Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco

The grand structure of the Palace of Fine Arts is a vision standing on the north shore of San Francisco.  Constructed for the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition, it remains one of the only structures that still remains from the fair. It wasn’t meant to last and over the decades it fell into ruin, but in the 60’s it was restored and revitalized surrounded by a lagoon and gardens.

Behold the Palace of Fine Arts

The Palace of Fine arts in San Francisco at dusk

The Palace of Fine arts in San Francisco at dusk

George Lucas has his studios right here in the Marina District and it is said that he modled R2D2 after the Palace of Fine Arts. Much of episodes 1,2 and 3 of Star Wars were filmed right here at his ILM, THX and Lucas Studios in San Francisco. You will also find a Walt Disney Museum here. Walt loved San Francisco and originally wanted Disneyland to be located here, but land was too expensive and instead, a small museum was erected by the family as per his wishes after his death.

The Palace of Fine Arts stands in a quiet part of San Francisco. Found en route to the Golden Gate Bridge, one looks over from the busy road and wonders what could that building be? Joggers run through the park, people walk their dogs and couple’s take a stroll together as the sun goes down. The homes along the shore are devine and one can only imagine what the cost of them could be.

It is worth a stop at the Palace of Fine Arts. As Dave and I walked around the grounds we said to ourselves, Canada needs more things like this. It is a testament to San Francisco that they recognized something so beautiful and decided to integrate it into the neighbourhood. Oh yes, the early settlers of San Francisco did many things right with this city. There is a vision with every turn.


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