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21 of the Very Best Things to do in Sri Lanka

We loved Sri Lanka. It was one of those countries that we actually felt sad leaving. We met inspiring people, saw magnificent sites and enjoyed awesome adventures. Many people have sent us messages and emails on how they too want to visit Sri Lanka one day soon and we thought that we should do a round up of the top things that we enjoyed doing while visiting this fascinating and beautiful country.

elephants in sri lanka

The Human Elephant Conflict in Asia

There is a very real problem in Asia. Elephants and humans are not getting along and in Sri Lanka, it is more apparent than anywhere else. The Human Elephant Conflict is a term that defines a growing problem in Asia. Habitat is shrinking daily and humans are encroaching on the territory of elephants. At the same time, many poor farmers haven’t changed their daily lives for hundreds of years but their crops and villages are being threatened. As urbanization takes hold, the elephants have nowhere else to go and end up in fields searching for food.

Sri Lanka Train Travel

One of the most pleasant ways of traveling around Sri Lanka is by train. Sri Lanka is a small country so you don’t have to worry about overnight sleepers as in India and booking is a dream. Just show up at the station a few minutes before your departure, buy a second class ticket and you are off! It chugs slowly along through Tea Plantations, dense forest and spectacular mountain Vistas.

adams peak pilgrimage mountains

Climb Adam’s Peak – Sri Lanka’s Sacred Pilgrimage

If there is one thing that both Dave and I agree 100% on is that we both love to climb. We love treks and we love the feeling of getting to the top. When we learn about a great trek or climb in a country, we just have to climb it. And yes, the reason is, Because its there. What luck we had that it was prime season for pilgrims to make their way to Adams Peak to climb. Adams Peak is Sri Lanka’s Holiest mountain and each year Pilgrims flock to climb its 5200 steps.

hikkaduwa sri lanka beach

Hikkaduwa Beach Sri Lanka – Surf, Sand & Shopping

One hundred kilometers south of Colombo, Sri Lanka’s Capital City, the beach scene begins. There are several beach towns to choose from in this country. Most people come to Sri Lanka for the beach and only the beach.
While there is so much more to see, we wanted to start out at the beach ourselves and we decided to head to the most popular sunshine destination Hikkaduwa.