10 Reasons to Visit the Amazon River

Here are 10 reasons you have to visit the Amazon River of Peru!

Visit the Amazon River

Our four days on the river with International Expeditions were spectacular.

It is a trip of a lifetime to see the world's largest river. The Amazon carries more water to the sea than other river and to see the massive volume first hand is impressive.

There are so many reasons you'll want to go to the Amazon.

1. The Amazon River

visit the amazon river deb

The Amazon River alone is an amazing reason to go to Peru.

It's massive, beautiful and extraordinary. As you sail down the largest river in the world, you feel it's power and understand why it has called explorers for centuries.

2. Monkeys!

monkey in the amazon

When we travel to South America we want to see monkeys.

And on an Amazon expedition, you'll see a lot of them.

We saw spider monkeys, howler monkeys, squirrel monkeys, and the capuchin monkey in just 3 days. 

3. The Cruise

visit the amazon river boat

We went to the Amazon with  International Expeditions.

This is the exact boat we took to the Amazon and you are going to love it.

The new vessel has a range of amenities found on no other boat in the region including an air-conditioned multimedia lecture room, fitness centre and our favourite – nightly cocktails and entertainment. 

It also has The Amazon's largest observation deck. Rooms are spacious with modern ensuite bathrooms and everyone suite has a balcony!

4. Birds

visit the amazon river bird

If you like bird watching you are going to love the Amazon.

Make sure to use the eco-friendly paper and pen provided by international Expeditions (I loved that paper pad made of stone, it was waterproof, tear-proof and it didn't use trees!) to take notes of each species of birds you see. 

You are going to see a lot of them. Parrots, toucans, egrets, macaws, kingfishers….I could go on and on about all the animals you'll see on the Amazon.

5. Meeting the Locals


Life is thriving on the Amazon and you'll have the opportunity to visit villages to see how the locals live on the mighty river.

You'll see fisherman working, children playing and families going about their daily life on the shore. It's a fascinating journey.

6. Pink Dolphins


The pink dolphin of the Amazon is a freshwater dolphin found throughout the Amazon basin.

It won't be long before you spy them splashing in the river, but you have to be quick, they move fast!

7. Great Guides


Each day we spent morning and afternoon excursions on a small skiff boat exploring the narrower tributaries of the river.

Each boat had a guide, a captain and a cooler full of cold water and cool towels.

We left the Estrella Amazonica in search of wildlife. Our guides kept an eye out for signs of life with their laser-focused eyes.


I have no idea how they managed to spot sloths sleeping far off in a high tree or how they noticed minute iguanas sitting on a leaf.

They noticed everything though and without them, we'd miss most of the life in the jungle.

8. Spectacular Sunsets


I don't think we've ever seen such dramatic sunsets night after night as we did on the Amazon.

You are going to love seeing the sunset on the Amazon, it changes each and every day, you never get bored of them!

9. Creepy Crawlies


Now, I know what you are thinking. “Spiders scare me!”

But when you are on a safe and guided tour in the Amazon, you'll want to see the creepy crawlies of the jungle. Seeing a tarantula or scorpion in the wild for the first time is an exciting experience you'll never forget.

There are so many amazing reasons to go to the Amazon, you really don't need an excuse.

It's one of the most fascinating boat journeys on earth. So what are you waiting for? Go to the Amazon today!

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