged me and rewarded me.

But most of all it has changed me. I have embraced that change over the past 10 years and have become a better person because of it.

How One Life Event can change your Perspective?

My life changed when I Broke my back in the Amazon.

It not only opened my eyes to how things can change in an instant but being laid up for 4 months also reminded me of what it is like to spend time in one place, connect with friends and develop a routine again.

The lessons I learned from that accident have helped me during our self-isolation during this pandemic.

paramedics picking up patient in peru

What Changed?

Back then, life was nice and comfortable, but there was always something nagging at the back of my mind.

Something was missing. It was this strange sensation of feeling complete yet incomplete at the same time.

Wanting routine but knowing that I thrive on chaos. I was being pulled in two different directions.


The things that bored me previously now gave me some sort of comfort.

It is a strange feeling…to be reigned in by normalcy. Something I have fought against all of my life.

“Always searching for something more” has been my modus operandi for as long as I can remember.

That has not changed. I still long to be challenged and search for the “different” in things. It just seems like focus has eluded me for the past couple of years.

I suppose it is a struggle that people face daily in their lives.

There is always some deep-rooted voice telling you the grass is greener on the other side.

But what if you have lived on both sides of the fence and sampled what both extremes offer. How do you choose?

For me, I thought the answer would be simple but it has taken a little while for me to figure out.

The answer for me is not to choose but to balance.

I remember reading once that finding balance between life and work is like surfing.

The metaphor works so well for me.

Choosing a path in life is like a surfer choosing a wave.

He has to be experienced enough to know what the right wave looks like because if he chooses the wrong wave he will then waste too much energy and possibly lose a much better opportunity.

Deb about to stand up. (Dave missed the photo)

Start paddling too soon in front of the wave and it crashes over you.

Paddle too late and you miss is. But if you react at just the right time then things will go naturally, for a great distance, seemingly without effort.

Timing Is Everything

Life is about the yearning to find the perfect wave.

  • Your passion and the willingness to paddle too early or too late.
  • Perseverance to gain the necessary experience
  • Proficiency that will lead you to that feeling of satisfaction when you ride your first perfect wave
  • Payoff And once you ride one you will continue to search for that wave again and again.

I realize now that for me true happiness does not lie in the actual reward but in the act of searching for that wave.

What Makes a Traveler?

travel as a couple
couples travel

I think that is what makes a traveler a traveler. We are in constant pursuit of more. Egged on by the insatiable need to experience and discover.

Perhaps this is why I have felt so conflicted.

Pulled in one direction by the basic human need to have close friends and a home base and pulled in the other by the yearning to explore and travel.

But when I step back and look at my life from the outside I see that it is not a struggle I have faced but the fusion of the yin and yang of my soul coming together.

It is easy for us all to lose sight of what is important in life and be blinded by the pressures that are forced upon us each day.

But if we look deeper I think that we can all see that we subconsciously surround ourselves with the things that are important but sometimes fail to recognize their existence.

When I look around me, I have the things that are important to me.

I have the best in family, (Deb and her family) the best in friends, and I get to pursue my passion.

couples travel

What I have come to realize is that I just need to continue to get back on that surfboard and seek out that perfect wave.

I know I can find comfort in the waves that crash over me and the ones that I miss but most of all, it is when I am searching that I am the happiest.

So, even as we sit here and dream of where we will go next, I know that travel will continue to change me but that change is now in my control.

The fears and doubts act like fuel for my passion and they keep the fire stoked within my heart.

After all, it is overcoming the fear of change that pushes us to live an extraordinary life.

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About The Planet D

Dave Bouskill and Debra Corbeil are the owners and founders of The Planet D. After traveling to 115 countries, on all 7 continents over the past 13 years they have become one of the foremost experts in travel. Being recognized as top travel bloggers and influencers by the likes of Forbes Magazine, the Society of American Travel Writers and USA Today has allowed them to become leaders in their field.

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30 thoughts on “It’s All About Perspective: Looking Forward Instead of Looking Back”

  1. This is so inspiring. Yes, “Timing” is indeed very essential in life. We must all learn to wait to hit the right execution. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Dave and Deb.

  2. That’s an eloquent way to put it. Sometimes passions (like travel) feel so big, like they could overwhelm you at any minute – like a giant wave, I suppose. The question is, do you catch that giant wave or watch it crash past? Is finding balance the key?

  3. Thanks Dave, as always you guys inspire us to keep on traveling, keep on doing, and in reality we are scared everyday and that is what keeps us alive. Love the surfing analogy.Getting in back in the saddle. Cheers! Dorene and Troy

  4. Love this, David! I was literally just talking to Brandon about this very thing. We recently returned home for an indefinite amount of time after a RTW trip. I was craving some stability, rootedness and routine…. I do believe the time spent at “home” is equally as important for that reflection and processing, as you mentioned. It is just as much a part of the journey as the journey itself. Thank you for being vulnerable with us in this way – it has definitely helped me a lot.

    • Thank you Anne. It has been a little overwhelming the amount of people who feel the same way. I am glad to hear that this post has helped in some way.

  5. Great Post David!! all the things you said are very true . we all have that moment in life that we have to learn how to balance all the things.

  6. Inspiring post Dave. Thanks for opening up and sharing. I really connected with the metaphor as well. It’s such a great feeling when you know you are on the right wave and you see all of your hard work paying off. The balance between the powerful momentum and control of your destiny feels awesome too. Keep riding those waves!

  7. I am definitely on the same page as you. Travel is my biggest passion but I also love having a base where I can nest and forge deeper relationships with both my surroundings as well as friends and family. It is indeed a balancing act and something you have to continuosly work on

    • Thanks for your comment Katie. I think a lot of people are in the same boat. It is not easy but as you said something that has to be continuously worked on. Good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. This is absolutely perfect. I have been battling the exact same thing and it consumes you. Especially when others tell you, you have the dream life but sometimes it’s difficult to really feel that way when you don’t have balance. Balance is SO important. I also just love this: “After all, it is overcoming the fear of change that pushes us to live an extraordinary life.” That fear can be quite a bitch sometimes, but in the end it always helps us to be come better, happier and stronger.

    • So true Kristen. It can consume you and the key is to not let it. I believe that balance can come from challenging ourselves. It has a lot to do with perseverance as well as proficiency and being able to combine those with our passion to make an extraordinary life. That can invoke all kinds of fear. But it is by overcoming that fear that we find balance. It seems to me that you guys are doing a fantastic job at finding balance ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I loved this, it really spoke to me and reminded me of when this realization hit me as well. I thought I had lost myself when I came home from 2 years abroad. I was so miserable for a long time until I stopped and realized that being able to reconnect with family and friends was just as exciting as seeing new places. Of course I still want to travel as often as possible but I’m very happy I forced myself to come home.

    • Thanks for stoping by Katrina and for your comment. I love hearing that reconnecting with family and friends was just as exciting as seeing new places. We all have to find where our happiness lies and it sounds like you have been able to do that. You have found balance! Congrats!

  10. Hi Dave,

    I am new to commenting but have been following your blog for a while. I really enjoy your writing and Deb’s. This article really spoke to me as I am preparing to change my life yet again in September. I will be heading out to travel full time. Back in 2009 I left life here in America to work indefinitely in Mexico at a children’s home. Due to many different factors, I ended up coming back to America after only 10 months. Since then I have had these same feelings and dis-quietness in my soul. I am super excited to finally jump into my passion full time, but at the same time, I have been having these feelings of being rooted, a close circle of family and friends,etc. and the pulling both ways. Thank you for sharing this with your readers. I have a renewed sense of being willing to open myself up to the possibilities and knowing that so much will come to me when I head out and that balance really is the key to any lifestyle!
    PS. I love Royal Robbins clothing too!

    • Thank you for your comment Joanne and for your candor. I think that most people, when they become passionate about something, tend to lose themselves in the moment. They become so focussed on making that happen that it can create a distance between the other things that we crave like companionship, family and friends. Balance is about not letting that distance become too big. It seems to me that you already know that which puts you miles ahead of many. Good luck on your upcoming journey and keep us posted on how things go.

  11. With my upcoming heart surgery, I’ve definitely been doing some thinking about what my work/travel/life balance should be like after I’ve recovered, so this post resonated with me.

    • Thanks for reading Harvey. I know you are quite nervous about your upcoming surgery and it is natural to have some fears but I know that if anyone can get through it you can. You will find the balance you are looking for. Of that I have no doubt. Thank you for all of your support over the past 6 months with my back and know that Deb and I are thinking of you.

  12. Finding a balance is a clue. It is very important and very difficult at the same time. I personally prefer routine over travel chaos even though I spend more time on the road than at home (on average) and I’ve just got back from RTW journey. I think that coming back home is the most important element of the whole journey. Otherwise, it just does not make sense. We are human and we need time for processing information, emotions, impressions. That’s how it works and who we are. Embedding the experience gained on the road demands time, reflection and peace. Although, I find your lifestyle amusing, I doubt if this is something that I wish for myself. Best of luck with finding the perfect balance!

    • Thanks for your comment Agata. I believe that balance is something that we all strive for in our lives. How we achieve it and what is important is determined by the individual. What is the most important element to you, coming home, may be the one thing someone else dreads. It is true that we all need time to process those emotions and we all do that differently. For some it is slower travel and for others it is coming home. I am of the mind that balance can be achieved no matter what you do in life. I am the first to admit that this lifestyle is not for everyone but I also know that a life predominantly made up of routine is not for me.

  13. Oh Dave, I love this! I especially love the surfing metaphor. It is a balance, to be sure. Hang loose, brother!

    • Thanks Paige. Balance has been harder to achieve than I thought but I am getting there. Thanks for your support.

  14. I recently broke my wrist, rib and had other pulled nerves everywhere on an ATV ride in Iceland, also on a press trip. I’m still in the early days of the worst pain imaginable and also think about my future days traveling. You are inspiring.

  15. I recently broke my wrist, rib and had other pulled nerves everywhere on an ATV ride in Iveland, also on a press trip. I’m still in the early days of the worst pain imaginable and also think about my future days traveling. You are inspiring.

    • That is horrible to hear Holly. Injuring yourself while traveling used be something I never really thought of. But after an injury you become hyper aware of it. I wish you the best in your recovery and don’t worry you will back traveling before you know it. Sending you good thoughts.