Zion National Park in Photos

If there is one place that we would have liked to stay longer during our Road Trips  through America, it is Zion National Park. After two days in Vegas (That sounds like a movie title) we arrived to a peaceful and incredibly beautiful park, but didn't have the opportunity to truly explore the place. We only had one night at the most charming lodge and we could have stayed here for days.

Zion is one of those places where people chill for awhile. It has incredible hiking trails such as Angels Landing which take the hiker over high cliffs with shear drops and magnificent views. People spend lazy afternoons or several days hiking through Zion and then take in the town's laid back vibe before heading back out into the wilderness. There's plenty of restaurants and B&B's lining the street and Zion even has a giant movie screen just outside the gate entrance. When we were there, The Dark Night was playing.

We didn't have a lot of time to see Zion National Park but the few hours we spent in the park sold us on returning soon to get back in touch with nature.

While we can't tell you about a grand adventure in one of America's most beloved national parks, we can share a series of photos taken quickly during our race to beat sunset. Here is what we got. Like everything in this part of the US, the scenery is stunning so you won't be disappointed with even a short visit to Zion.

 Zion National Park in photos 

Running River in Zion NAtional Park, Utah

Running River in Zion National Park, Utah



Our first glimpse at Zion Canyon


Zion canyon landscape in utah

The diverse landscape of Zion Canyon, Utah


Interesting rock formations Zion Canyon

Interesting rock formations in Zion Canyon


The sunset in Zion NAtional Park, utah

Shadows deepen as the sun sets in Zion National Park

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