Photo Moments from the Mongol Rally

What did we see on the road during the Mongol Rally?

A Lot

I know that Dave always does the Photo Stories on the Website, but I had a few gems that I took during our 5 weeks on the road in Mongolia. I ran out ahead of the car a lot to take some video and every so often I would snap a few shots with my Lumix. I don’t take a lot of photos because if I did, Dave and I would end up sifting through thousands of duplicate shots. We decided early on that he would take the photos (since he is the professional and is AMAZING at photography) and I would concentrate on the videos. It has worked out well.

Role Reversals

However, on the Mongol Rally, We split up jobs more than usual. When Dave was driving, I snapped some shots and when I was driving, he took care of the video. It ended up being a lot of fun changing roles for 5 weeks. One can’t be married to a fantastic professional photographer like Dave and not learn a trick or two. While I won’t be ditching my day job as a travel writer any time soon, I did enjoy getting behind the lens every once in a while to snap a few moments in the Mongol Rally.

So here it is, the first photostory by Debra (me) on ThePlanetD

Views from the Road in the Mongol Rally.






mongol rally driver goggles

Rickety Bridges

rickety bridge mongol rally

Tender Moments


Oversized Trucks


Crazy Roads


A Lotta Ladas

lada driving in Kazakhstan

Mother Russia

mother russia volgograd

Massive Monuments

russian war monument

Smashed Up Cars

mongol rally smashed up car



Gas Stations


Horse Carts


Visitors at our Camp


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