20 of The Best Things to do in Bavaria

Written By: The Planet D

Get ready to be blown away by Bavaria! These are the most amazing things to do in Bavaria that will inspire you to visit Germany.

When telling people we were traveling to Germany this summer, we didn’t exactly get the “wow” reception we usually do with places like France or Italy. But after spending ten days exploring the jaw-dropping region of Bavaria, we can guarantee that a trip to Germany will rival any European vacation you have ever fantasized about.

Germany doesn’t have that romanticized reputation that other European destinations have but when you step foot in Bavaria, you’ll be transformed to a fairytale destination that will stay with you for years to come.

Things to do in Bavaria, Germany

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1. Explore Munich

what to see in Bavaria | Munich Town Hall
Munich City Hall

We only had one day in Munich and it definitely wasn’t enough. But the best way to make the most of it is to take a cycling tour with Radius Tours.

Our guide, Tim, was born in Germany and grew up in both the United States and Kenya. He shared awesome facts about Munich and the history of the city. We saw all the top Munich attractions and historic sites as well as the downtown area and old town. And cycling was a fantastic and leisurely way to get around the city. Read more: Best Things to do in Munich, Germany

what to do in bavaria | visit munich
Outdoor patios of Munich

We highly recommend this tour as we managed to see most of the things to do in Munich that you see on all the lists and we only had 24 hours in the city! If you don’t take a tour, at least make your way to Marienplatz to see the magnificent main square, including the New Town Hall and Old Town Hall.

The Neo-Gothic New Town Hall features a stunning facade and the famous glockenspiel, while the Old Town Hall marks one end of the square and is close to many cultural activities and tourist attractions. Have a beer at Hofbrau house for a beer. It’s Munich’s largest beer hall, and while it is touristy, it’s a must-stop for first-time visitors.

Check out our video for more things to do in Munich.

best of bavaria

Where to Stay in Munich

We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn at Munich City West. It is close to the metro and is just two stops from the main square.

2. Neuschwanstein Castle

what to see in bavaria germany | Neuschwanstein Castle
Incredible fairytale castle – Neuschwanstein Castle

It’s the fairytale castle you’ve always dreamed about. Located on a hill overlooking the stunning landscapes, an hour and forty-five minutes from Munich, Neuschwanstein Castle is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Bavaria.

But we suggest staying overnight in the area to get an early start. We arrived for sunrise and had the place all to ourselves. This is pretty rare for one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area.

How to Visit to Neuschwanstein Castle

By arriving well before sunrise, we drove right up to the restaurant at the top of the mountain and had a short walk to the castle. Once everything opens, cars are not allowed to drive up there, and you either have to hike or take a horse carriage to the castle.

We managed to get a fantastic drone shot but had to go off the property and fly from a field. No drones are allowed on the premises of Neuschwanstein Castle.

3. Hopfensee

things to do in bavaria germany | hopfensee
Scene from the boardwalk of Hopfensee, Germany

The nearby village of Hopfensee was a beautiful and peaceful stop after the chaos of Neuschwanstein.

Hopfensee is a lovely place for lunch overlooking the warmest lake in the upper Bavarian Alps. There is a boardwalk along the waterfront, and you can hike around the lake, which has gorgeous views of the Bavarian Alps in the background.

Where to stay

We didn’t stay in this area, but we wish we did. I could have spent another full day exploring, hiking, and checking out the castles near Hopfensee and Neuschwanstein.

Think the village of Hohenschwangau located below the castle of Neuschwanstein Castle and Hohenschwangau Castle would make for a great base. Check out the new Ameron Alpsee Neuschwanstein Resort and Spa located at the foot of both castles.

4. Chill Out in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Best Towns in Bavaria Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Sunrise just outside of Garmisch

After our time at Hopfensee, we drove directly to Garmisch Partenkirchen, where we made our base for a couple of days. There are so many things to do here that it warrants its own post, but here are some of the very best highlights from our time there.

Read our full post: Things to do in Garmisch Partenkirchen

5. Visit the 1936 Olympic Village

Olympic Village Garmisch | what to see in bavaria
Olympic ski jump in Garmisch Partenchirken

The town was home to the 1936 Winter Olympics, and there are still relics of the Olympic village, including the renovated ski jump center. But people come to this town for hiking or skiing, and with good reason: the Alps here are stunning.

6. Marvel at the Alpspix

things to see in bavaria germany | the alpsipix
Incredible viewing platform of the Alpspix in Germany

There are many gondolas that will take you into the mountains, but the Alpspix has them all beat. The viewing platform consists of two dizzying curved walkways leading out over a 1000-meter drop (3000 feet).

It offers staggering views of the surrounding mountains and an overhead view of Garmisch. If you buy a ticket for the Garmisch Classic, you can decide how you want to get back down.

Be sure to take the first gondola up to beat the tour buses. Like most of our trips to Bavaria, we had the place to ourselves because we were willing to get up at the crack of dawn to beat the crowds.

The Alpspix was a highlight of our time in Bavaria and gave us some of the best views.

7. Take the Rail to Germany’s Highest Peak

View from the Aplspix Garmisch Bavaria destinations
View from the Alpspix

Take the Cogwheel train up to Germany’s Highest Peak, the Zugsptize. There are many hiking trails to explore, so you can make a day of it and go hiking high in the Alps all around the area. There is even a trail that connects the Alspix to Zugzpitze.

You can also take another gondola to Hochalmbahn on a different part of the mountain to enjoy a leisurely downhill walk for 30 minutes before you hop on the last gondola that takes you back to the parking lot.

8. Take a Walk Along Partnach Gorge

what to see in bavaria | partnach gorge
A Great Adventure walking along Partnach Gorge

We had seen many people recommend the Partnach Gorge when in Garmisch, but we didn’t know how truly magnificent it was until we saw it with our own eyes.

This gorge is a powerful display of water crashing through deep caverns. The narrow walkway is an adventure along the rushing water with only a couple of metal cables between you and the gorge. It is loud, it is wet, it is a bit scary, but it is truly amazing.

I am so glad that we made the time to take this hike. If you only have a short time, you can walk out and back, but if you have a day, continue on and do a round trip to explore more of the trails.

Where to Stay in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Gastehaus Maria in Garmisch-Partenkirchen | where to stay in bavaria germany
View of the Bavarian Alps from Gasehaus Maria

Gastehaus Maria is conveniently located in the old city. It is family-run and has the most extraordinary views. We loved sitting on our balcony, marveling at Germany’s highest peak while sipping a beer bought from their honor bar for a very reasonable 2 Euro.

Gastehaus Maria: Zoeppritzstrasse 20
82467 Garmisch Partenkirchen

Other must-dos in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

  • Zugspitze – The Highest Peak in the German Alps
  • Ettal Abbey – A beautiful Abbey just a short drive out of town.
  • Linderhof Palace – King Ludwig’s smallest palace, but also the only one he saw finished.

Read our full guide to Garmisch at 14 Amazing Things to do in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

9. Explore Castle Herrenchiemsee

bavaria things to do | castle herrenchiemsee
Impressive Herrenchiemsee Castle

If you are a fan of the Palace of Versailles, you are going to love Castle Herrenchiemsee. King Ludwig II was a fan of Versailles and modeled his dream castle after it.

We caught the first boat out at 6:40 am and explored the grounds in complete privacy. Nobody else was on that boat save for a few staff. The castle and grounds are huge, and it’s beautiful to explore. But be warned, the mosquitoes are tyrants, and we wished we had brought our bug spray with us.

The Fountains of Castle Herrenchiemsee in Bavaria
The fountain modeled after Versailles

Nothing opens until 9:00 am, so if you do arrive early, you won’t have anything to do but marvel at the statues and fountains, take photographs, and wander the paths.

Make a day of it and explore the nearby islands. It’s worth making a day of it and taking the ferry over to the neighboring island of Fraueninsel to see the monastery that is still inhabited by Benedictine nuns.

Where to Stay in Prien am Chiemsee

Hotel Bayerischer was one of the more chic hotels we stayed in during our time in Bavaria. It’s located right downtown and has two fabulous restaurants. I wish we had two nights there, but alas, there is so much of Bavaria to see!

Hotel Bayerischer Hof Bernauer Straße 3
83209 Prien am Chiemsee

10. Berchtesgaden

where to go in Bavaria | berchtesgaden
Love the Bavarian Churches dotting the countryside

Berchtesgaden is another popular destination in Bavaria that makes for a great home base. Located along the Austrian border, it houses some very extraordinary peaks. The spectacular mountain peaks in Berchtesgaden National Park offer stunning views of the Bavarian Alps. There are many things to see in the area, so be sure to spend a day or two.

Where to Stay in Berchtesgaden

Where to stay in Berchtesgaden Bavaria

We took a reprieve from our road trip and enjoyed our time here at the Alpenhotel where we took advantage of the spa and a tasty restaurant. But there are a few things to do in the area as well including hiking, exploring the salt mines and lake cruises.

Alpenhotel Fischer
Königseer Straße 51
83471 Berchtesgaden

11. Hintersee

Visit Hintersee when you are in Bavaria
Sunrise at Hintersee

Hintersee is a picturesque lake located just 20 minutes from Berchtesgaden. It’s also one of the most photographed places in Bavaria. We had a lot of early mornings in the region to

12. Eagle’s Nest

Things to do in Bavaria Eagles Nest
Entrance to Eagle’s Nest Bavaria

Eagle’s Nest is famous because it was the headquarters of Nazi meetings between Hitler and his top brass. It was designed to instill fear and show power with an impressive copper elevator cut through the mountain to take people to the top. Most of Eagle’s Nest was destroyed, and even the stones from the fireplace (a gift from Mussolini to Hitler) were taken by Allied forces.

People are intrigued to go because it is said that Hitler spent a lot of time there, but he avoided the place due to his fear of heights, and he never did spend the night there.

Visit Bavaria Eagles Nest Map
You can hike up to Eagle’s Nest if you have the time

This is a major stop on all the tour bus routes, and if you don’t arrive early, you will be stuck waiting for up to two hours to get a spot on the shuttle that takes you to the elevator. When you get to the top, you’ll be treated to panoramic views, but you can have those views anywhere in the Alps of Germany.

It may have been a Nazi retreat, but today it is a restaurant and beer garden, and any relic that dates back to the days of Hitler were either destroyed or looted.

13. Kuchlsbauer Brewery

things to do in bavaria germany | Kuchlsauer brewery
The Best and Most Unique Brewery in Bavaria

Bavaria has approximately 1500 breweries, so choosing a brewery tour can be daunting. But if you are looking for something unique, the Kuchlsbauer Brewery in the town of Abensbert is definitely one of the more unusual things to do in Bavaria!

It is located between Munich and Nuremberg and makes a good day trip from either.

This place reminded us of something Antonio Gaudi would have designed. Our tour started in Kunst Haus, a display dedicated to the works of Friedensreich Hundertwasser, one of the most important Austrian artists of his time.

Kunst Haus is a unique design by Peter Pelikan, a Viennese architect who worked with Hundertwasser and kept the buildings around the brewery in the vein of Hundertwasser’s style.

14. Kuchlbauer Tower

what to do in bavaria germany | Kuchlbauer Towe
the Quirky Kuchlbauer Tower

The other highlight of the tour is the Kuchlbauer tower that was designed by Hundertwasser himself! It was originally going to be 70-metres high but was not allowed to be higher than the church steeple.

Following the death of Hundertwasser, Peter Pelikan forged on with his wishes and built the tower that today sits at about 35 meters high.

While the brewery tour itself is interesting, it’s the gallery and the tower that are truly impressive. This is certainly one of the most unique places to visit in Bavaria.

When you are done touring, be sure to stick around the beer garden for a bratwurst and beer. A true Bavarian tradition.

15. Befreihungshalle

Things to see in Bavaria | Befreihungshalle
King Ludwig Monument

A strange stop on our Bavarian tour was Liberation Hall. This monument was commissioned by King Ludwig I to commemorate the victory over Napoleon. It is a solitary monument sitting high on a hill filled with striking winged statues representing the Goddesses of victory.

16. Weltenburg Abbey  – World’s Oldest Monastery

bavaria germany things to do | weltenberg
The beautiful Weltenburg Abby – You can stay the night in here

We continued on through our Bavaria tour to Weltenburg Abbey, located on the Danube River. The monastery boasts the claim to fame of being the oldest monastery in the world, dating back to 620. Certainly, this made it one of the oldest Bavaria points of interest on our trip!

Where to Stay

If you are looking for something unique, you can stay at Saint George’s monastery right in the Weltenburg Abbey.

Everything closes at 7 pm, so it will feel a little strange to be in the square with nobody around. Even the hotel staff goes home at night. But there is an honor bar for food and drink, and you can get up early to see the views, which are free from crowds.

17. World’s Oldest Brewery

It also houses the world’s oldest brewery in the main square. Be sure to go for a tour and grab a beer while you are visiting the Abbey. You can sit in the square and order a traditional Bavarian meal of schnitzel or bratwurst with your beer.

18. Danube Gorge Boat Tour

It’s busy during the day and the main draw is the boat tours along the river to explore the Danube Gorge. You can catch boats directly at Weltenburg Abbey, but be sure to ask if it returns. Some boats only go one way. The Danube Gorge is a designated nature reserve that is considered one of the most impressive portions of the Danube River.

19. Nuremberg

Things to do in Bavaria visit Nuremberg
This fountain is the centerpiece of Nurembergs Square

When planning what to see in Bavaria, be sure to add Nuremberg to your list. This fascinating ancient walled city, with its well-preserved Old Town, packs a punch, and there are many things to see and do. The Imperial Castle, a crucial historic structure within the Old Town, was once the residence of Germany’s Kaiser and kings. Read more: Fantastic Things to do in Nuremberg Germany

A highlight for us was taking the underground tour to explore the cellars of the city. This underground maze of tunnels once housed the city’s beer, keeping it cool and ready to drink. During WWII, the cellars were used for safety during the air raids as Nuremberg was heavily hit during the conflict. Nuremberg also played a significant role during the time of the Holy Roman Empire, adding to its rich medieval heritage and historical charm.

20. Documentation Centre and Nazi Party Rally Grounds

Nazi Documentation Center Nuremburg Bavaria | what to see in Bavaria
Moving museum in Nuremberg

Nuremberg was hit so heavily because it was here that Nazi Rallies attracted up to 1 million people at a time. The city played a huge part in helping Hitler rise to power as he used it for his base of Nazi propaganda.

We didn’t think we’d spend much time at the Documentation Centre, but it ended up being a gripping display honoring those who were victimized and murdered by the Nazi regime. It also demonstrates how Hitler rose to power and discusses what happened to the Nazis after the fall of the party.

Nazi Party Rally Grounds Nuremberg | bavaria points of interest
The old rally grounds

It is difficult to experience these types of museums, but it is also important to remind us all how fragile freedom is and to never forget how quickly civilized societies can become tyrants.

If you want to learn more about this part of Germany’s history make sure to take a trip to the Dachau Concentration Camp near Munich when you are traveling to Bavaria.

Where to stay in Nuremberg

The Adina Apartment Hotel was a great location in Nuremberg located right beside Germanic National Museum, the City Wall and just a short walk to the old town. It was modern and had a swimming pool, parking, and a great lounge.

21. Enjoy the Medieval City of Volkach

day trips on bavaria | volkach
The lovely old town of Volkach is worth staying a night or two

The lovely medieval town of Volkach is worth staying a night or two

Franconia is Bavaria’s wine country, located just a couple of hours outside Nuremberg. Located in Northern Bavaria, it is a picturesque destination that promotes quiet and romantic getaways for couples searching for delicious food and peaceful retreats.

Volkach is the town we based ourselves in, and it is a lovely place that has escaped allied bombings.

22. Go for a Canoe Trip on the Old River Main

adventurous things to do in Bavaria | Canoe Volkach in Franconia Bavaria
Our favourite day trip in Bavaria

Being Canadian, this was definitely a highlight of our time in Franconia. It was the easiest paddling we’ve ever done, with the canoe trip being downstream all the way! Along the way, you will see charming half-timbered houses that add to the picturesque scenery.

Waterwalker Canoe Center offers rentals that you can take out for the day to float down the River Main. The best part is they offer regular pickups along the route, so you never have to paddle upstream.

things to do in bavaria
Volkach is Bavaria’s Wine Region

The trip takes you through wine country, where you will see vineyards, monasteries, and mansions lining the riverbanks. Pack a picnic and a bottle of wine and make a day of it on the water. It’s one of the most romantic things you will do in Bavaria.

Where to Stay in Volkach

Romantikhotel Zur Schwane was a great historic hotel in the town centre that had a chic and modern design. It felt exactly what things should feel like in wine country. They can arrange tours and there’s a fantastic restaurant attached to the hotel.

Romantikhotel Zur Schwane
Hauptstraße 12
97332 Volkach

What to do in Bavaria – The Video

best things to do in Bavaria Germany

Book your Flight to Bavaria, Germany

bavaria travel guide condor air
Affordable business class on Condor Air

We flew with Condor Air to Frankfurt and found it to be an amazing budget alternative to the large airlines. Business class was a reasonable upgrade and they even offered people in coach upgrades on the day of the flight for 250 Euro. The service was excellent and with 170 degrees (“nearly”) lay flat seats, we slept like babies.

Condor offered us the same first class service at a fraction the price. We had a champagne welcome drink, a selection of wines and cheese, delicious meals (seriously, the pasta was the best I’ve had on a long haul flight. We’ll definitely be looking into Condor for our future flights to Europe.

Map of Bavaria Attractions

map of things to do in Bavaria | attractions and destinations

Click here for a link to our Bavaria Attractions on Google Maps

Bavaria is fascinating. It is the oldest state in all of Germany, making for an interesting historic tour of the country. It’s also the largest state housing the jaw-dropping German Alps, vineyards, forests, and countless lakes.

If you are looking for something different for your vacation, this summer in Bavaria is something you’ll never forget.

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Our trip to Bavaria was sponsored by the Germany Tourism Board, for more information on Travel to Germany visit their website for travel ideas. 

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