The Top Travel Trends and Hot Destinations

The results are in! these are the top travel trends and destinations that they found.

The Top Travel Trends and Hot Destinations

Thirty seven percent of travel experts say that people are looking to create lasting memories and want a more enriched travel experience. People are going farther and traveling longer. That's exciting for us because we have always encouraged people to step off the resort and try an adventure.

Some of the top destinations that Canadians are traveling to this year, just so happen to be some of our favourite destinations as well.

Travel Trends 2015

Times Square: New York is on the list!

Of the top 10 destinations, we weren't surprised to see places like New York City, Paris, and London on the list but to hear that people are travelling to Chile, India, Argentina, and Australia is very exciting.

We love hearing that people are looking to experience new cultures, explore faraway lands, and are stepping away from the cookie cutter tours and creating their own custom itineraries.

What this survey suggests to us is that travellers are getting smarter and more informed.

Sydney Australia Travel trends

Sydney is one of the top 10 Travel Destinations of 2015

What's really surprising to us is that other than Puerto Vallarta and Turks and Caicos, every other destination is a giant metropolis.

City Travel is on the Rise.

One would expect that most Canadians want to escape to quiet tropical islands, but it turns out that most North Americans are ramping up the excitement and heading to big cities.

Buenos Aires, Argentina has a population of 15 million and Mumbai, India is a chaotic city housing 18 million people.

This seems like a strange trend, but with family and multigenerational travel on the rise, cities are the perfect place to please everyone's taste in travel.

If you want a choice of activities blended with luxury and culture, these are the spots to go.

I'll never forget the overwhelming feeling of awe and excitement while exploring the sights of Mumbai. There was so much to see and do, from historic sites, museums, The Gates of India on the picturesque waterfront, and the non-stop nightlife, it can keep you active for days.

Travel Trends 2015, India

Downtown Mumbai

We like all the choice of cities on the list. Sydney, Australia is one of the most beautiful in the world and San Francisco is one of the funkiest spots on earth.

Santiago, Chile has transformed into the cool cultural centre of South America, and Paris, France will always be our favourite city to visit.

We can never get enough of seeing the Eiffel Tower sparkle in the skyline.

Paris top travel destination of 2015

We'll always have Paris

Even though you can have a great adventure like doing the bridge climb in Sydney or taking a rickshaw ride in Mumbai, we were even more excited to see an increased demand for adventure travel destinations like Vietnam, Myanmar, Croatia, Iceland and Italy

Myanmar, an up and coming travel destination

The Incredible Ruins of Bagan, Myanmar

Hiking through the mountains of Sapa in Northern Vietnam is not to be missed, and there’s amazing kayaking on the Adriatic Sea along the gorgeous coast of Croatia. We took our Croatian adventure by using our American Express rewards in 2012.

Booking a vacation is so easy on the travel-booking site, and accumulating rewards is so fast when you put your everyday expenses on American Express.

But what's even better is that Amex offers support before, during and after your trip.

We've spoken to Amex travel support from Greece to Peru. Their support centre is open 24/7.

Croatia 2015 Travel Trends

Kayaking in Croatia is spectacular

We were so surprised to see just how in line the Travel Trends report is with our travel style. We’re even going to take our first Caribbean Cruise this April.

After trying our hand at a river cruise and small ship cruises, it’s time for us to try the real deal. Cruise bookings are on the rise and it looks like we’re following the trend.

Top travel trends

European River Cruises are the top travel trend for 2015

All the destinations listed in the AMEX Travel trends survey are making us want to travel today! We can’t wait to hit the road for our 2015 travels. Do you plan on travelling to or have you been to any of these top spots? Where will your travels take you this year?

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