16 Amazing Instagram Travel Photographers – Girl Power

Instagram was made for dreaming and therefore it was made for travel. It was in Queensland, Australia last year that we met a bunch of Instagram travel photographers and they really showed us the ropes.

best instagram travel photographers

The Best Instagram Travel Photographers

We had long chats with Top Travel Instagrammer, Garry Norris about photography and he inspired us to spend more time on this social channel. Instagram was our new pet project.

ThePlanetD on Instagram

Instagram travel photography

Cut to a year and a half later, and we've since been named as one of the top Travel Instagram Accounts by the likes of Forbes, Yahoo Travel, AOL,Harpers Bazaar, and USA Today. Needless to say, we love Instagram!

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If you are not on Instagram, you should be. It's the hottest social media stream in travel. If you are looking for some great accounts to get started, check out these very talented and well-travelled ladies!

16 Amazing Instagram Travel Photographers- Girl Power

A couple of months ago, we introduced you to the best Australian Instagrammers in Travel. It was fitting because they were really the first country to really embrace Instagram. Well, this month we want to introduce you to our favourite women Instagram travel photographers. As a woman, I love celebrating talent and success in the field of photography. The ladies are leading the pack when it comes to Instagram and here are our favourite Travel Instagram Photographers celebrating Girl Power. I really love these accounts they are all so unique, filled with beauty, inspiration and incredible photography. So get over to Instagram and follow them now!

Kirsten Alana

Travel instagram photographer

Kirsten Alana was the first real travel Instagram photographer we got to know. We had the pleasure of traveling with her quite a bit and picking her brain. She has always been so generous with her knowledge and she's hugely talented. She's been on countless Top10 Travel Instagram lists and it's well deserved. I love following along to see what she and her man @dante8 are up to and reading here well crafted captions to go with her fantastic photographs.


instagram travel photography

We met Jen in Egypt and were totally blown away by her photography skills. She is a master at iPhone photography. So much so that her Instagram photography is featured in Apple's World Gallery #shotoniPhone6

Miss Jetsetter

instagram travel photography

I have no idea how we discovered Miss Jetsetter, but I'm glad we did. I love her pastel hues in her photography. She is always somewhere exciting and her photographs will take you away to a far off place. Plus, she's a great lady, she's always been so supportive of us.


travel instagram photography

We first took notice of Liz while in Queensland Australia. We were doing the same campaign #Room753. However, we never saw each other. She was doing adventures in one spot and we were doing them in another. But we kept up to date on her travels through Queensland through here Instagram photography and we've never stopped following. She's now New Zealand's premier Instagram photographer and she is always showcasing exciting photographs and adventures to her followers.


top travel instagram

What can we say about Lauren. She's the world's most famous Instagram Travel Photographer and has amassed a huge following. We've met her now in both Canada and Australia and she's as fun in real life as she is at taking amazing photographs. She is constantly crisscrossing the globe sharing a diverse range of photographs.


top instagram travel

We just met Chrysti in South Dakota and had an amazing time with this gal. She was one of the first travel photographers on Instagram and has been going strong ever since. If you are wondering why you haven't heard of her yet, well, health issues forced her to take a year off but she is coming back with gusto and showcasing her beautiful iPhone photography to the world.

The Blonde Abroad

instagram photography for travel

I really enjoy Kiersten's Instagram feed. She mixes fashion with travel in the most exotic locations. Plus she's gorgeous. (I can say that, I'm a lady) Her photos always put a smile on my face as she really showcases what it is like to love life and live it to the fullest. I'm always transported somewhere to paradise.

Legal Nomads

Travel Instagram photography

What I love about Jodi's account is how diverse it is. She isn't afraid to post something out of the ordinary. LegalNomads main focus is food travel, but her photographs show the fun and excitement that travel brings. When you follow LegalNomads you are treated to a window into Jodi's very exciting life!


jewelszee intsagram travel photographer

We discovered Jewelszee when we discovered the other amazing Australian Instagram travel photographers. We have yet to meet her in person, but she already feels like a friend. She is supportive and generous. We are small potatoes compared to her, but she regularly visits our account to say hello and give our photographs a like. Like many of the other women in this list, her photographs are diverse displaying a range of photography skills.


instagram travel photography

I love Steph Be's Intagram photography feed. She's a master at citysapes, but then as you scroll through her photographs, you see that she's a master at everything. I love her beach shots, fun people shots, selfies and landscapes. It is a feed that makes you want to travel.


instagram travel

Kate is a power player in the travel blogging world and is going strong on Instagram too! She is constantly travelling and her feed really shows off the places that she visits. I love the blend of photographs that she shares. It's a mix of landscape, cities, food, portraits and art. It's so much fun to follow along and see what Kate is up to each day.

A Lady in London

instagram travel photography

Don't let the name fool you. A Lady in London has been to more than 100 countries! Her colourful photographs create a mosaic of sunsets, flowers and luxury living. Named top Instagram in travel by the likes of Esquire & Harper's Bazaar she also posts for one of our other favourite Instagram Travel Accounts, BBC_Travel.

Inside Travel Lab

Inside the Travel Lab on Instagram

Inside the Travel Lab was the very first person we followed in Instagram. Abi has a real eclectic stream of Instagram photographs and I love it! She's always finding the interesting perspectives and angles and captures exactly what she feels like. There isn't an agenda in her photographs, it's a stream of her varied and fun travels.


instagram photography travel

Rikerama is my kind of Instagram style. Rich hues of travelling the world. Lately she's done some excellent portraits. She's another talent coming out of Australia but her feed will take you around the world.


travel instagram photography

Sherry Ott is an excellent photographer that doesn't get enough recognition in my humble opinion. Each week on her travel blog, Ottsworld, she highlights the best of Instagram and her Instagram stream is filled with amazing world travels. She doesn't have one specific style, she has many. Sometimes her shots are saturated, sometimes they're simple and other times she'll post a still life and then she'll freeze a moment in time. I love seeing what moments Sherry chooses to freeze in time.


instagram photography

Nellie is always doing an amazing adventure and her Instagram travel feed proves it. Be it on safari in Africa, jumping out of a plane or trekking in Bhutan, Nellie does it all. Her photography captures each event beautifully. I really love the colours of her feed. They just pop as much as the adventure jumps off the page!

So there you have it! Our favourite female Instagram travel photographers. Do you have a favourite Instagrammer that you follow? We're always looking for great photographs that transport us to another place, leave your suggestion in the comments and if we love them too, we'll add them in!

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