Los Angeles in Black and White

It's surprising that an over-the-top colour fanatic like me would be drawn to black-and-white photography, but lately I can't get enough of it. I find that it brings out details and textures that otherwise get lost in the cacophony of colour and lets me see things that weren't apparent at first glance.

Los Angeles is most definitely a colourful destination, but there is much to be gained from taking a second look at it in monochrome. This black-and-white photo essay depicts scenes from various neighbourhoods in and around La-La-Land.

Los Angeles Photos in Black and White

los angeles photos black and white observatory

Watching the sun set over Los Angeles from Griffith Park observatory is a highlight of any visit, while its art deco architecture is lovely anytime.
los angeles photos black and white universal

Fluttering palm trees cast furtive shadows while the fountain's mist obscures the iconic spinning globe that signals you have arrived at Universal Studios.
los angeles photos black and white donuts

The giant donut atop Randy's Donuts has appeared on the silver screen many times, making this local Inglewood landmark world famous. Birds love it too, apparently.

los angeles photos black and white getty

The entrance to the Getty Center draws you in to a magnificent world of art and culture. Don't let the stonework and sleek architecture fool you — a verdant garden awaits just beyond.

black and white stairs

Disney Concert Hall is known for its curvaceous gleaming metal exterior, making these stairs — hidden inside the folds of metal — a vivid contrast to their surroundings.

black and white games

These lads appear to be evaluating their robot-rodent-bashing potential at Santa Monica Pier.

los angeles photos black and white art

Watts Towers can be a visual overload with its 17 structures festooned with colourful mosaics, but when viewed in black-and-white some of the more subtle aspects of Simon Rodia's handiwork stand out.

black and white bar

All the other patrons at this Irish pub in Hermosa Beach were entranced by basketball while we shot the breeze about travel.

los angeles sign

I have a nerdy penchant for tracking down historic markers so I crouched down to read this small plaque affixed to the neck of one of those telescopic viewer thingies and discovered this profound motto. Don't mind if I do!

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