What did we see on the road during the Mongol Rally?

A Lot

I know that Dave always does the Photo Stories on the Website, but I had a few gems that I took during our 5 weeks on the road in Mongolia. I ran out ahead of the car a lot to take some video and every so often I would snap a few shots with my Lumix. I don’t take a lot of photos because if I did, Dave and I would end up sifting through thousands of duplicate shots. We decided early on that he would take the photos (since he is the professional and is AMAZING at photography) and I would concentrate on the videos. It has worked out well.

Role Reversals

However, on the Mongol Rally, We split up jobs more than usual. When Dave was driving, I snapped some shots and when I was driving, he took care of the video. It ended up being a lot of fun changing roles for 5 weeks. One can’t be married to a fantastic professional photographer like Dave and not learn a trick or two. While I won’t be ditching my day job as a travel writer any time soon, I did enjoy getting behind the lens every once in a while to snap a few moments in the Mongol Rally.

So here it is, the first photostory by Debra (me) on ThePlanetD

Views from the Road in the Mongol Rally.






mongol rally driver goggles

Rickety Bridges

rickety bridge mongol rally

Tender Moments


Oversized Trucks


Crazy Roads


A Lotta Ladas

lada driving in Kazakhstan

Mother Russia

mother russia volgograd

Massive Monuments

russian war monument

Smashed Up Cars

mongol rally smashed up car



Gas Stations


Horse Carts


Visitors at our Camp


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    1. davendeb

      Thanks Gillian, Wait until you see Dave’s editing of video it is going to be amazing. Maybe we’ll keep up the role reversals for a while:-)

  1. Lash

    Those are some great shots, Deb! I especially love the first one, characters, and the crazy missile thingy. Wow- some roads out there, eh?! yikes. Quite an adventure! I just read that Sherry returned to NYC- I just cannot imagine going to NYC after this!

    1. davendeb

      Thanks Lash, and so true. New York is definitely a change from Mongolia. Here it is wide open spaces and 1 horse towns. It is only in Ulaanbaatar that there is any sort of population in Mongolia.

  2. Lisa @chickybus

    Love this photo essay, Deb. Great job! It really puts the reader there with you…and that means a vicarious adventure, which is always a pleasure. Looks like a blast! PS: The oovoos are trippy… What are they?

    1. davendeb

      The Oovoos are stone monuments paying gratitude to the spirits protecting the surrounding area. They are all along the roads in Mongolia and people stop to circle them 3 times to bring luck.

  3. Anis Salvesen


    You’ve clearly managed to soak up some great knowledge from years of travel with Dave! I feel like I experienced Mongolia in 30 seconds (before going back and looking at the photos over and over trying to figure out which I liked best). My favorites are ‘Tender Moments,’ ‘Camels’ and ‘Gas Stations.’ This is a beautiful photostory! Congratulations Deb!

    1. davendeb

      Thanks Anis. I am still always picking Dave’s brain though. For some reason the technical aspects of photography don’t stick with me. I think it is because I can get very lazy since Dave is the photographer in the family. But I have decided to work a little harder on it over the winter. We’re slowing down for a couple of months to catch up on 2 years of falling behind on work, so hopefully Dave can take me out to work on my photography too!

    1. davendeb

      Thanks Stephanie, I really liked the tender moments too. Steve was a great guy from the Sign Up Team. We ended up running into them quite a bit and enjoyed their company through Mongolia.

    1. davendeb

      Hi Cam, yep the rally is over. It felt like it barely began. It was in Mongolia that we were really getting into it. I could have driven for another month!

  4. Sherry Ott

    Great shots Deb!! The horse cart one cracks me up as Dave and the guy look so serious…but all I can remember from that experience is smiles and laughter!

  5. Janna

    Great photos and captions, Deb. I love the first image of the lone car, surrounded by camels and blue sky. What an adventure! What were the temperatures like?

    1. davendeb

      Hi Janna, the temperatures were extreme. In the desert they were very hot, especially in Kazakhstan but at other times it was cold in the desert. Nights were mostly cold all the time, but days fluctuated in temperatures.

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  7. Christina (Jandal Road)

    I love your photos! I’m a sucker for landscape photography, and your pictures are awesome. I especially love the character picture though – the wild blonde hair, ski mask, bandana and double scarves against the desert backdrop is fab!

    1. davendeb

      Hi Janna, yes we camped most nights in Kazakhstan and Mongolia. It was cold, but we had down jackets and sleeping bags. If you decide to do it, make sure to bring a hat and some long johns as well. We stayed pretty comfortable in our tents I must say even when the temperature plummeted.

  8. Nomadic Samuel

    The rugged beauty of Mongolia reminds me of my time in South America. It’s a high priority for me to visit Mongolia on my next tour around Asia. Thanks for sharing this diverse photo essay.

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    1. debndave Post author

      Thank you Melissa. It was an amazing place to photograph. I couldn’t go wrong with a subject matter like Eastern Europe and Central Asia. It’s beautiful!

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