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how to do a travel presentation

Public Speaking

“Dave and Deb’s presentation is high energy and inspiring designed to keep the audience excited about changing their lives and pursuing their passion.” With a combination of video, slides, storytelling, … Continue Reading

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twelve apostles australia oceana travel


Where is Oceania? Oceana is a region used to describe Australia, New Zealand, Polenesia and Micronesia. It is one of the most exotic places to visit for people living in … Continue Reading

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Destinations and Travel guides


Our destination guides have been created with updated information on countries that we have visited around the world. We update these travel guides yearly so you can have the most … Continue Reading

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travelling by cargo ship bow

Travelling By Cargo Ship

Now why would someone board a cargo ship to go to Australia from Europe? Wouldn’t flying be much easier? It probably would, but I decided I wanted to see the world without flying and taking a freighter cruise seemed like the way to go.

things not to do in an airport featured image

5 Things You Shouldn’t Do in an Airport

Imagine this… You’ve picked up some cheap international flights and are on your way to the airport. Everything seems fine until you get there and all of a sudden something goes completely wrong. You end up stuck in that little room trying to explain what just happened.