Camels at Sunset in Wadi Rum

Who hasn't dreamt of riding camels in the Arabian Desert?

camels at sunset wadi rum

We have been on a camel safari before in India, but we didn't feel that we had truly experienced our Lawrence of Arabia moment until we rode camels in the Arabian Desert. And what better place than Wadi Rum, Jordan; The base of operations for T.E. Lawrence himself during the Arab revolts in 1917-18

Camels Safari  in Wadi Rum

It wasn't the great camel experience we were hoping for. The guide walked in front of us as he led our camels to a nearby dune to watch the sunset. It felt a bit cheesy, especially when the convoy of pickup trucks pulled up to our little caravan to watch sunset with us.

But the view was spectacular.

If you blocked the sight of the nearby highway and loud tourists arriving in their vehicles, you could imagine ever so slightly that you were standing in silence overlooking the great landscape that had remained unchanged for thousands of years…At least until now.

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