Discover the Beauty of Sri Lanka in Photos

Written By: The Planet D

Enjoy our favourite Sri Lanka photos from our four different visits to one of our favourite countries!

We fell in love with Sri Lanka the first time we visited in 2010.

We spent a month traveling around by trains, local buses, and tuk-tuks.

We have been back to Sri Lanka three more times and each was a very different experience and captured many more Sri Lanka photos.

Sri Lanka in Photos

My how Sri Lanka has changed and blossomed over the years while still retaining its charm and beauty.

sri lanka in photos elephants
Elephants at Kaudulla National Park, Sri Lanka

Elephants of Sri Lanka in photos

Sri Lanka has a huge volume of elephants and they are working hard to conserve their habitat.

There are many national parks and wildlife preserves for elephants to roam and for tourists to see them in their natural habitats.

sri lanka photos elephants 4
Family of Elephants at Kaudulla National Park

While we saw many elephants in the national parks and elephant sanctuaries, it was also common to see them walking along railroad tracks and paved road sharing the streets with buses and motorcycles.


woman on a train sri lanka photos
Waiting for the train in southern Sri Lanka

It is a cultural experience to ride the trains of Sri Lanka. The old trains date back to the colonial days and they slowly wind through the highlands offering gorgeous views.

sri lanka photos train
Riding the train is a must do in Sri Lanka.

Many people hang out the windows and doors, but we were happy to sit on the wooden benches.

Culture of Sri Lanka in Pictures

sri lanka photos rock
An aerial view of the famous Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

We were lucky to be able to take a helicopter tour over the heavenly site of Sigiriya.

Sigiriya was an ancient city dating back to the third century BC.

It is located between the towns of Dambulla and Habarane and is the most viisted site in all of Sri Lanka.

You can climb to the top of the 370 meter high massive rocky plateau.

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Adam’s Peak

prayer flags mountains of sri lanka
Prayer flags blow in the wind on Adams Peak.

One of our most memorable experiences in Sri Lanka was taking part in the annual Adam’s Peak Pilgrimage.

Starting our climb in the middle of the night, we made our way past religious artifacts for Muslim, Hindu and Christian faiths, and shops and stores selling souvenirs.

View: Adams Peak Pilgrimage, a photostory

Wildlife of Sri Lanka

safari sri lanka leopard project

Enjoy: Leopard SpottingSri Lanka Safari – The Best of Yala National Park at Yala National Park

peacock feathers sri lanka photos
A peacock shows off in Yala National Park

We have never seen such a spectacular peacock as we did at Yala National park in the South.

Sri Lanka Safari bear in yala

Our first two times to Sri Lanka, we didn’t see a sloth bear, but they are coming back in numbers and are more common to see.

With proper conservation, they will thrive.

turtle swimming sri lanka photos
A rare Albino turtle at the Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery, Sri Lanka

Sea turtles have a rough life, but the Kosgoda Turtle hatchery is doing their best to help save the sea turtles by farming eggs and releasing them into the wild.


sri lanka photos temple
The Royal Palace of Kandy in Sri Lanka

Kandy was the ancient capital of Sri Lanka and visiting the Royal Palace is a must.

photos of sri lanka | dodanduwa temple
Dodanduwa Temple

Beaches Sri Lanka Pictures

beach sri lanka
Beautiful beaches on the west coast of Sri Lanka

We loved spending a good chunk of time in Hikkaduwa. It made for a great base to explore the coast and make our way to Gall and Una Watuna.

But what we loved the most was chilling out on the beach and learning to surf!

Aragum Bay is probably the best beach in Sri Lanka. It’s also a popular spot for seasoned surfers.

Tea Terraces

sri lanka photos trees
The stunning green hills of Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is famous for its tea production and you cannot visit the country without spending time among the tea terraces of Nuwara Eliya.

sri lanka photos field
The sprawling tea fields of Ella, Sri Lanka

We have a soft spot for Sri Lanka, it is often at the top of our list of places we recommend to visit.

Scenery of Sri Lanka

sri lanka photos pink sunset
Sunset in Tissa, Sri Lanka

This photo was taken in Tissa the day before our wildlife safari in Yala.

We spent the day exploring the beautiful countryside.

Tourism is at an all time high with grand resorts opening up everywhere.

sri lanka photos jungle
The lush green hills of Central Sri Lanka

Hiking to Ella Rock is a great day trek. Spending time in the highlands is a must.

We hope that after viewing these photos, you will feel the same way.

One thing that hasn’t changed though, is the beauty of the land and the generous spirit of the people.

When visiting Sri Lanka, a lot of people take a side trip to the Maldives. See all the things there are to do in the Maldives too!

Remembering the Tsunami

sri lanka memorial | tsunami
A touching memorial to the victims of the Tsunami
sri lanka memorial
Tsunami Museum Sri Lanka

We hope you enjoy the Sri Lanka pictures we have shared with you. We love the country of Sri Lanka and especially its people. We hope you get the chance to visit and that these Sri Lanka photos inspire you to travel there too!

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  1. There’s no doubt. Sri Lanka is a gift given by God.A magical island paradise full of natural beauties,glorious history and friendly locals.your collection of photos is amazing.Last year I was fortunate to visit Sri Lanka could cover all the provinces within two weeks.My tour was organized by Rameca Travel and Leisure. I would thank them for organizing a great to for me. Hope to visit Sri Lanka again and HE HE !! hope to meet Dave and Deb at Sri Lanka.

  2. Amazing photo collection which proves Sri Lanka is a paradise Island. Thank you Deve and Deb for sharing our counties beauty with the world.

  3. Your blog should win the best Travel Blog Design Award, as for the photos, what camera did you use? They have such clarity!

  4. Wow, amazing, wonderful, places…
    The images talk and explain how beautiful Sri Lanka is and why it deserve a visit at least once in a lifetime.

  5. Beautiful pictures. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. The pictures alone would sell me on Sri Lanka. I have been reading a lot about Sri Lanka lately. It seems to be growing in popularity.

  6. Wow! Albino turtle/ tortoise, It is the first time that I know albino turtle exist from your blog. Thank to your blog!

  7. I need to go to Sri Lanka, these wonderful pictures are of all that I am totally fixated on: trains, tea ranches and Asian Elephants! I’ve heard such astonishing things about Sri Lanka, I think I’ll pop the pot on and enjoy some hunger for new experiences!

  8. I’ve been seeing more and more about Sri Lanka in the blogopshere lately. It looks like such a diverse country. Really interesting.

    • Hi Dean, yes, it’s been on the Internet a lot because of the conference that happened there in October. It’s a beautiful destination. We were there in 2010 and then again this past November and it was a little too short this time around, I’d love to go back to really get a feel of how much it has changed.

  9. Beautiful pictures. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. The pictures alone would sell me on Sri Lanka. I have been reading a lot about Sri Lanka lately. It seems to be growing in popularity.

    Traveling by train seems like a great way to go. I have always loved train travel (both modern trains and old style trains, including steam engine trains). You get to see so much while relaxing comfortably on the train.

    • If you like train travel, you will love traveling in Sri Lanka. They go slowly through the Rice Terraces and mountains, it’s like stepping back in time. And the scenery is so beautiful.

    • We’ve actually been to that elephant orphanage. So wonderful, but so sad that so many elephants are in need of help.

  10. As always your pictures was awesome, sure you are professional photographer, do you have any pictures of your traveling in Bali

    • We don’t have a lot of photos from our time in Bali. When we were there, we had just bought our first digital camera so we were just getting used to it. We have some on the blog if you search Bali, but we really need to go back for a visit again. We were there in 2004!

  11. We’ve heard lots of good things about Sri Lanka lately, and your photos now give us another reason to plan a trip there.

  12. Oh my goodness guys! I have to go to Sri Lanka, these glorious pictures are of everything I am completely obsessed with: trains, tea plantations and Asian Elephants! I’ve heard such amazing things about Sri Lanka, I think I’ll pop the kettle on and indulge in some wanderlust!

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  13. Your blog should win the best Travel Blog Design Award, as for the photos, what camera did you use? They have such clarity!

    • Thanks Christine, we really appreciate the kind words. IT’s a new design and we are thrilled with it. We use a Canon 5D MKII with Canon L series lenses. Cheers!