Be Transported to Peru: A Journey down the Amazon in Photos

Be transported to Peru's Amazon River in Photos.

When taking an expedition down the world's largest river by water volume, you can feel its power. The current pushes fallen trees past our boat at a swift pace as smaller vessels struggle to move against the flow.

amazon river pictures riverboat

Riverboat on the Amazon River

Storm clouds loom overhead as daily showers forms sunset and if you are still, you feel the constant beat of life surrounding you in the largest rainforest in the world.

Amazon River in Photos

Now, for inspiration, we transport you to Peru and share our journey down the Amazon with you. 

amazon river peru sunset

The welcome showers cut like a knife through the heat of the day bringing the thousands of animal species out of hiding for their evening feed.

amazon river pictures of wildlife frog

Hanging on for dear life in the Amazon

This is excitement. A trip to the Amazon River is truly a trip you'll never forget and we want to give you the chance to win an expedition of your own. You can read more about it at Amazon River Week with International Expeditions.

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amazon river photos child with fish

Dinner time on the Amazon River

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amazon river images monkey in a tree

Hanging around in the Amazon

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amazon river images storm clouds overhead

Storms can be fierce on the mighty Amazon river

on the amazon river in photos child playing

A Child Plays in a Village

family of the amazon river in peru

Meet the Elders of the Amazon River

Village on the Amazon River in peru

Amazon Village

amazon river pictures village

Hut in an Amazon Village

bird flying over amazon river in pictures

Taking flight over the Amazon River

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amazon river peru sunset

Life on the Amazon River goes on..

amazon photos

There is so much bird life in the Amazon.

Amazon pictures Peru sunset

Sunrise on the Amazon River

Amazon photos from the River

A Tarantula in the Amazon Rainforest

amazon river images hawk

amazon river photos featured image

amazon river photos

fishing on the amazon river peru

Always a smiling face on the Amazon River

amazon photos fisherman

Meeting a fisherman on the Amazon

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amazon pictures riverboat

Our Riverboat on the Amazon

For more information on Amazon Expeditions visit International Expeditions, the leader in Nature Travel.

birds on the amazon river peru

Parrots in love

amazon river pictures bird in tree

parrots on the amazon

A Parrot is nearly hidden in the Trees

amazon river photos

birds of the amazon in photos

Beautiful Unique Birds on the Amazon

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