Zip-a-dee-doo-da South Africa

Adding a Canopy Tour to your travels is a great way to put a little adventure into your vacation. Imagine standing 30 metres (90 feet) high on a platform overlooking a magnificent jungle canopy. That’s a thrill unto itself, but the best is yet to come! In an instant you’ll step off the ledge and zip over the forest at lightening fast speeds.

canopy tours south africa

Just outside of Durban, South Africa, we had the chance to try one of the best Canopy Tours we’ve ever done. Only an hour from the city, you’re instantly transformed from the urban metropolis to the serene highlands where adventure awaits.

Canopy Tour South Africa

Canopy Tour South Africa is a company who opened the very first zip line in South Africa in Tsitsikamma . We tried that one out as well and while it was a very pleasant experience, it was at the Karkloof Canopy Tour in Durban was for the truly adventurous types. The lines were fast and furious and just the way we like it.

canopy tour south africa

I’ve never been on a zipline course where you have to stop in the middle of the cable to step on a rock to avoid hitting a tree! I’ve never been on a zipline course where you have to maneuver through two branches and are warned to take it easy or else you might hit your noggin on a tree trunk!

I’ve also never been on a canopy tour where the guides tell you not to brake on this one, go as fast as you can and enjoy the ride.  Don’t worry thought, the guides are all about safety and your are never off your clip and never in danger of falling. The stops and speed are part of the fun and never once did we feel worried for our safety.

canopy Tour South Africa

Guides Are Very Safe!

It was the most fun we’ve ever had in the trees!

Canopy Tour South Africa

Fun in Trees!

Using the same method of stringing up cables as done in Costa Rica, The Karkloof  Canopy tour is completely eco-friendly. Not one tree was injured in the making of this zip-line park.  Each cable is fastened to the trees by using only ropes and harnesses. No nails are used and no trees are cut down. It is a tour that has minimal impact on the environment offering maximum enjoyment for the guests. This system is also used in Fiji where we took a similar canopy tour adventure.  The guys who came up with this system go around the world stringing up steel cables and it truly is the best way to preserve the forests.

Canopy Tour South Africa

Sailing Over Pristine Forests

The Karkloof Canopy tour has 12 platforms with the longest line being 180 metres (520 feet) of pure adrenaline. This was one of many ziplines where we didn’t have to brake at all and could fly over the trees as fast as we can.

Fastest Canopy Tour in the South! 

The guides were very knowledgeable and at each platform we discussed the flora and fauna of the area. One of the highlights of the day was watching a lizard climb up a tree. The Jungle Canopy Tour isn’t just an adventure it’s an experience!

canopy tour south africa

Briefing Room and Gear

We started off the day with a quick briefing where we received our harnesses and helmets and for those of us with long hair, our hairnets. If your ponytail gets stuck in the cable, you’ll be missing a piece of your scalp by the end of the day. So even though I looked like a fool, I gladly put it on!

canopy tours south africa

Working the Hairnet


I was really impressed with the leather gloves that they gave us. We’ve been on a lot of canopy tours and many times the gloves are warn out. When you have to use your hand to brake, the extra padding is needed. We’ve burned our fingers many times trying to slow down as we approached the trees. Not here, Karkloof Canopy Tours offers double padding for double the speed!

Zip line adventure

After our tour was complete, we were given a freshly made sandwich and refreshing juice before being sent on our way. You have the option to buy photos of the trip, which we highly recommend. The photographers take great shots and you can then spend your time enjoying the moment rather than trying to capture the photographs!

The Canopy Tour experience lasts approximately two and a half hours and costs R450 per person. This includes all equipment, guides, transport, refreshments and a light lunch afterwards. Book your Canopy Tour at Karkloof Canopy Tour. We tipped our guide 10% of the cost and the photos cost R150.

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